{Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in the shadows. So watch out, you may not see them but they'll see you..}

As I stepped out of the steaming hot shower, the cold air hit me.
" Danm, forgot clothes" I mentally punished myself for being so stupid. I mean, I was taking a freakin shower at my kidnappers house! But no, of course things couldn't be 'that' simple. Of course I couldn't have been JUST kidnapped, no I had to be 1) Kidnapped and 2) Told I was some magical creature called a Liath... Fun right? WRONG!! Imagine been taken from your comfortable home in America to some island of the coast of Ireland! Then lets throw in a few guys and bobs your uncle you have my life...... Tell me how that works


4. Two New Faces


Chapter 4 and you're still reading. You=AMAZING!


Two New Faces.

Chapter 4


 "Morning!" I heard an overly excited voice awaken me from my beloved sleep.

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked the girl who stood right in front of me with a cheek to cheek grin plastered on her face.

"I and many others find you extremely interesting," she explained, staring even more.

I expressed my feelings with something like a sigh and a groan mixed together.

"Well, it’s time to get up! You have a big day planned." She smirked and strolled out the bedroom door.

I groaned again and lifted up a pillow to throw at her retreating body, but the hand movement only made me realise I was still in chains. 

"Hey, come back! I'm still in these chains.” I shouted at the door.

 A moment later, the girl returned with a small key in her hand. She smiled at me and started to unlock the chains.  

"I'm Tyia, BTW." The girl grinned at me as she finished unlocking the chains.

"BTW? What does that mean?" I questioned, rubbing my wrists from the stiffness.

 "Oh, I took out a book on a guide to teenage language; I thought it said all teens use it." Tyia blushed.

"I'm not like most teens." I laughed softly, remembering all the information last night. It was slowly dawning on me where I was and what I was doing here.

"Clearly." She laughed.

 I laughed in return.

 "I think we’ll get along." Tyia smiled warmly at me before making her way to the exit. "Oh, there are some clothes in the press there and a shower through that door." She pointed towards a door that I assumed was the bathroom.

"Thanks," I replied.

She closed the door behind her and I jumped off the bed. I walked towards the press, looking through the clothes. I settled for a white blouse with dark skinny jeans and some ankle boots. I laid the clothes on the bed and made my way to the bathroom. 

 I stripped down and got into the shower. The not too cold, not too warm water was just what I needed.

 After about ten minutes of shampooing and conditioning, everything finally hit me like an earthquake.

 "Oh, sh*t!" I shouted out before I could stop myself. I started banging me head on the shower door. They are going to kill me! They are only pretending that I am one of them but really they just want to eat me. All rational thought left my mind, but could you blame me? I mean, I was just told that I was a Liath! Like, what the hell is that because I never heard of it! It’s all just made up, and either I am on a hit TV show where I am being punked or I am their dinner! 

 I started grabbing clumps of my hair and had one of my mini meltdowns. 

 "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten," I said slowly as I breathed deeply. 

 I calmed myself down and decided on escaping once I got dressed.

 I slid out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me before exiting into the bedroom.

 I screamed slightly as I saw someone in the bedroom.

 "I'm sorry, did I scare you?" A handsome guy smiled at me. He had sandy coloured hair that swept across his face, green emerald eyes that stood out like flashing lights, and he was dressed in a dark blue pinned stripped suit with a salmon coloured shirt underneath.

 He saw me check him out and he smirked just before scanning my body from top to toe.

 I blushed and suddenly realised how naked I was. My eyes slightly widened and I grabbed a bathrobe that lay across one of the chairs.

 He smirked as I put the bathrobe on, and I looked down to see what he was smirking at only to find that the towel had come off and he had saw me naked for about five seconds. My face went the deepest shade of red as I mentally kicked myself.

 He began to laugh and I just looked away, pretending to be fascinated by a bird sitting outside the window.

"I will wait outside the door until you get dressed and then we shall go downstairs." He again smirked and left the room, closing the door behind him.

The plan of escaping left my mind as I quickly got dressed. I looked in the mirror before leaving. My face was still pretty red, but there was nothing I could do about it. I exited the room only to bump straight into the guy.

"Ready? Oh, and by the way, I’m Dominic." he smiled.

"Emily, and as ready as I’ll ever be." I smiled back and he linked arms with me.

 What the hell was I thinking! I should have escaped like I planned. I was gonna get eaten...

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