Do you remember summer 09?

Harry Styles was my everything. But it’s been almost 3 years when we last saw each other. Why couldn’t I move on? I heard he had already. Harry was on a band now. It was just so hard to let go. I'm 18 and homeless. Worst part of it all, i used to have a great life, but that curly boy showed up and changed everything. I thought everything was lost. But one day as i walked down the cold streets of London, i saw him again. Followed by some girls and paparazzi. Would he recognize me?


5. A good morning.


I woke up to the sound of the birds in my window. I wanted to listen the beautiful singing of the birds as the sun rised so I got out of bed and went to my beautiful balcony.

  After Harry found me in the streets he invited me to his department, he gave me food and most importantly love.    I stood there alone, thinking about everything that has happened to me during the past time.   Harry and I were now official and I was so happy about it.  He has been so nice the past few weeks. My life was a mess but thanks to him, I'm happy again.    

*door opens*  "Hey beautiful" Harry said with a sleepy voice as he scratched his head. "Hey there babe" I smiled and went for a hug. As always, his arms were big and comforting. I wanted to stay like that forever but after a while Harry let go of my arms.

  "What are you doing up so early?" He asked confused "Just enjoying the view" I said and gave Harry a smile as he replied with another.   I went to the balcony and Harry came behind me. "Its beautiful" I said looking at the panorama. "It is, but not as much as you" that made me blush a little and a giggle escaped my mouth. He came behind my back and held me by the waist. I turned back and soon Harry and I were facing each other.   

I stared into Harry's beautiful eyes an he did the same. After a while of silent staring I felt we were totally connected, and before I could tell my eyes were looking into Harry's lips. I needed a sweet taste of his pink lips.   Harry then noticed what I was hoping for and came closer, and closer. He was inches away but he kept staring into my eyes, he came closer and our noses were gently touching each other now. he didn't kiss me, he just stood there, like a complete fool.   

Was he doing it on purpose? "Kiss me already" I said with despair as I whispered. He laughed "Just wanted too see how patient you were, you didn't pass the test missy" Ilaughed and looked into the ground and sooner than I knew harry pulled me closer and our lips touched each other.   

I could feel the chemistry, the butterflies. My face burning up. The moment was perfect.   His lips were warm, and the kiss became more passionate. It deepened and became stronger.   

I wanted more from Harry, I've waited to much. He looked into my eyes and knew what I wanted. He smiled confidently and kissed me again. This time the kiss was more deep more passionate and even more stronger. He grabbed me bride style but made sure our lips were still together.   

Harry then placed me slowly in the bed and looked at me one more time "Are you sure you want to do this?." Of course I was, you see Harry and I never did anything more than kissing and hugging before when we were together. But we were 18 now and we loved each other.   

"I love you Harry Styles, I'm more than sure. I love you" He just smiled and said "I love you too Rebecca Bronson"   He kissed my neck slowly as I softly passed my fingers trough his hair. Harry came lower an lower. His hands were all over me. Soon harry was inside me and a moan escaped my mouth. He smiled in pleasure and then kissed my lips again.   

After we were done Harry kissed my forehead and we cuddled for the rest of the morning "I love you" he whispered into my ear and hugged me tighter. "I love you too harry, never leave me again" I said looking at him "never" he replied. And we soon fell asleep together.




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