Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


1. Prom Night.


-Belle’s P.O.V-

I was in Year Nine. Three years ago, I had a big crush on Liam. I never thought my life would change and I had never thought that dreams do come true. My life consists of five amazing boys, a boy band and of course Noelle, my best friend who has been with me since middle school. Noelle described me as the shy, wise, unconfident and the one who is always insecure about herself and then there’s her. The outspoken, noisy and “I don’t care what others say, it’s my life, I do what I want.” type of girl.

It was my senior year and I was looking forward to prom night. I would like to know who would be my prince charming, well sometimes I live in my fairytale world. That’s one thing about me. I believed too much in fairytales. The bell rung, I took a glance at the clock on the wall. It showed 10.50AM. I gave that “let’s go” look to Noelle who was sitting further end on the right of me.The last period, physical education. I groaned. I was lazy, literally lazy to run. As usual, the class was dismissed five minutes earlier to get dress up for the lesson.

Noelle: Physics just sucked a lot.

Me: Yeah dude, I kept dozing off and you couldn’t stop talking, like seriously.

Noelle: There’s no point learning, we have taken our examinations and we’re left with tonight before graduating.

Me: Speaking of that, what are you wearing for prom?

Noelle: I’ll go with whatever I will like to wear.

Me: Could you dress up like a girl for once? It’s prom babe.

Noelle: I don’t care who sees.

I decided to ignore her and her sarcasm. As we walked down the hallway to the basketball court to assemble which is like the other end of the school, Noelle kept on dancing this move. I got fascinated. She’s the best dancer that I have ever met in my entire life.

Mr Alendra: Students! Please assemble in your form class now. We will not be running today since there’s a lightning alert.

The whole of year nine students gave a cheer and screamed, that for one second, I thought I was in a zoo.  Noelle nudged me at the side of my ribcage and I looked up and I noticed the guy that I have been crushing on for three years. I still remembered three years ago of how pathetic I am when I fell to the ground cause I was hit by a ball which was silly of me to stand under the basketball ring as Liam dunked the ball and it completely hit my head causing me to fall to the ground. He was such a gentleman to profusely and being concern by apologizing to me and to pull me up from the ground. The way that he grabbed  hold of my hands, the way that he pulled me up and the way that we looked into each other eyes that left me breathless and the feeling that I have never wanted to let go of.

Noelle’s loud voice snapped into my head. I came back to my senses. “Oh why did she have to ruin my perfect daydream moment?”I said in my head. I gave her the “what” look.

Noelle: I saw what happened back there. You’re in love. Oh My God!

Me: Oh shut up.

After physical education, I was actually starving. I thought of grabbing lunch in the cafeteria with Noelle before heading to her house to prepare for prom night. School ended early today for everyone to prepare for the amazing night, which kind of made a knot in my stomach. I was nervous. I was in the cafeteria when Noelle pushed me and Liam caught me with his broad, strong arms. I did know that Noelle did that on purpose. I swore my heart fluttered when he caught me. The feeling was unforgettable.

Noelle’s house was near to school, that was one of the reasons why I chose to dress up at her house instead. It was way easier than mine. I had to take a public bus, drop off at a train station and took a train back home. Drag. I took a quick bathe at her house and pulled out my red long satin dress and my gold mask from her wardrobe. I hung it over my body, the clingy dress fits perfectly.

Noelle: Babe, you picked out the right colour. You’re so beautiful. I wonder who’s the hot hunk that’s gonna ask you for dance tonight.

Me: One of the reasons why red is my favourite colour.

I turned around and my jaw dropped open. I was so shocked when I saw how beautiful my best friend was. She looked so magical.

Me: You looked tremendously beautiful Noelle! Your green vintage galaxy skirt matched perfectly with the white singlet and the black half blazer. You’ll be wearing the 2 inches black boots I bought for you, right? Please say yes.

Noelle: Yes, I am. For you, I’ll be wearing it. No worries.

Me: Yeah buddy. This is great.  

I applied some foundation before applying the pink blusher onto my cheeks, followed by the eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. I had shimmering gold eye shadow because I thought it would match with my mask. Well, frantically, it does. I let down my hair, the curls that Noelle did with her favourite hair curler suits perfectly. I reached out for my gold mask on the desk, had Noelle’s helped to tie the knot tightly so it wouldn’t be that loose and then I slipped on my charm bracelet onto my wrist. I took a step back and looked into the mirror. The way I looked in that dress with my brown curly hair falls onto my shoulder, I was insecure. I had crazy thoughts for a second, “what if everyone laughed at me? What if I do not have anyone to dance with? What if everyone thought I’m crazy for applying make up for the first time in her life?”

Noelle: I know what you’re thinking babe. You don’t have to, you trust me do you? You looked amazing. Just be yourself, you’ll be fine. I’m there for you.

Me: I know you would be.

Noelle gave her mum a goodbye kiss and we got into Noelle’s car. I took a deep breath as I made my way through the entrance. I came down the spiral staircase and was given stares by everyone who was in the ballroom. I turned to Noelle who was walking with me on my left and she smiled and told me to be myself. I grabbed some fruit punch then went back to my seat while looking at how Noelle was eating.

Me: You got to have some table manners Noelle.

Noelle: Do I look like I care? I’m starving because it’s past my dinner time. It’s 8pm for goodness sake, and my dinner time is at 7pm. You do know me, right, I eat whenever and wherever I want to.

Me: Ugh. Have it your way then.

After awhile, the DJ turned on some disco songs and Noelle was giving her energetic dance movement. I was awkwardly standing at the side trying to fit in. Few minutes later, valentine tango song was on. The DJ said to find a partner of the same mask. It was slow dancing. This was the moment that I have been waiting for, for a guy to come up to me, held out his hands and asked me for slow dancing. But it wasn’t as I expected. I bumped into a tall guy.

Me: Oh my god! I am so sorry. I didn’t saw you back there. Are you alright, mister? I apologized for my clumsiness. I am really sorry.

He: It’s alright there lady. Mm, I guess we kind of have the same mask.

Me: Oh. I did not realize that. Haha, yeah, I guess we do.

He: Would you like to dance?

He asked me as he held out his right hands forward and his left hands behind his back.

Me: I would be honored to.

I said as I hold at the sides of my dress and bow.

I would like to know who that guy was behind that gold mask when he danced with me. His graceful dance move and the way he spun me around and then caught me back into his arms made me feel like I was in heaven. I knew I was blushing hard. I signaled over to Noelle who was busy dancing with a guy in the same mask as Noelle but was wearing a suspender instead of a tuxedo. Soon I realized that, everyone was watching to our moves. We were in a spotlight. Everyone stopped dancing and only he and I had the attention from everyone. I guess his dance movement caught everyone’s attention. My phone suddenly rang and everyone looked at me. I was embarrassed. “Shoot! I’m sorry. I’ll be right back!” I said to the mysterious guy. I went to pick up my phone call. It was my mum. She was yelling over the phone because I was late. It was nearly 12 midnight and I had totally forgotten that I had to be home before curfew.

I ran back to the guy. He was waiting for me, at the exact same spot that I left.

Me: I got to go! I’m late. I’m sorry. It was nice dancing with you. We’ll meet some other time.

As I turned to walk away, he grabbed my hands but I pulled back and I ran out of the room. I stepped outside and I felt proud about myself. I was never dared to dance in front of everyone. It was a good feeling that night. I left a text to Noelle that I was going home by cab.


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