Die at your own risk

The story is about 27 year old lucy granger, who wakes up to find herself in a cage full of freaky puppets, with blood oozing out of their faces. read on if you dare...


1. Easy as squeezing blood out of a stone... ALMOST.

It was cold. I could feel something crawling up my back, but then it was gone. I saw something in the shadows, a kind of rabbit shape, then all I heard was a scream. I woke up with a start, realising, therefor, it was only a dream... or was it? The bed was lumpy, not like it had been for the past couple of years. I opened my eyes up a crack to see that I was in a sort of prison cell, a sort of cage. My head lurched forwards to a horrific sight; I was surrounded by freaky, disturbing puppets. They had blood oozing of their what seemed like plastic eyeballs, typically some of them seemed to lack eyes anyhow. I could hear something coming. I stood up and cried for help, but I had mistook the place and time for HELP. Realising that the 'somebody around the corner' could kill me, I cupped my hand over my mouth. SILENCE. I listened.

"EASY AS SQUEEZING BLOOD OUT OF A STONE!" I heard someone say. I was trapped.

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