Nowhere Else to Run

Kelsi lived the dream. Her and her parents were happily living on their farm. She had friends and everything she could want. But one day, she's alone at the farm, when no one other than One Direction come to get her. Claiming that Harry is her brother, they try to get her to come with them.When she resists, they go to the extreme, kidnapping Kelsi. Can Kelsi escape? Or will she realize that maybe her life wasn't as perfect as it seemed?


2. 15 Years later

Kelsi's POV

My dad was a pig. That's all my mother ever said. I can't believe him... After he and my mom broke off, she found out he was married with someone else. The dirty pig had two kids with Anne Styles. I don't know a lot about the kids, except that one, a boy, is two years older than me. Not that it's her fault, but I think Anne is a little.... Never mind. My mom recovered quickly. We own ranch in my favorite town in the world. My new father, my real father, loves me. He cares about me. My mom loves him, or at least I think she does. When she looks at him, the look she gives him is love, right? It has to be.

"Hey beautiful." my boyfriend, Noah, calls from his pick up truck. I jump off the porch and run over to him.

"Hey!" I squealed. He laughed.

"You didn't straighten your hair today, Kelsi." I blushed at his comment.

"I can if you want me to!"

"Actually, promise me you will never do it again." he laughs. He reaches to play with one of my brown curls. I flip my hair away from him.

"Aww come on babe!" he grins. I laugh.

"Hey, pull in and we can hang out?" I ask, praying for a yes. He pulled away, and I knew what that meant! Yes!

I ran back inside the ranch house. My 'crew' was hanging out by the television.

"Kelsi!" laughed Adriana, "You forgot our drinks!" she giggled.

Amy, Rylie, Olivia, Maddy, Jamie, and Samantha laughed. Even I smiled. How had I forgotten? Oh yeah...Noah.

"Amy, Olivia, Jamie, Samantha, Maddy, Rylie, and Adriana! Stop laughing!" I said. This caused us to laugh more.

"Ok...ok...woo...alright...." Samantha calmed down. The rest of them tried to as well.

"Why did you not bring us drinks?" smiled Maddy.

"Noah's here!" I said grinning. The girls 'oohed' and 'aahed' at me.

"I hate you!" I laughed, throwing a pillow at them.

"Are you gonna like make-out by the couch? Cause if so, i have chores..." Jamie mocked me. I rolled my eyes. 

"Girls?" Noah walked in, seeming confused.

"Noah!" I hugged him.

"Noah!" the rest of the girls laughed.

I pulled him to the couch, where the girls scooted over, making room for us.

We watched a movie...romantic comedy, thanks Adriana! Eventually Amy and Olivia left. They had a two-hour drive home. They lived in the same complex, all the way in the city. Jamie drove Adriana and Rylie here, so after the movie, the three of them headed home too. I lived in a rural community, so the houses weren't exactly close to each other.

That left Maddy, Samantha, Noah, and myself.

My mom and dad came down stairs. I wonder what was going on up there for all that time. I probably don't want to know.

"Sweetie, would it be okay if your dad and I went into town for the weekend?" Mom asked.

"Why?" I asked. It was the middle of summer, why did they need to go to the city?

"Your mother and I want to go and pretend to be your age again, Kelsi." Dad winked. I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Did you already pack?" I smiled, knowing my mom would have.

"We both did." Dad answered.

"I guess. Will you be home for labor day?" I asked. We always had a party, and Labor Day was coming up soon.

"We'll be back in two days, tops." Mom asked. I felt really weird giving my parents permission to do things, but hey, why not take the opportunity?

"Go ahead." I laughed.

"You're the best babe!" Dad laughed too. He went upstairs to get their bags.

"While we're gone, you," she pointed to Noah, "Had best be a good boy. If i find out you and my Kelsi even set foot in the bedroom, I will file a restraining order." Mom tried to act serious, but she liked Noah, so she was smiling as she said it.

"I'll take good care of her." Noah promised.

Dad came back downstairs, holding the bags.

"Have fun!"

"I left money in your room!"

"Don't go anywhere too far away!"

"Be careful!"

"Love you!"

My parents shouted as they left.

"They really trust you, eh Barbie?" asked Noah.

"Why'd you call me Barbie?" I asked, after nodding to answer his question.

"Because Barbie dolls are supposed to be perfect, right?"

I nodded, still confused.

"Well you are perfect." I giggled sheepishly to that. 

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