{Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in the shadows. So watch out, you may not see them but they'll see you..}

As I stepped out of the steaming hot shower, the cold air hit me.
" Danm, forgot clothes" I mentally punished myself for being so stupid. I mean, I was taking a freakin shower at my kidnappers house! But no, of course things couldn't be 'that' simple. Of course I couldn't have been JUST kidnapped, no I had to be 1) Kidnapped and 2) Told I was some magical creature called a Liath... Fun right? WRONG!! Imagine been taken from your comfortable home in America to some island of the coast of Ireland! Then lets throw in a few guys and bobs your uncle you have my life...... Tell me how that works


1. T equals indefinite



Chapter 1

T equals indefinite…





‘’Are you going to eat that?’’ My friend Miya asked me, gesturing toward the slice of pizza on my plate.  



‘’Go ahead.’’ I sighed, shoving the plate toward her. Another Monday, same routine. I woke up, went to school, ate lunch with my two best friends, then went home and spent the rest of the day doing homework. Exciting, I know!



Miya picked up the slice of pizza and moved it toward her full lips to take a bite and then dropped it back on the plate.  She tugged her long, light brown hair behind her ear, focusing her crystal blue eyes on me. Miya and I had been friends ever since she stood up to a bully who took my glasses in kindergarten.


We always spent time at each other’s house, just not as much since we both got boyfriends.


‘’Hot guy four o’clock,’’ my other friend Ashley announced.


Miya and I met Ashley the first year of high school. She was too confident for her own good; that was how we became friends. Ashley scared off all the other girls because she came across too strong, but really she was a very nice girl once you get to know her and she was a huge flirt with the lads.

Unlike Miya and me, Ashley didn’t have a boyfriend. Not like she couldn’t get one, she just preferred the single life, and who could blame her? She had the brightest shade of blonde hair that formed perfect curls at the end, her eyes were a strong emerald colour, and she was super skinny, yet she ate like a pig! The guys practically worshiped her.


I, however, was the complete opposite. I had plain, straight dark hair and deep brown eyes, which slightly changed colour to a more golden brown without my contacts in.

I was medium height, neither fat nor skinny, and I was a complete nerd. I always had my head in the books!



The three of us turned our heads to check the guy out. One, he was pretty hot.  Two, he sported a bad boy look with blue eyes and jet black hair. Attractive? Not!  Okay, I had to admit there was some attraction there, but the guy was not a distraction I needed.  I had other priorities, such as important exams and a boyfriend to concentrate on, and definitely didn’t need the drama.



Speaking of my boyfriend, I looked passed my two best friends, who were busy eyeing the hot guy with their mouths wide open, and scanned the cafeteria in search of him. He was nowhere to be found, leading me to believe he must have been at his locker or something.



I first met Jace two years ago, when I got a summer job at McKlunkies as a waitress. He came up to me and asked if could he have fries with that shake and I immediately slapped him in the face, which my boss witnessed and fired me because of. He tried to make it up to me by bringing me out for dinner. At dinner I got to know him better and found out he had been dared to ask me that and he was really sorry I got fired. I forgave him, and after three more dates we started going out. I guess I fell for his big brown eyes and messy dark hair.



‘’Think I can get him?’’ Ashley asked while flipping her hair and batting her eyes at the guy.



‘’Over my dead body!’’ Miya responded, never taking her eyes off him.

 I rolled my eyes at the two and opened my calculus book. So if x is equal to..


‘’Hello, ladies.’’ I heard a guy’s voice behind us. I looked up and there stood the hot guy. His close proximity startled me, causing me to jump slightly.


 ‘’My name’s Steven,’’ the guy said, smirking at us.


  ‘’Ashley!’’ Ashley practically shouted at him.


 ‘’Maya,’’ Miya said while obsessively touching his arm.


Steven looked at me. ‘’ Emily,’’ I said while looking back at my calculus book. X is equal to y, so t is equal to...



 ‘’Well, I’ll see you ladies around’’ Steven said as he winked at us. What a loser, I thought; he acted as if he was the best thing since sliced bread! 


 As soon as Steven left, a big crowd of girls crowded around us screeching. The overload of pink outfits and overly straightened hair was overpowering. 


 ‘’So what was he like!’’ I heard one shout.


‘’I heard he’s loaded!’’ another one called out.


I sighed, defeated, accepting the fact that I would never get to know what T is equal to.  Closing my book, I got up from my seat and pushed through the crowd of girls. I walked through the double doors, located in the back of the cafeteria, and headed towards the school garden, leaving behind the stench of girls’ perfumes (which was applied once they saw Steven) and tacos (today’s specials).


The garden was pretty empty. A small group of teenagers were hanging out on the grass eating their lunches. The garden was enclosed by a ten foot wall, but trees were planted along it and were nearly in full bloom as it was summer. I found a place on a small bench at the edge of the garden, just under a cherry blossom tree.  


 Finally, I thought, If x is equal to y then t is equal to...


 ‘’Hey,’’ I heard a guys voice above me.


 ‘’Are you taking the -‘’ I was halfway through the sentence when I saw my boyfriend, Jace.


 ‘’Oh, hey babe!’’ I stood up and hugged him.


 ‘’So, what are you doing?’’ he asked while checking me out.


 ‘’Calculus... It kind of sucks,’’ I replied, picking up the book.


 ‘’Well, this might be better, how about we go out for dinner tonight?’’ he asked.


 ‘’Sounds great. I have to talk to Sister Evan first,’’ I replied, thinking about the best way of convincing her.


‘’No luck on the adoption yet?’’ he asked, looking at me with pity.


‘’Who would want a sixteen-year-old orphan? Anyway, I’ll see you tonight. Seven?’’ I asked.

‘’I’ll pick you up about then. I have to go, I need to get to science early,’’ he said while kissing me on the cheek.


‘’Bye.’’ I waved. I started to make my way inside, while reading the calculus book. So, if x equals y then t equals... indefinite? Are you serious!






Finally, the long awaited end of school bell rang, freeing me from chemistry with my teacher Mr. Boredtodeath. 


''He sure went on long enough about the test tube. I mean, who needs a twenty minute lecture about one little test tube? It’s ridiculous!'' Miya complained.



I nodded my head in agreement while starting to put books into my locker. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw Steven walk out of one of the classrooms. It was like he was walking in slow motion, like in all the movies where the hot guy walks by and all the girls fall to their knees and worship him. Well, that was what it was like now.


 ''Are you even listening to me?'' Miya cut in my train of thought.


''Eh, er… Something about food?'' I tried, coming up with an answer.



Thank goodness she noticed Steven, because she dropped the subject and began intensely staring at him, as if she was willing to take a bullet for him. I would, too, if it would mean saving his gorgeous face... Wait! Stop thinking about him. I have a boyfriend and I love him.

 ''Wouldn't you just love to eat him?'' Miya drooled.


 ''Ew... No!'' I lied, my voice slightly high because of it. Luckily Miya was too busy mentally undressing him that she didn't notice.


Steven walked towards us. 


 ''OMG! He is coming over to ask me to marry him, then we will have two beautiful children named Emma and Harry. We will live in a giant castle next to the queen of England and live happily ever after!'' Miya said so quickly that I thought she was about to pass out.



 I rolled my eyes at her, chuckling at her crazy reason as to why Steven was walking over here.


 ''What are we laughing at?'' Steven asked, quickly glancing at Miya and then staring at me.


''Eh... Em... Uh…'' I tried saying actual words but ended up embarrassing myself, no surprise.


 ''You have amazing eyes!'' Miya shouted, even though he was, like, two steps in front of her.


''Thanks, so do you,'' he politely noted.'' Well, I suppose I best be off. Goodbye, ladies.'' He winked at us and began walking toward the exit.


 Miya loudly sighed and leaned against the locker. I playfully shoved her arm. ''Way to make it obvious you like him.'' I laughed.


 ''He said I had amazing eyes,'' she cooed, completely ignoring me.


 ''No, you said he had amazing eyes, he was just being polite,'' I remarked.


 ''Whatever, I'm going to go home. You’re taking too long. See you tomorrow.'' Miya smiled.

 ''Yeah, see ya!'' I shouted to her retreating body.


 I was always jealous of Miya and Ashley. They were both extremely beautiful. Miya, with her dark brown hair and golden highlights, she had mesmerising green eyes and a slightly olive skin tone.   Ashley, however, had light blonde hair, deep emerald eyes, and flawless fair skin.      


I was the ugly one of the group. I had dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and very pale skin that most people thought I was ill. 


 I put the books I needed into my bag and shut my locker, then began walking back to the orphanage. Thank god it is only a ten minute walk!




Honk! Honk!



I finished putting on my lipstick and ran out the door. ‘’Bye, Sister!’’ I shouted, slamming the door behind me.  I jumped into Jace’s car. ‘’Quick, before she changes her mind!’’ I instructed Jace. He nodded and pulled out of the driveway. The car journey was silent except for the radio playing some random tune from the charts.


 We stopped outside the usual diner we go to for dates. Jace stopped the car, but instead of getting out he took deep breaths.


 ‘’Something wrong?’’ I asked.


 Jace grabbed my hand and held it in his. He then brought it to his lips where he breathed softly on it.



 ‘’Jace?’’ I questioned, getting worried. ‘’Say something!’’ I demanded.



 ‘’I’m leaving town,’’ he said softly.



 ‘’When will you be back?’’ I asked.






 ‘’But we can still be together, just in a long distance relationship,’’ I quickly said, trying my best not to lose him.


 He sighed again. ‘’I meant I’m leaving town and you.’’


 I leaned back in the car seat. What was he trying to do? Break my heart and make sure there was nothing left of it? He could at least pretend to try the long distance relationship...



 ‘’I would like you to take me home,’’ I barely whispered.



 ‘’Sure.’’ Jace started the car and drove me back to the orphanage.


The car journey was intense. I was thinking about what I did that made him break up with me while he just kept his eyes on the road, looking like he was concentrating really hard. He loves the road more than me, I thought.


 As he stopped the car in front of the orphanage, I wasted no time and unbuckled my belt as fast as I could, practically running out the car without shutting the car door behind me.

‘’I’m so sorry!’’ I heard from behind me as I ran to the front door. I dashed straight through the kitchen, passing Sister Evan, tears streaming down my face.


 ‘’Emily! What happened?’’ she shouted as I made my way up the stairs. I ignored her and slammed my bedroom door, landing straight on my bed. I started sobbing into my duvet, almost suffocating from the dust on it.


Knock! Knock!


 ‘’Go Away!’’ I screamed, instantly regretting it.


 The door opened anyway and in came Sister Evan. ‘’What happened, dear?’’ she asked me while she sat beside me on the bed.


 ‘’Jace is moving out of town and he broke up with me, and when I suggested a long distance relationship he refused,’’ I mumbled out between sobs.


 ‘’Oh, dear.’’ Sister Evan comforted me while patting my hair. ‘’You know you could give up all this boy drama and be a nun,’’ She tried persuading me again.


 ‘’Sister!’’ I gave out to her while I sat up and hugged her.


 ‘’Alright, Alright, I know, not a good time. So, how about instead we get some coco and you could show me that movie you have been blabbering on about, Wild Style was it?’’ Sister Evan smiled.



’Wild Child, Sister, its called Wild Child. And yes, that sounds like a good idea.’’ I smiled back.


 We made our way out of the room and down the stairs to make the coco. Sister Evan made it while I set up the movie.


 ‘’You will like this one, Sister,’’ I convinced her. ‘’ This child is pretty wild.’’ I laughed.


 ‘’She couldn’t be worse than you, dear!’’ she shouted from the kitchen.

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