Falling For Fangs

A mysterious urn filled with ashes turns up at Kate's door.She spills them and thinks nothing of it. But when the next day a dark haired boy called Jessie turns up at her school, what will she make of him? One day when she follows him into an alley she stops dead in her tracks. he turns to look at her and she runs. What was he doing and what mysteries lie behind it?


4. Two new ones

 Jessie's P.O.V

How could I have done this. Kate doesn't want to be someone like me. A soulless demon. Her body jolted in pain and I wiped Kate's blood from my chin. Her blood tasted sweet unlike most bloods that taste sour.

I heard screaming coming from upstairs and ran into a room. The pink carpet had a circle of red next to a girls wrist. The tips of her hair had dipped in the blood as she held her dainty wrist which had been stabbed with a blade of glass.

There were two dark looking men standing near the smashed window in long black coats. One man charged towards me and I dogded round him and smashed his headagainst the door. His body made a huge thud and I turned to see the other man swinging to punch me. I ducked and punched his stomach making him gasp. I picked up a blade of glass and stabbed his chest. The man collapsed onto the other man and I knelt down by the girl.

She looked about 12 years old and she had a slim, pale face. Her hair was dark brown, like Kate's but her hair was extremely curly. I put my mouth by her wrist and whispered,

"This may hurt a little but I am doin this to help you." I pulled out the blade of glass and replaced it with my fangs. An ear piercing scream surounded me and I felt a pan of guilt. Now I had two new vampires with parents that could be home any second. Shit.

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