{Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in the shadows. So watch out, you may not see them but they'll see you..}

As I stepped out of the steaming hot shower, the cold air hit me.
" Danm, forgot clothes" I mentally punished myself for being so stupid. I mean, I was taking a freakin shower at my kidnappers house! But no, of course things couldn't be 'that' simple. Of course I couldn't have been JUST kidnapped, no I had to be 1) Kidnapped and 2) Told I was some magical creature called a Liath... Fun right? WRONG!! Imagine been taken from your comfortable home in America to some island of the coast of Ireland! Then lets throw in a few guys and bobs your uncle you have my life...... Tell me how that works


5. Archery With the Killers



 Archery With The Killers

Chapter 5


 We walked through the plain white hallways arm in arm. I got butterflies in my stomach while we began going down the grand stairs.

I started fidgeting with my hands. This was it, I was going to die! They were going to eat me and nobody could save me!

Dominic must have sensed my fear, as he squeezed my arm. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice cool and mysterious.

"Yep," I replied, sounding unconvincing

I could feel his eyes burn through me. I blushed and looked away. I noticed a line of portraits on the bare white walls. Every picture was a very grand looking person posing as if they were a supreme overlord or something.

"These are the leaders of the Liath family from over the centuries." Dominic pointed towards the last portrait. "That’s my Father. He is the current leader. "

I looked at the painting, examining it. I noticed the man was Adrian, who I met last night.

I was cut off from my train of thought when we came to a door.

"Here we are.'' Dominic opened the door, revealing a huge cream room with two sofas facing each other and two armchairs on each side, creating a box effect. Sitting on one of the sofas was Adrian and Eliza.

"Mother, Father." Dominic nodded.

"Son," his parents said in unison.

 “How did you sleep, Emily dear?" Eliza asked me.

"Good." That was a lie. I barely slept at all last night after they left my room.

"Great, so are you ready?" Adrian asked me.

"Ready for what?" I replied with a question.

 For the start of your training," Dominic explained, a slight smirk evident on his face.

"Oh, eh... yeah, I suppose I am," I managed to finally answer.

All three of them nodded and Eliza and Adrian led us outside. Dominic walked beside me, occasionally glancing at me. I felt rather uncomfortable with this whole situation, so I started to fidget with a piece of my hair.

Once outside, we all stood it the shape of a small square.

"Okay, shall we start with warm-ups?" Adrian suggested. Everyone nodded. "Let’s start with three laps," he added.

I let out a small moan that only Dominic heard because he smirked at me.

Adrian and Eliza began running, followed by Dominic. “Well, come on then!" Dominic shouted half-way around the track.

I took in a deep breath and began to run. My very unfit self was no match to their super speed, which was not fair. I was so behind that they all ran four extra laps and then decided that it was taking me too long so they stopped me on my second lap.

We all hurdled back in again. I tried to catch my breath while the rest laughed quietly at me.

"Any good at archery, Emily?" Adrian asked me while he pulled out the archery equipment.

"I'm not sure/ I never tried it, but I did play it on the Wii at my friend’s house before," I answered.

"This is a lot better then the Wii." Adrian handed me a bow. "Now, hold the arrow with your left hand and pull the string with your right." Adrian showed me. "Try shooting that target over there." He pointed towards a painted on target about ten feet away.

I aimed the arrow and drew the bow. To my surprise, it hit a bull’s eye.

"You’re good!" Dominic congratulated me.

For the next hour, we all continued practicing archery. I proved that it wasn't beginners luck and that I was actually extremely good. Adrian sent me to get some breakfast/lunch and sent Dominic to help me.

I sat on a stool in the kitchen. The kitchen was beautiful with light oak presses, a stainless steel fridge, and a cooker. It was spotless. Well, that made sense since they didn’t use it much because they mostly feed on leopard blood.

"What are you making?" I asked Dominic, who was pulling ingredients out of the press.

"Omelette, but if you don't like that I can make French toast," Dominic answered.

"No, omelette's fine. So, how did you learn to cook?" I asked, curiosity taking over.

"Well, Liaths still eat normal food; they just don’t need a lot of it. Plus, I have a lot of free time on my hands because I don't need to sleep much.”

"What country are we in?" I asked, completely ignoring his explanation of how he can cook.

"We’re on a small Island of the coast of Ireland," he explained. "That's how we kind of got our name, Liath meaning grey in Irish.”

"How do you get food and supplies?"

"There are shops on this Island, some run by Liaths, some by locals."

"Locals? Do they know about Liaths?"

"No, but we tend to stay away from humans."

"Wait, how did you get me all the way from America to Ireland within a few hours?" I was getting confused beyond return.

"It wasn't a few hours, it was twelve hours. They gave you a sleeping injection which caused you to sleep all through the journey and you finally woke up about five hours after arriving," Dominic said in one huge breath.

"Last question: why the hell did you put the orphanage hundreds of miles away?"

“That’s not the only Liath orphanage. There are thousands of Liaths all over the world! Each kingdom is divided into three. We rule over most of western Europe, part of the North Pole and a few parts in America, the part you lived in."

I replied with silence, trying to process it all. ''Oh.'' Oh? Is that all I could say? Oh! I mentally kicked myself for that.

''Here you go. Bon appetite!'' Dominic set a plate with an omelette on it in front of me.

''Looks eatable,'' I joked, causing a smile to appear on his face.

I started eating the omelette and to my surprise it was amazing! Dominic stood on the other side of the counter watching my facial expressions.

''This is amazing!'' I complemented.

''Really, thanks…” he said humbly, starting to wash the dishes.

I finished my omelette and he took the plate from me.

"So, see any good movies lately?" I tried to break the awkward moment.

In reply, Dominic gave me a questioning look before laughing.

"What?" I asked, pretending to not know what he was laughing at.

 Ready for some more Archery?" I heard Adrian come through the patio door.

"Eh, sure," I replied sweetly.

Adrian led us back outside to the archery station. For another hour we practised. Every shot I got better and kept winning.

"Lets call it a day, it’s getting late," Adrian announced just after he was beat by me again.

"It’s only three p.m.," I pointed out.  

"Er... Well… Hmm," Adrian sputtered, looking at his son Dominic for help.

"I wanted to show you around the island," Dominic stepped in, saving his father.

Adrian smiled at him and nodded, then returned inside hand in hand with his wife, Eliza.

A tour around the island. So what, they were going to treat me like a guest before eating me? Oh, how… delightful. Note my sarcasm oozing through.

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