Falling For Fangs

A mysterious urn filled with ashes turns up at Kate's door.She spills them and thinks nothing of it. But when the next day a dark haired boy called Jessie turns up at her school, what will she make of him? One day when she follows him into an alley she stops dead in her tracks. he turns to look at her and she runs. What was he doing and what mysteries lie behind it?


2. Jessie

"New guy!" Me and my best friend Teri said in unison. A tall boy with jet black hair swept across his forehead, just showing his piercing green eyes was escorted to his seat by our tutor. I blushed a bright red as he noticed us staring at him. He gave me a cheeky wink and smiled, showing his stunning white teeth.

"I'm Jessie. And you are?" He asked me. His husky voice was to die for and a few moments went by before I had the courage to say, "Kate." I can't believe he was talking to me! I had long brown straight hair and plain brown eyes. I was the plainest person in the room and the sexy new boy was talking to me! I glanced over at Teri and she gave me the 'OMG' look. I gave her it back then looked to the front while our tutor bored us to death.

A few days went by and mine and Jessie's friendship grew. I know it sounds kind of stalkerish but one day I decided to follow him home as he always rushed off after school so I wanted to know were he lived.

As soon as the bell went for the end of the day, I rushed after him before he slipped out of my sight. We crossed a few streets, went under a few bridges before stopping in a dark alleway.

There was a short, slim girl with short blonde hair and rosy cheeks sitting on a rocky ledge having a cigarrette. As she breathed in the poisonous smoke, I looked at her in disgust. She blew out and I gagged as the smoke  rammed in my throat.

Jessie sat down on the ledge next to her and put his arm on her shoulder. He leaned it, as did she, but instead of leaning for her lips, he went straight for her neck.

I saw two sharp fangs pierce the poor girls neck and two drips of blood dribble down Jessie's chin. After about a minute, he dropped the girls limp, lifeless body to the ground.


My friend TRTrevains wrote one word so credit to her. Please read her stories as she is very talented.

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