Yours Curly.

It was her first day of University, and she was automatically drawn to the curly headed boy in her Sociology class. One day she finds a note under her dorm door. "Meet me in the student lounge at 5." It was signed "Yours Curly."
Wren Chaisty is taken on a roller coaster called love when the boy of her dreams takes her life by a storm. (13+)


2. Letter 1.

Wrens POV.

I walk into Sociology class in sweat pants and an old t-shirt. It's the first day of classes and I don't think someone can hate college as much as I do. I saw the curly headed boy with Nadeen's boyfriend but she wont give me any word about him. I take a seat in the very back and wait for class to start. I'm five minutes early so I just sit there and wait. I hear the warning bell and all the students come flooding through the door. I stare aimlessly at the door until something catches my eye. Curly head boy walks through the door and I freeze. He sees me and we keep eye contact for a good minute. The professor walks in. "Welcome to Sociology. Do you have something to say?" He asks causing us to tear away from each others eyes. "Um, no." He stutters. His voice, sweet and British, exactly how I imagined it would be. "Then, please, take a seat." He nods and starts up the isle I was on. He holds my attention his entire way up and sits directly in front of me. Mr. Goodwell starts class off by asking each student their name, dorm building, and major. He got to Harry, and that's when I started to pay attention. "Uh, I'm Harry. Most of you know me. Building U dorm 15, I sleep on the left side of the bed. My major is Law." He ends with a chuckle and looks up at me. I feel myself blush. I'm not a public speaker. I clear my throat and speak. "Wren Chaisty, I'm a freshman. Building C dorm 15. My major is Psychology, and yeah." I choke on my fear after speaking. "Well, Wren welcome to Sociology. I'm glad to have you in my class." He could tell I was nervous. I nod at him and wait for the bell. "Wren, can you stay for a second?" Mr. Goodwell asks me, so I do. "Yes sir?" I ask leaning on his podium. "You seem like a very good student. You don't want to get caught in the wrong group. You hear?" I nod. "Thank you sir, I look forward to your class." I leave and head to find Nadeen and tell her Cur- well now Harry- is in my class. I found her snogging with Connor so I just went to the student lounge and emailed my mother. "Aye, mum. Schools good. First day of classes. I like it. There's a boy. Harry. Okay, I'm going to get a coffee. Okay, bye mum love you. See you over break. Send my kisses to everyone at home." I closed my laptop and got a Carmel Frappe. I sat back down and watched "Friends With Benefits" which was playing. I looked at my schedule and realized that was my last class. I headed back to the dorm and put in "Glee" Season 3, which I got for my 19th birthday over summer. I was half way through the third disc when I heard something under the door. I paused the TV and walked to the door. There was a piece of paper folded up under the door. I slowly dropped down to pick it up. I opened and read the note. "Meet me in the student lounge at 5. Secretly sent, Yours Curly." I had a suspension and whipped open the door, but no one was there. I looked at my phone "3:45" "I should get ready." I hop in the shower and straighten my blond hair. I do my makeup and remember the senior I was last year."You're getting back there, Wren. You are." I said to myself. Nadeen still hadn't come back so I picked an outfit on my own. I put on my American flag crop top, to show off my flat tan stomach, some dark blue denim shorts, and my blue Vans. I looked nice and I left my dorm at 4:45. I walked in the student lounge and it was completely dark. "Hello?" I ask stepping further into the darkness. Suddenly I feel to strong arms around my waist. "Wren, I've been waiting."

Harry's POV

My suspensions that she was Nadeen's roommate were confirmed in Sociology. After I slipped the note under her door and immediately got ready. I put on some khakis, a dark blue tank top, and some white Toms. I cleared everyone out of the student lounge for the night so I could have a private date with Wren. She walked in the lounge at 5 o'clock sharp. She called out and I surprised her from behind. She turned around and yelped. "Harry? Is that you?" She asks. Her voice gave me chills. I turned the light and turned on some music, and joined her again. "Would you like to dance?" I offer my hand out and she takes my hand. Elton John's "The Way You Look Tonight" plays first. We dance in circles staring in each others eyes. "So tell me about your self." I offer and she is stunned. "What?" I ask wanting to know more. "It's just guys at my high school never asked me about myself. They took advantage of me, they never...cared." That surprised me. Nadeen only had good things to say about her. "I would never take advantage of you. I say dipping her to the song. "So, tell me about yourself." I say again. "Well, I'm Wren Alyssa Chaisty, just turned 19 on June 20th, I want to be a therapist. Uh, my dad was killed when I was 10 in a bank robbery, he wasn't part of the robbery." She laughed at little, still holding my eye contact. "My favorite animals are cats, my favorite color is blue, I'm from Liverpool. I like to eat, but I work out a lot so it works. I sing, I dance, but not classy dance, I worked at a strip club last summer. Lost my virginity when I was 15, he dumped me afterwards. Trust issues. Previous self harm and anorexia survivor. I'm 5'3, short. I want two kids a girl and a boy and yeah, that's pretty much me. Oh and I'm a Gleek." I look in her clear blue eyes and stop dancing. I grab her in my arms tightly. "I'm going to do my best to never make you feel like that again." I held her close and felt her arms grasp me tightly. "Thank you." She whispered and kissed my temple. "Your turn, tell me about yourself." She says hopeful. " Harry Edward Styles. Yeah, Nadeen is my sister. Just turned 20 February 1. Hoping to be a lawyer. Parents split when I was seven. Cats are just. I love them. Blue, is my favorite color too. Holmes Chapel, hometown. Eating is a definite hobby, I sing, I do not dance, but I think its cool that you can, but only for me. Lost my virginity when I was 15 as well, she's a lesbian now, I'm 5'10, and uh what's a gleek?" She pushed me away. "You're coming to my room, now. Right now." She turned the music off and led me to her dorm. "Where are we going, love?" I grabbed her hand and she intertwined our fingers and slowed her walking pace. "We're going to watch Glee." She said in a goofy tone. "You're so cute." I whispered to her. I could see her blushing in the street lights. "Thank you." She said not even looking at me. "You know, when Nadeen was giving me the tour, I kept seeing you. I was instantly attracted to you. Your hair, your dimples, just they way you walked. I was dying to know your name. I really like you. It's weird, I've never felt like this, but I really like you Styles." I stopped her in the middle of the sidewalk. "When I first saw you, my jaw dropped. You're absolutely stunning, and your personality only adds to that." We were staring in each others eyes smiling like crazy. I was so nervous, it wasn't like me. I swallowed hard before saying. "I'm gonna kiss you now. I leaned down, she got in her tippy toes and our lips met. I wrapped my arms tight around her waist and picked her up. We stayed melted to each other for about 5 minutes. "Lets go watch Glee." 

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