The Time Machine

Miriam Jones has a dull and boring life - until she meets Pixie Solomon, a girl scientist from the future.
Pixie has lost the key to her time machine and she can't get back home until she finds it. With Miriam's help, they go on a never-ending adventure to find the key that was lost somewhere in Deadman's Jungle.

**Please read!**


1. The Last Day of School

The last day of school before summer always seems to go on and on. I hate it. My best friend Savannah? Well, not so much.
"Ooh! I love today. I can't WAIT for the holidays. We're going to Disney Land Paris for a week and then I'm going Australia to visit my uncle. Plus, no homework! I'm gonna miss all my friends though. But, who cares? I'm so psyched!" she squeals.
"Whatever. I'm gonna be SO bored, Sav. No holidays, no fun days out, no nothing! Honestly, sometimes I wish my life would be more... Interesting. You know?" I grumble.
I can tell by the blank expression on her face that she really doesn't know.
I sigh. The bell rings. I have Maths first period so I stroll slowly down the corridor. I mean, who would rush to get to Maths?
Apart from Jane Solomon, of course. Jane is the geekiest girl in the whole school. No, scratch that. The whole WORLD. She gets on my nerves, seriously.
I sit down in my usual spot at the back of the classroom. It's great, I never get asked to answer a question and its dead peaceful too because no-one sits next to me. Except...
Oh. My. God. Who IS that?! There's some girl sitting next to me. I've never seen her before.
"Hi. I'm Pixie. Pixie Solomon."
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