Nowhere Else to Run

Kelsi lived the dream. Her and her parents were happily living on their farm. She had friends and everything she could want. But one day, she's alone at the farm, when no one other than One Direction come to get her. Claiming that Harry is her brother, they try to get her to come with them.When she resists, they go to the extreme, kidnapping Kelsi. Can Kelsi escape? Or will she realize that maybe her life wasn't as perfect as it seemed?


3. Alone

Kelsi's POV

Finally they all left. It was nearly midnight when I shooed Maddy home.

I climbed up the stairs to my room. Sure enough, over 300 big ones was o my dresser. Gotta love Dad. I had everything. The best boyfriend ever and friends. I was so happy!

My cell rang. It was Noah. Why would he call now? It's nearly two thirty!

"Hello?" I answered.


"Hey Noah. What's up?"

"I dunno. I just feel weird leaving you all alone. You need anyone to come by, and you know, keep you company baby?" I could practically hear him smirk through the phone. Oh, my horny little Noah.

"I'm good." I smiled.

"Well when? I've been asking for months..." he argued.

"When we're engaged." I answered. My mom had taught me that, and if I was being honest, that was my moral as well as hers.

"Kelsi!" he murmured.

"Goodnight Noah!" I humored him, then flicked my phone closed.

I got in bed, and snuggled up under the covers. Then I fell fast asleep.

===The Next Morning===

I yawned, stretching. I hopped out of bed and ran to the shower. I needed to get ready for my first day of freedom. I only got a few, you know.

The water was hot against my skin, and getting out was torture. I ran into my room and put on some clothes. A tank top and blue shorts. I didn't straighten my hair, hoping Noah would stop by later for dinner later.

I put on my make up and smiled at my reflection. I looked cute. I grabbed a plaid, long sleeved button shirt from my closet and ran down stairs for breakfast. I made eggs and toast. It was delicious!

I was in a hurry this morning, because I wanted to ride my horse, Star, before sunrise. It was always nice taking her out to the fields and watching the sun come up out there.

As soon as breakfast was finished, I grabbed my boots and ran out to the stables.

Star whinnied at me. I suited her up for the ride and brought her out.

I needed to warm her up, so we did a few laps around the track. I saw a red Mustang pull up the street. I've never seen a car like that around here before.I took Star out of the fenced area, and we began trotting towards the fields about two miles south of my house. That's when I noticed the Mustang was parked in my driveway.

"Whoa Star. Whoa." I stopped her. I hopped off, tying her to a post. I walked over towards the Mustang. No one was inside. I sprinted back to the house.

The front door was open. I slowly opened the door and walked in. It was quiet.

"Hello?" I croaked. Out of nowhere, five boys appeared. I screamed.

"Relax babe!" one said.

Another ran up and shot a hand over my mouth. I pushed him off, than started to run. If I made it to Star, I could take her to the Sheriff's office. The boys ran after me.

"Whoa there hot stuff! Relax!" one of them grabbed me from behind, putting a firm arm around my waist. I kicked and pulled away, but I stopped screaming. It wasn't like anyone could hear me.

He dragged me back to the house, where the others helped him pull me in. They threw me on the couch, and Blondie locked the door.

I whimpered, and pulled my knees to my chest.

"Nice to see you too!" the gut who'd grabbed me hissed. I whimpered again. Jacket guy was not  in a good mood, but I might have been because I had been kicking him.

Jacket and Blondie looked flustered. This one guy was wearing a superman shirt. Superman looked confused. The one guy, with really good hair, I must say, smiled grimly.

Okay so far I'd met Curly, Jacket, Superman, and Blondie. But there had been five before, right? The other guy was poking around my kitchen, eating MY cereal with MY fork. Wait a fork? What?

Okay now there was five. Curly, Superman, Fork, Blondie, and Jacket.

"Don't hurt me!" I cried.

"Why would we do that?" Curly asked.

"Well what do you want from me?" I asked, tears in my eyes. I was beyond scared.

"Do you know who we are?" asked Blondie.

"Should I?" I asked, confused.

"We're One Direction!" Superman quipped.

"Who's that?" I whimpered.

"What do you mean, 'Who's that?' We're the biggest boy band in the world!" huffed Jacket.

Fork continued to eat his, or well my, cereal.

"She doesn't know who we are... How could she?" Curly responded.

"Just tell me who you are and what you want!" I said, tears strolling sown my cheeks.

"My name's Harry, and I'm your brother."


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