Yours Curly.

It was her first day of University, and she was automatically drawn to the curly headed boy in her Sociology class. One day she finds a note under her dorm door. "Meet me in the student lounge at 5." It was signed "Yours Curly."
Wren Chaisty is taken on a roller coaster called love when the boy of her dreams takes her life by a storm. (13+)


1. Day 1.

Wren's POV.

"Wren, be safe. Don't talk to anyone who comes off strange." My mum says as we unpack my last box. "I know mum, you've told me that a million times before." I smile and make my bed. I look around my new home, "I can't believe they gave me a full scholarship." I say to mum as she hangs some pictures up. "Well you work hard and get amazing grades. I'm not surprised." I sigh and think of all the people I'm going to meet. "I wonder who my roommate is." As soon as I say this and short, skinny, brown head, nerdy girl walks through the door. "Uh, hi, I'm Nadeen, I guess I'm your roommate." She says setting all her stuff down on her bed. "What's your name?" She asks me. "I'm Wren, freshman." I laugh at the thought. Last year I was the most popular girl in school, now I'm back at the bottom. "Wren, I'm almost done." Mum says as she walks over to my bed. I stand up and hug her."Thanks for helping me mum. I love you so much." She pulls me tighter. "You're father would be so proud of you." She looks up, then back at me. "Always remember that." I smile and offer to walk her to the car. "No sweetie, you stay here and talk with Nadeen . I'll be fine." She kisses my cheek and walks out the door crying. "Wren, what?" I look at her funny. "Whats your last name?" "Oh, Wren Chaisty." I stare at the floor not wanting conversation. "I'm Nadeen Styles. My brother is a sophomore here. Quite the ladies man." I just nod my head. "You seem like you know your way around here. Can I have a free tour?" I ask her. I just need an excuse to get out of the room. "Yeah sure!" And that was that, before I know it I'm touring Holmes Chapel University. We walk around the dorms, and the lunch hall, and well the entire campus. While we are walking I see the same curly headed boy everywhere. It almost as if he is following us. Well, he's really handsome isn't he? Yes, he's really hot. He's very hot. Why, he's se-. Nadeen breaks my thought. "Wren, do you want to go to the student lounge!" She yells at me. "Uh, what, yeah sure." We walk to the student lounge, but there is only one thing on my mind. Who is that curly headed boy?

Harry's POV.

I just dropped Nadeen off at her dorm building, she's a wreck this morning. I walk to my dorm and think of all the freshman girls I could snag this year. "It won't be hard for Mr.Styles." I laugh aloud. Everyone thinks I'm the stud, the player, but if they actually took time to know me, the real me. I sigh and keep walking. "Aye, Harry!" I hear Blake call. Such a perfect arse. "Blake, back for senior year I see. I thought you were dropping out?" I mock him, but he's to daft to know what I'm doing. "Nah, I got a tutor. My tutors got a mini tutor if you get me. Ya get me?" Such a dumb-ass. "Yeah, I get me. Well, I'm going to go." I walk away before he cans say another word. "STYLES!" I hear someone yell. I turn around and see Alice running towards me. Short shorts, half top, no bra. Typical Alice. She greets me with a kiss, and I hear people clap and yell. "The star couple is back!" I roll my eyes and tear my lips from hers. "Hey Al." I groan, she can be annoying all the time. "Whats wrong Hair?" She bats her ugly brown eyes. "It's time we split. I know you cheated on me this summer and I can't handle you anymore. It's over, Alice." She starts crying, so I just walk away. I find Connor sitting on a bench with a sign that reads "Harry the Sex Beast Styles." I laugh and sit next to him. We talk for a while until I see Nadeen walking with an outrageously beautiful girl. Skinny, auburn hair, dimples. She gorgeous, absolutely stunning. I decide to follow them, I think Nadeen is giving her a tour. "Hey Con, I'm going to go on a walk to sort out ideas for the year. I'll meet up with you at the dorm, yeah?" He nods and I'm off. I follow them all around campus, the dorms, the lunch hall, everything. I walk about 4 yards away from them keeping distance. They are about 5 minutes from the student lounge and we make eye contact for about 30 seconds. Nadeen says something and she turns around to her and nods. Once they are inside the student lounge I walk back to find Connor, who happens to be Nadeen's boyfriend of two years, and tell him about her. I walk in our room and fall on my already made bed. "There's a girl." I huff and wait for him to ask. "Harry, there's always a girl. What about Alice?" He asks putting up a poster of a girl in a bikini. "You're dating my sister lad, take it down. Oh, and I broke up with her." He takes the poster down and walks over to me. "I know I'm dating your sister, so don't get mad. You know I love Nadeen to death, but Alice was a fine piece of ass. You broke up with her, why?" I shoot a dirty look at him. I protective of my sister, okay. "She's annoying, lad. All she wants to do is fuck. Which would be great if she were any good. She just lays there and lets me do my thing. She cheated on me with some American guys, and she's just bloody annoying." I get up and start helping Connor unpack some new stuff he brought. "All good reasons I suppose. So, whose this new girl?" He jokes in a girly voice. "I don't actually know, but I think she's Nadeen's roommate. They were walking around campus and she's bloody gorgeous. I can see us having a real relationship. Not just sex like it usually is. I can a future with her, call me crazy, but I just can." He looks at me funny. "Haz, I've known you for 10 years and I've never seen you like this, about anything. I think you should go for it, mate." He pats my shoulder and walks to his bed. "Really?" I ask him putting some clothes in my closet. "Yeah, Harry, go for it"

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