{Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in the shadows. So watch out, you may not see them but they'll see you..}

As I stepped out of the steaming hot shower, the cold air hit me.
" Danm, forgot clothes" I mentally punished myself for being so stupid. I mean, I was taking a freakin shower at my kidnappers house! But no, of course things couldn't be 'that' simple. Of course I couldn't have been JUST kidnapped, no I had to be 1) Kidnapped and 2) Told I was some magical creature called a Liath... Fun right? WRONG!! Imagine been taken from your comfortable home in America to some island of the coast of Ireland! Then lets throw in a few guys and bobs your uncle you have my life...... Tell me how that works


3. Just the start



Just the start

Chapter 3


 “You came! I thought I was stood up.” I got up from the chair placed beside the pool.

‘’Sorry I’m late. I would never stand up such a beautiful lady.’’ He winked.

I sighed slightly and suggested, “So, are you getting in?’’ I motioned towards the pool and then to myself, whom had a towel draped over my shoulders, covering my swimsuit.

‘’I’m not much of a swimmer,’’ he admitted.

‘’Then why did you come?’’ I laughed and playfully hit his arm.

‘’So I could spend more time with you.’’ He smiled.

‘’You weren’t too keen in spending time with me when you thought the pool was outside,’’ I remarked.

‘’Eh... Well.... That was a different situation,’’ he stumbled.

‘’Whatever. You can watch me then. Hold this towel please.’’ I took the towel off my shoulders and held it out to him. When he didn’t take the towel from me, I looked up. He was just standing there as if he was stunned.

 ‘’Perve much?’’ I joked but he acted as if I didn’t say anything and continued to stare. I realised he was staring at my tattoo on my arm.

‘’Oh, that. I came to the orphanage with that. Nobody knows why I got it because I was only a baby and the person who brought me disappeared. Creepy right?’’ I explained while I tied up my hair and put on my swimming cap. When I looked back at him, he was gone.

‘’Steven?’’ I called out and maybe just a little too loud, as everyone was staring at me. My checks went bright red and I awkwardly scurried out of the swimming pool room and into the changing room.

I quickly got changed as I had no intention in staying there any longer. As I left the pool and stood in the parking lot, I looked around for Steven’s car but couldn’t find it. What the hell got into him? It was just a tattoo. It wasn’t even my fault!

I decided to leave and go back to the orphanage, this time without bumping into Sister Evan. There was no way I was in the mood for one of her ‘talks.’ I ran into the orphanage, and gladly enough, I made it to my room without anyone seeing me.

I jumped onto my bed and buried my face into the pillow. ‘’Men!’’ I screamed into it so nobody could hear.


 ‘’You’re awake, wonderful!’’ I heard an unfamiliar man’s voice say.

‘’What?’’ I said still groggy, my eyes barely opened.

‘’Aw, looks like somebody is a little sleepy!’’ a woman’s voice said.

I opened my eyes fully and looked around; I was in a dark red room with dark wooden furniture and a fluffy brown rug.

‘’Where am I?’’ I asked, still not quite awake.

‘’You’re on an Island,” the man said

‘’I’m on a what now?’’ I shouted, now fully awake.

‘’Shh, no need to shout,’’ the woman soothed.

‘’This is a dream, this is a dream, I am not really here, wake up,’’ I chanted to myself while I closed my eyes. A few seconds later I reopened them, expecting to be back in my plain room in the orphanage, but I wasn’t…

‘’Believe us now?’’ The man chuckled.

‘’Nope.’’ I started pinching myself and hitting my leg. ‘’Ow!’’ I yelped with pain.

 ‘’Now?’’ he asked, enjoying the show I was putting on.

 ‘’Help, I’m being kidnapped! Help! Someone help!’’ I screamed at the top of my voice, thrashing around on the bed.

 ‘’Stop her,” the woman calmly said.

 The man walked over to my restless body and grabbed my arms. All of a sudden, I felt something cold go around my wrists. Great, they have my wrists in chains. Note the sarcasm.

‘’Let me go!’’ I screeched.

 They replied by just staring at me.

 ‘’Who are you!’’ Tears welled up in my eyes.

 ‘’When you calm down, we will explain,’’ the woman tried to soothe me.

 I closed my eyes and sighed, trying to calm myself down.

 ‘’Very good. Now, you must be wondering why you’re here. Well, you see, you’re different and we need to find out why,’’ the woman tried to explain.

 ‘’How am I different?’’ I asked, getting annoyed because they were not getting to the point.

 “Okay, this is going to be a long explanation.’’ The man sighed.

I nodded back, waiting for him to continue.

 ‘’You were born with a tattoo on your arm. Every Liath member is born with one,’’ the man explained.

 ’What’s a Liath?’’ I shouted, the chains digging into me.

 “I will tell you in a minute!’’ The man laughed. ‘’So, anyway, you were left in an ‘orphanage,’ which wasn’t a normal orphanage. The orphanage is run by Sister Evan, a witch.’’

‘’Wait, what!’’ I screamed in disbelief.

 ‘’Please, stop screaming, dear.’’ The woman smiled softly at me.

 ’All orphaned and abandoned children are left in that orphanage with Sister Evan. She disables their powers, and over time, if the powers are not active, then the powers are lost,’’ the man continued.

 ‘’Why? Why not let them keep their powers?’’ I asked.

‘’There is no one to train them, dear, unless a Liath family adopts one before their powers are lost,’’ the woman explained.

 ‘’How long after their powers are disabled until they lose them forever?’’ I asked.

“Five years,’’ the man simply replied.

I paused for a minute, then asked, ‘’Then why do you need me? My powers must be gone because I was at the orphanage for sixteen years now.’’

 ‘’That is what shocks us. Once the powers disappear so does the tattoo, but yours didn’t,’’ he said.

“Maybe something went wrong,’’ I wondered out loud.

 ‘’It didn’t because you didn’t have any of the powers,’’ the woman said.

‘’ What kind of powers?’’ I asked.

‘’The ability to change into a Liath, which means having silver skin, gold eyes, and purple lips when you have a strong emotion, like when you are very angry, tired, hungry, ect. The power of speed, strength, intense hearing, irresistible charm, amazing intelligence, the ability to know what others want, and the appetite for leopard blood,’’ he explained.

 ‘’Wow…’’ I was lost for words, trying to take it all in and process it in my mind. ‘’So what happens now?’’ I said quietly.

 ‘’We are going to train you,’’ they both replied.

 ‘’I want to go back to the orphanage,’’ I said, panic washing over me.

 ‘’You can’t. There must be something special in you because your powers never died. We must reactivate them and give you sixteen years of training in about a couple of months.’’ The man smiled.

 ‘’Then can I go back?’’ I asked, hoping for a yes.

 ‘’Afraid not; you will be living here but you can visit them once the training is compete.’’ The woman tried to make this sound like a good thing.

 I answered with silence, not wanting to talk anymore.

 ‘’Well, training will start tomorrow. You should get some rest, it’s eleven o’clock at night. You can sleep in here until your room is completed. Oh, and one last thing, my name is Adrian and this is my wife, Eliza.’’ Adrian smiled and so did Eliza, then he shut the door quietly.

If there weren’t bruises on my legs proving this was reality then this would be a friggen nightmare. I wouldn’t be able to go back to school again or live a normal life. No more going out with friends or watching a corny movie with Sister Evan, who turned out to be a witch all this time, or playing with the other Liath orphans there. Worst of all, they never took these chains off my wrists!


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