Moving away..

When Rhiannon's brother Harry has to go on tour with his band he has to say goodbye for 12 months, will he last that long without family? When Rhiannon hears an advert on the radio to meet one direction she takes a chance just so she can see her brother, will she win or not...Contains mild content..


1. The news..


Harry has been away at the shops for a long time now, normally he would only be about an hour, he has been away for almost two hours now. This is not normal for him. Dusty's sat next to me, even he seems suspicious nothing feels right at the moment in this house.. *the keys rumble in the front door.* I think Harry is home, better go and check just in case he needs and help with the shopping. I ran down the stairs for my life because i have a feeling he is hurt or injured in some way shape or form. I call for him, there is no reply. I now have this kind of gut wrenching feeling that something has happened to him whilst he was out..


I don't want her to notice me, not like this anyway, i didn't really go to the shops..just needed an excuse i guess. The thing is I have to go to America with the lads for a year, i know that my whole family will get upset. But i can face them, it's just Rhiannon that i am afraid of, she wont take the news very well. We are really close and do everything together seeing her all upset wont help this situation at all. I don't know how to tell her the news gently. I HATE MANAGEMENT, URGH. I can hear her calling my name, the tears are streaming down my face knowing that i will have to tell such heartbreaking news to an innocent 13 year old girl. I wipe the tears away and reply to her "yes" i hear my own voice say in a crooked, broken up way. I knew that those words didn't sound like my own voice and i can tell that she would know something is going on between One Direction, and that something isn't good...

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