Falling For Fangs

A mysterious urn filled with ashes turns up at Kate's door.She spills them and thinks nothing of it. But when the next day a dark haired boy called Jessie turns up at her school, what will she make of him? One day when she follows him into an alley she stops dead in her tracks. he turns to look at her and she runs. What was he doing and what mysteries lie behind it?


1. A knock

I heard a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone and neither were my family. Gently I touched the soft brass doorknob and turned it slightly. I heard the click of the door and pulled it open. There was a strange looking urn on my doorstep.

Kneeling down I looked inside and noticed that there were thousands of black ashes in it. I picked it up and closing the door behind me, I walked towards my back door to put it in the bin when it slipped out of my hands smashing into hundreds of pieces and the black ash glistened on the brown lino floor.

I quickly ran to the cupboard to retrieve the dustpan and brush and brushed it up before my parents found out. I dumped it in the outside bin and thought nothing more of it.


A/N : Sorry this chapter is short. It was ment to be a starting chapter so i hope you like it and want to read it!!

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