Do you remember summer 09?

Harry Styles was my everything. But it’s been almost 3 years when we last saw each other. Why couldn’t I move on? I heard he had already. Harry was on a band now. It was just so hard to let go. I'm 18 and homeless. Worst part of it all, i used to have a great life, but that curly boy showed up and changed everything. I thought everything was lost. But one day as i walked down the cold streets of London, i saw him again. Followed by some girls and paparazzi. Would he recognize me?


6. I love your smile.


I woke up in the middle of the night. Harry and I had slept all day. His arms were sweetly covering me up as in he would never let go off me. I smiled to the thought of feeling protected and hugged him tighter. Our skin was softly pressing, and we were inches away.

I brought my face close to Harry's and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and down the ear towards his neck. Harry slightly grinned as he woke up and scratched his head without letting go from my waist.

“Dreamed about me?” He said teasingly in a sleepy tone. I didn’t answer. My eyes were completely lost in him. Never in my life I’ve been so close to a man so beautiful, the moonlight looked gorgeous on his tanned skin, and no matter how much coldness surrounded us, we weren’t cold. Both our bodies were wrapped together creating warmness and protection feelings at the same time.

“To lazy too answer?” he asked again. I smiled and said “You are so handsome Harry” he smiled and he could see my cheeks turn bright pink in the dark “And you are beautiful” he replied. I smiled and he came closer, giving me a passionate kiss while our tongues danced together. Our naked bodies came closer and the chemistry I felt that same day hours before started to appear again. He softly passed his fingers through my hair. One of my weaknesses was definitely his long fingers pressing softly into my curls.

He moved down, tracing lines with his fingers on my cheeks. Although our bodies were connected, Harry still managed to keep his eyes locked to mine with those deep green eyes of his.

The touching gave me shivers through the spine. He smiled and gently took his hand away from my face. “are you cold?” he asked sweetly with concern. I nodded. It was pretty late and since Harry moved his body from mine the coldness suddenly appeared.

He stood up and went towards his closet. His body was still naked but Harry managed to act very mature when it came to intimate stuff. I smiled, I knew he trusted me. Our once destroyed trust was now stronger than ever.

He came with a large big hoodie of his and told me to sit on his leg as he sat at the corner of the bed. I closely approached to him “raise your arms” he demanded staring seriously into my eyes treating me like a little child. I didn’t mind though, he was only trying to keep me safe. I obeyed and he smiled and placed the hoodie into my body. “Okay baby, is it better?” And soon I leaned towards him for a hug “Almost perfect” I said teasing him a little “Almost?” He asked confused “I just need a hug” A deep giggle came from his mouth as he came closer with a playful look. Harry then jumped into me squishing my body making sure he wouldn’t hurt me. Soon his fingers started tickling me and a burst of laugh came from my inside and out my mouth. “Harry stop, stop” I yelled but it was nonsense he wouldn’t stop by the look in his face “I love your laugh baby, and If I have to tickle you for the rest of the night I will”

*after a while*

Harry and I had settle down and we soon laid back together at bed, his hand covering me tightly while the other one was wrapped around my waist. Front to front so that we both could face each other. “what should we do tomorrow” I asked exited with a little touch of tiredness in my tone “I have a special plan for you” he replied “what is it?” I asked confused. He remained quiet so I insisted “Oh god harry please just tell me already” I said intrigued by the silence and the darkness of the night. “Its a surprise” He said with a grin while rubbing gently my forehead. “I must tell you though, my four pals will be there. You can invite a friend of yours, ill take you to a special place so you’ll just have to wait and see. I have all the day planned for tomorrow so we should go to sleep now” I smiled with excitement and cuddled into his arms. “Harry?” I whispered “What is it beautiful?” answering with a question while staring into my eyes “I love you so much” I said closing my eyes. “I know it” he giggled. I opened my eyes and looked at him smiling, then I closed them again and went back to sleep, and just before my mind would scape the world from reality he replied in a whisper “I love you more than anything in this world Becca” and soon we fell asleep as I laid my head in Harry´s chest. 

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