The French Script


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the morning was very bright. i don't know what i'm going to do. being a princess of a country must plan what to do every day. my mom gave me a day planner. but i filled the whole pages and i don't know what to do do next. i went downstairs to meet mom and ask her if i can write something in the computer. "being a princess isn't this style, write on your diary instead." mom said. my dad, the king gave me something. it was a book. "this is my favorite book." he said. "it has magical french words. my mom told me that the story was her favorite too. i never threw the books my parents gave me." i took the book in my bookshelf on my bedroom door. now, i never have to throw the book out. the book was very nice. it was called the french script. it was about a girl who visits a city and a god named Andre, was the one who gave her french scripts. in the end, she died and became the godess of peotry, scripts, and french. as for me, i never knew many words in french. i think my friend, Scarlet can teach me. but she has arrow lessons from morning to dawn. and i can't wait that long. i wish  i had princess lessons such as learning new languages, i think i can read the letters that the girl recieved from the book. my mom enrolled me to a art school. i guess it was fun. just then, i had to make sure i got at least a sign of friends. i got one. her name was Darille. she told me she got the same book as i had. we went to classes together. i once called her to come to my house for a tour. she can speak in french really great. "this book has very many tricks." Darille said handing me a magic book. it has the same tricks i can see on the circus. "these tricks are harder than french! how do these clowns know how to balance on a piece of a rope?" i asked. "they are terrific! i saw it once. my uncle did it on a parade long ago. i saw him practice on how to balance on a rope. it was difficult. too bad he fell down." Darille told me. we threw pillows to each other. we rested with mango shake. "hey, Darille," i said waving out a note in the air. "someone left this for you. he said that you need to go home." i gave it to her. Darille read it and gasped. it said that her father was hiking and got lost in the forest. "we need to find him!" we searched for bags and flash-lights. we had food, supplies, tents and other gears. we finally found him resting with a campfire. 

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