{Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in the shadows. So watch out, you may not see them but they'll see you..}

As I stepped out of the steaming hot shower, the cold air hit me.
" Danm, forgot clothes" I mentally punished myself for being so stupid. I mean, I was taking a freakin shower at my kidnappers house! But no, of course things couldn't be 'that' simple. Of course I couldn't have been JUST kidnapped, no I had to be 1) Kidnapped and 2) Told I was some magical creature called a Liath... Fun right? WRONG!! Imagine been taken from your comfortable home in America to some island of the coast of Ireland! Then lets throw in a few guys and bobs your uncle you have my life...... Tell me how that works


6. The Journey


The Journey

Chapter 6



Dominic led me through his mansion of a house and out to what I was guessing was his garage (even though it was big enough to be someone’s house). Inside, there were seven cars lined up on display. Me, never being much into cars, had no idea about their make or model, but I did know they looked expensive, very expensive.

"I think this jacket will fit," Dominic said while handing me a huge red raincoat.

"I think I will be okay without on,." I said, trying to get out of wearing the bulky coat.

"If you feel like freezing, then okay," Dominic remarked, which caused me to sigh and put on the jacket.

"But it’s the start of summer!" I protested again, even though I already put the jacket on.

"You’re not in America anymore." Dominic smiled while he opened the passenger seat of a car that I actually knew the make of. It was a BMW. I got in and let the squishy car seat get moulded into the shape of my body. Now this car I liked.

Once Dominic was out on the open road, he began heading towards a small village in the distance.

"Where are you tak-king m-me?" My voice went shaky because I realized at that very point how blind I had been, I was playing archery with them as if I was best friends with all of them, yet they kidnapped me and brought me half way around the world. Well, so they say. They might’ve just brought me somewhere in a remote part of America and they have been lying this whole time. Because they, in fact, had one thing on their mind and that was to kidnap me get a ransom, but the orphanage would never have that kind of money so they would have to kill me instead. 

Thinking about this had made me shake viciously and I suddenly felt sick.

Dominic looked at me, "What’s wrong?" he asked, sounding genuinely worried.

"No-nothing!" I tried to keep my voice steady but that didn't work, and I felt my eyes tearing up.

"Wait! Why are you crying! What did I do? Should I bring you back? Please don't cry!" Dominic sounded as if he was upset watching me be upset.

"Please don't kill me! I will be good! I can work to pay of my ransom; I swear I am a great worker. Just please don't kill me," I said so fast that I didn't know if he even heard me.

All of a sudden, Dominic slammed on the breaks making us stop in the middle of the road, but no cars were behind us.

Dominic quickly turned to me. "We are not going to kill you! I know how confusing all this is for you, but we need to train you to be a Liath in three months, so we need you to focus."

"You were actually serious about this Liath business? I thought you all made it up so I would be on your side," I tried saying but I was still crying loudly.

Dominic just sighed deeply and rested his head on the steering wheel. My full on crying had died down to occasional sobs. 

After a minute, Dominic lifted his head off the steering wheel and he started the engine.

The journey was silent except for the odd sobs I let out. Dominic looked towards me and our eyes met for about two seconds, but he then turned to look at the road and I looked outside the window, the ditches on the side of the road looking blurry from the speed we were travelling at.

I was so engrossed in watching this that I didn't realise the car had stopped in a some parking lot.




 Dominic's POV

When she started getting upset, I panicked. There were no signs that she was just going to breakdown suddenly. I suppose the charm we used on her had worn out and she realised the situation she was in. This must be very confusing for her. That was why we all used our ability of charm so she wouldn't have these kinds of breakdowns.

I wanted to make her feel a little better, so I decided to take her to the village food festival that was on today.

I parked the car in a Super Valu car park and sat there in silence. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Emily slightly jump; she must have not realised we stopped. We sat there again in silence. I was thinking about what I should say to make her feel better, but just when I was about to open my mouth she said something.  

"Super Valu? What is that?"

 I chuckled slightly, remembering that she was not from here and didn’t have a clue where we were or where we were going. 

"It's just a grocery shop," I replied.

"Oh," she replied, the car falling silent again. I stared at her for a minute and when our eyes met she blushed and looked away.

"So, is this what you were planning to show me? I have never been to a parking lot before!" she said sarcastically.

"Oh, uh, yeah... Sorry, eh... Let’s go then," I spluttered, glad that she was back to her sarcastic self. My charm must’ve been working again.

I opened the car door and then went over to the other side to open hers. 

"I can open my own door, you know!" she lectured me, which caused me to smirk.

"Wipe that smirk off your face!"

"What if I don't!" I laughed.

"Then I will just have to do it for you." She lowered her voice and stepped towards me. I couldn't believe that this very girl was balling her eyes out about ten minutes ago. We stared each other down, me still smirking and her seductively staring.

She then broke the tension by slapping my face lightly and turning on her heels to walk away.

I smiled to myself and put my hands in my pockets as I followed her.

"You don't even know where we’re going!" I shouted to her. She was currently about a metre ahead of me.

"I'll find it!" she shouted back, shaking her hips as she walked.

"How are you going to find something when you don't know what you are looking for?" I laughed. She stopped for a split second before continuing on. 

"Don't underestimate me!" she shouted back.

I watched as she came to a t-junction in the path. With a slight pause, she decided to go left. I turned right instead, the path leading to the village, while left led to the mountain. There minutes later, she still hadn’t realised I turned right. I decided to go get her before she got lost.  



 Emily's POV

I had no idea where I was going but I did not want to tell Dominic that. I had too much pride. Coming to the t-junction in the road made me panic for a second, but I was very sure the right way was left. 

"Where the fu*k is Dominic!" I said out loud unknowingly, even though I was quite sure there was nobody around. Actually, there was nothing around but fields and this old cobbled sidewalk. There wasn't even a road since I turned at the t-junction.

"Young ladies shouldn't curse, It is not very mannerly," a man’s voice came whispering in my ear. I expected to turn around to see Dominic, but instead I was met by the most interesting pair of eyes I have ever seen. They were slightly brownish-orange with gold sparks running through them. His hair was a very dark shade of black that was brushed back, causing it to be slightly sticking up at the front.

"Eh… Em, well..." I tried using proper words, but of course my brain would fail me.

"Henry." The young who looked about my age put out his hand.

"Emily." I shook it and started to blush.

"Well, Emily, you are the most beau-" Henry began saying before he was interrupted.

"Is everything okay here?" Dominic asked, glaring at Henry who glared back.

"Peachy," Henry spat, earning a growl from Dominic.

They obviously knew each other, not in a good way though.

"We were just leaving," Dominic said, leading me away andputting his hand on the small of my back.

"Goodbye, Emily," Henry said in a seductive tone, which made me blush and made Dominic scrunch his face up.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked once we were out of earshot from Henry. It was funny how half an hour ago I was panicking and crying loudly but know I felt completely calm and it was if I had known Dominic for years. Was that weird?

"I want you to promise me you won’t ever talk to him again," Dominic said in a low and stern voice, venom oozing through. 

I went silent for a moment but then asked, "Why?"

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