Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


2. We're Leaving.


Noelle’s P.O.V

Everything was beautiful. Tonight was beautiful but I was just worried for this certain thing that I had to tell to somebody. I was dancing with some guy who was wearing the same colored mask as me on the dance floor dancing to ‘Only girl’ by Rihanna. We both jammed to the music and honestly, both of us were being hilarious. I was enjoying myself, just being myself, being the real me. I was pretty proud. I had never pretended to be someone else, and I never will, especially in high school. There had been a lot of dramas and fake friends. But I actually had just one bestfriend since middle school. Eera Belle. Belle is totally the opposite of me. She’s just so shy and so unconfident about herself which makes me sometimes wanna slap the sense out of her. But well, that’s her, and you have to accept that about someone. The only awkward thing about dancing with this guy was we were just having fun but we never really talked to each other.

The DJ then changed the records, ‘Well, here’s a love song for all those couples out there.’ I felt awkward dancing to a slow song, when I was the girl who actually was hype up with her dance moves.

‘Umm, do you wanna dance?’ the guy who danced with me before asked me shyly as he held out one of his hand and the other hand scratching his head.

I smiled and grabbed his hand as we moved slowly from side to side, eye to eye.

‘What’s your name?’ He asked me with a voice that I was familiar with. And then I realized who it was.

‘Wait, Lou? Louis Tomlinson?’ I asked back.

‘Mm, Noelle? From geography class right?’ He replied surprised.

‘Mm, yeah.’I said.

‘That explains your great dance moves,’ He complimented.

‘And that explains your hilarious dance moves.’I replied sarcastically.

We continued dancing and as I was looking around, I caught Eera dancing with some guy. She was blushing hard and as I winked at her, she blushed even more. I took a deep breath in as I watched her being happy dancing with the guy she was with, but it was killing me inside. I had to tell her. But what would she do? How would she react? I was damn worried.


‘Do you want to grab a drink? These shoes are killing me.’ I said complaining about my 2 inch high boots and ignoring my hard feelings.


‘Mm, your boots aren’t even high.’ He looked down at my boots.

‘Well, whatever, I’m just not used to wearing this.’ I pointed to my outfit.

‘Let’s go then.’ He said grabbing my hand as we both squeezed out of the crowd who were dancing in couples swaying here and there to the beat of the music.


‘Are they seriously in love or what?’ I said as Lou grabbed a drink.

‘Fruit punch?’ He offered me a fruit punch but I noticed him drinking liquor.

‘Do you want a real punch?’I teased him playfully.

‘Do you want me to shove you with carrots?’ He teased me back.

‘Ew, I hate carrots. They’re not… tasty.’I complained.

‘Get your life sorted out babe!’ He teased me.

I stuck out my tongue childishly.

‘Ugh, emotional songs…I hate it.’ I whined. I really hated emotional songs. It actually hurts from the fact of how many times I’ve been hurt last time.

‘Yeah, me too. Let’s go upstairs.’ Lou said as we walked off from the ballroom and went upstairs, into a room, settling down on a couch.

‘It’s finally the end of high school.’ I sighed.

‘Yeah.’ He replied shortly taking another drink of alcohol that was placed beside the couch.

‘Lou, that’s too much of alcohol.’ I see as he gulp another glass of alcohol and then another.

‘You’ll get drunk.’ I said.

‘I won’t. This isn’t as much as I usually drink.’ He replied.

‘Just keep it to a minimum;I swear your breath smells of alcohol.’ I complained.

‘Sorry.’ He said as he put down the glass and turned his attention to me.

‘So, how does it feel like, getting the attention from all the girls out there? Being famous, getting those record deals? To be honest, I’m a fan of you guys.’ I said.

‘Really? You seemed really cool and calm about it.’ He replied flatly.

‘Shut up Lou.’I said sarcastically as I put my legs up on the table right in front of us.

‘You do really know how to act like you, don’t you?’ He sounded like he was teasing me.

‘Yes Tomlinson. Bear with it.’ I replied expecting another sarcastic comment back. But it was indeed a cheeky reply.

‘No, I like it.’ He smiled to me as he gulped another drink.

‘Alright, that’s way too much.’ I said as I grabbed off the drink from his hand and put away to one side.

‘Hey Lou,’ I look up and saw Harry Styles at the door.

‘Uhhh, sorry for disturbing.’ He said smiling.

‘No no, we weren’t doing anything, I swear. Lou’s drunk.’ I replied.

‘Yeah, he’s always like this. Don’t worry about it.’He replied sweetly.

‘Hey, I know you…’ He focused on my face.

‘Duh.’I replied sarcastically.

‘You’re that girl… in our class… Noelle?’ He asked.

‘Yeah, Noelle.’ I smiled. It was sweet for both Lou and Harry to remember my name.

Suddenly, my phone went buzzing.


From: Belle <3

 I’m out of the place; mum’s raging her anger again. I’m nearly home now. Please save me xxx


From Noelle.

 I’ll meet you back at your house. Go home and wash yourself up. Be strong xxx


‘Alright.’ I said getting off the couch.

‘You’re going off already?’ Harry asked.

‘Yeah, I need to.’ I said.

I looked at Lou who was already half drunk and playing with Hazza’s curly hair.

‘Goodbye Harry, and Lou, thanks for the dance.’ I said politely as I walked out the door.

‘Hey Noelle!’ I heard someone calling my name.

I turned around and Lou came towards me.

‘When will I see you again?’He asked.

‘I’m a fan, we’ll surely meet again.’ I ended up smiling before he reached out to give me a hug.

‘Goodnight babe.’

‘Goodnight Louis.’

I got out of the place, placing my key into the car as I stepped on the paddle and drove off heading to Belle’s house.


I parked my car few blocks before belle’s driveway and fortunately I was wearing something simple, so I had to climb up the tree, and sneaked into her balcony before going into her bedroom. As I got into her room, I could hear shouting and screaming from downstairs. The same routine, over and over again.





‘I HATE YOU. GO AND DIE.’ Her mum shouted back sounding much angrier than before. I felt pity for Belle. Belle lost her dad few months ago after her dad married her stepmother, Mary. Mary was just a sick and wild woman. She gets drunk every time and brings a lot of guys over to the house. And mostly, she’s been threatening Belle with hurtful words. I wanted Belle to be safe. I wanted Belle to be with me, so that she wouldn’t be hurt. She needed love and care. And that’s what she’s going to get, I thought.

 I heard Belle’s little footsteps running up the stairs and I quickly jumped onto her bed, grabbing a magazine while watching the door knob turned.


‘She entered, sobbing and got down to her knees behind the door, not noticing me yet. I watched as I see her cry. She covered her face with her hands, sobbing as loud as I could hear.


I got off the bed and walked towards her.

‘Hey babe.’ I tapped her shoulder. She got startled.

‘Fuck Noelle, you made me jumped.’ She laughed in between her tears.

‘Opps, sorry, get up, look at your face.’ I said, pulling her to the mirror.

‘I sure look pretty now.’ She said sarcastically looking at her hair which looked like somebody who got pulled their hair off and her snow skin and fair face which is almost turning to black from the cause of her eyeliner.

‘Here, let me do it.’I took a wet tissue as I wiped off the mascara and eyeliner that were dripping down her face.

‘You look like a zombie…’ I commented.

‘I sure do feel like one.’ She replied.

‘You’re a mess. Go and bath and get changed.’ I ordered her to.

She groaned as she took her towel and headed to the bathroom. I laid down on her bed, still wondering should I tell her, or should I not.

After a few minutes, she came out from the bathroom, the towel wrapped around her body.

As she was changing, we had a conversation.

‘So, who’s the guy you were dancing with huh?’ I made her blushed.

‘What? Oh… umm, I don’t know his name…’ She blushed even harder.

‘Did he ask for your number?’ I asked.

‘Well, we danced together… but, I had to go away because of the old witch.’ She groaned.

As she wore her sleeping gown and looked herself and the mirror, she gasped loudly.


‘What?’ I asked sitting up at the edge of her bed.

‘I wore a charm bracelet didn’t I?’ She said.

‘Yeah?’ I replied.

‘And it’s gone! NO, SHIT!’ she screamed.

‘Stop saying shit!’ I threw a pillow at her.

‘You got another pair, don’t you, just use that one.’ I suggested.

‘Elle, you know that’s for my…’ she dragged the last word.

‘Yeah, your fairytale prince charming..’ I teased her.

‘Oh shut up!’ She threw the same pillow that I threw at her back to me.

She wore her other pair of charm bracelet and sat cross legged in front of me.

‘I need to tell you something,’ I said as I sighed.


‘I wanted to tell you this morning, but you were just too excited about the prom and how good you want this night to be for you, so I didn’t want to ruin it for you.’ I said slowly.

‘Just tell me…’

‘Alright. Err, I’m leaving…’ I looked down as I played with my fingers.

I heard her taking her breath in before saying, ‘When?’

‘Tomorrow, first thing in the morning.’ I replied.

‘What about me?’ She said.

‘I really don’t know, I’m sorry.’I looked at her eyes and she was about to tear up.

‘Aww, don’t cry.’ I hugged her.

‘You can’t go. I got no one here, my step mum’s neglected me and I got no one other than you. You can’t leave. You can’t leave me all alone.’ She sobbed.

‘I won’t be literally leaving you. We still can keep in touch.’ I tried being positive.

‘No, I don’t care. You can’t go.’ She begged me to stay.

And then, an idea struck my mind.

‘Hey, tell me, you don’t want to be alone right?’ I asked.

‘Obviously no.’

‘And you don’t want to live with your mum right?’ I asked confirming.

‘Big fat, massive no.’She said.

‘She doesn’t care about you, wherever you go, wherever you want right?’ I said again.

‘What’s your point, elle?’ She groaned.

‘How about you come with me to Australia?’ I said excitedly.

‘Are you seriously being serious?’ She said.

‘I am seriously being serious!’ I said with a loud tone.

She grinned as her face brightened up.

‘Go go! Pack your bags. I’ll call my mum to book another ticket for you.’ I said.

‘You’re the best!’ She hugged me again before going to her closet and taking out her clothes before putting in everything to her luggage.


I called my mum and she agreed of having Belle to follow me to Australia. I was there because mum apparently set me up to having to find work at there. So, rather than going alone, I had my bestfriend to go with! This is going to be a great trip!


‘I’m done!’ Belle said.

‘That was fast, let’s go!’ I said.

We got to her balcony, and I had to head down first.

‘I’ll go down, pass me your luggage, and you get down.’ I whispered.

I climbed down the tree as she passed me the luggage, which was quite heavy but I managed.

‘get down!’ I screamed softly at her.

‘This is high!’ She looked scared.

‘Are you kidding me belle? Seriously?’I look at her with annoyance.

She slowly takes a pace and finally managed to get to the ground.

We got to my car as fast as possible, and we finally drove off and I was glad I took her away from all her problems, all her dramas that were sickening her whole life.

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