Do you remember summer 09?

Harry Styles was my everything. But it’s been almost 3 years when we last saw each other. Why couldn’t I move on? I heard he had already. Harry was on a band now. It was just so hard to let go. I'm 18 and homeless. Worst part of it all, i used to have a great life, but that curly boy showed up and changed everything. I thought everything was lost. But one day as i walked down the cold streets of London, i saw him again. Followed by some girls and paparazzi. Would he recognize me?


3. So we meet again.


Tears dunner through my face. It felt warm and tasted salty. I wrote everything I could. Memories, feelings, I rushed through the pages. I wrote for about 5 minutes but was not able to continue.

There was a noise across the street. It was loud and kind of annoying. Hundreds of girls from all ages were running and going crazy. I could see they held posters, toys and magazines.

Soon paparazzi were all over the place. They were all over a cab that struggled to pass through.

I wanted to see what was going on so I placed the notebook on the floor and left my dirty blanket on the bench. I tried to walk as fast as I could, but once again my legs wouldn’t allow me.

The cab was approaching, and I recognized a face, I stood there, my face went bank. Without noticing I was on the middle of the street.

The cab beeped hysterically but I saw in amusement Harry´s horrified face. Was it really him?

Finally the cab stopped and I realized it almost hit me.

"Im so sorry” I then moved off the street. And as I walked I saw the back door of the cab open.

“wait!” someone yelled.

I cant believe it, Harry was calling me. I stood there I was to tiered. Harry noticed so he came running.

“Are you okay?” I didn’t reply, but he could obviously tell I wasn’t. *Taking his jacket off* “Here, its frizzing outside”

“Th-tha-th-thank you” I mumbled “you don’t seem okay beautiful”

Wait wait, was he calling me beautiful. What is going on. Im there in a bench next thing I know Im being called beautiful by my ex boyfriend. “I guess I don’t”

I could see Harry felt sorry for me, but I wasn’t comfortable about that. “I dont need your compation Harry, ill be okay” I said in a sad tone “No, you are not okay. You know what, you are coming with me” he said insistingly.

I had to admit I needed help.

Harry took my hand and opened the car door for me. “just as the old times” he said giggling. I smiled.

I felt confused, by how everything ended before.

But yesterday was yesterday. And I decided it was time to put my past were it belonged, in the past.

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