Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


3. Prince Charming.


Belle’s P.O.V

This is great. I had never run away from home before. But I have always wanted to, especially when I have my best friend next to me. She has been sticking up to my family’s drama. Sigh, sometimes I wished I could hide, I do not want to worry her anymore or to have her annoyed with my dramas. Noelle parked her car in front of her house and I got out from her car, her mum was already standing at the porch outside her house. I went to greet her mum and I gave a massive thank you for booking a plane ticket for me.

Noelle brought me to her room. I got settled down but I’m still worried about my charm bracelet. I kept on staring at it when Noelle “boo” me from the back. I jumped.

Me: The hell Noelle! You scared me!

Noelle: Yeah I know. I did it on purpose, haha! What are you thinking about babe? You already ran away, so what’s more? It must have been because of the charm bracelet for your mystery prince charming right? Or….. is it for Liam?

Me: Hahahaha. It isn’t funny alright, I’ll be in Australia. I won’t meet Liam anymore. I’ll find my prince charming there. I bet I will.

Noelle: Yeah yeah, you can say that but who knows if One Direction are coming down to Australia for a concert, you’ll still get to meet Liam. He’s one of the five, and One Direction is a part of our lives. Anyway, you got to stop with your fairytale stories. We’re in the real world. Hello?

Me: I know that.

Noelle threw me a purple Jack Will hoodie, a white t-shirt and a pair of FBT short to wear for the night. I felt better that night. I knew that I can always count on Noelle. She’s like 1, 2, 3. Hit her with a text, she’ll be there in a lightning bolt. Nevertheless, I always thank God for sending her to me. I tucked myself into bed to prepare for the next day of 22 hours flight from London to Sydney, Australia.

*In Sydney.*

‘Ughhhhhhhh.’ Noelle groaned. ‘Yeah, I got that feeling. I’m tired. I think I got jetlag.’ I said. It was 7am the next day. We got our flight on the 3rd May. But it was 4th May when we arrived in Australia.

Me: I do not know why, but I think it’s freaky that we have been in the sky for almost a day.

Noelle: No. It isn’t. Don’t you think it’s cool that you missed out a day being in the sky? Haha. I find it pretty cool.

Noelle’s new house was super fantastic. It was humongous a 3-storey high, spiral staircase, a backyard, a garage, a swimming pool and a balcony on the second floor.

Me: Can you tell me again how did you become so rich?

Noelle: Hahaha! I have no idea that this would be my house. I meant, well, it’s like a dream come true. Thanks God you came along. It might have been your magical castle.

Me: Hahaha! Stop the crap.

I jumped onto the couch in the living room and turned on the television.

“One Direction has said to be coming down to Sydney Australia in August 16th 2012. The tickets will be on sale on June 12th to June 30th.”

Me: WHAT?!



I jumped on my both feet and looked up to Noelle who was already screaming around.



Me: It’s still cute how we can fangirl over them! I meant they’re in the same geography class as we are. All five of them, yet we can go crazy over them when we heard about one direction, it’s a directioner thing you know! Hahaha! We should go shopping soon to pick out clothes to wear for the concert.

Noelle: In school, they’re just the normal hot and popular boys. Outside school, they’re CELEBRITIES, FAMOUS, RECORDS DEALS and MILLIONS OF GIRLS AROUND THEM.

Few months later….



Me: And…….

Noelle: And?

She sounded blurred.

Me: Did you really have forgotten about it?

Noelle: Huh? What?

Me: Oh, it’s nothing.

My tone changed.

Me: Anyway! I am so excited for tomorrow! Obviously, we’re on the front row baby!


Me: Ahhhhh, yes. I do.

I couldn’t sleep for that night. I was really anxious and excited. I would be seeing Liam singing on stage with his mates, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry. I bet that I would probably be reminded of my high school and my hometown. Flashback sucks a lot.

‘Ughhhhhhh.’ As I stretched out my arms wide and groaned.  ‘Good Morning Noelle! Are you excited?’ Silence took over control of the room. ‘Noelle? Are you there?’ I asked again. In a few seconds, I heard the sound of the door knob being turned.


She entered my room with a big chocolate cake on her hand. She walked up to me with her mum, dad and brother. She held out the cake to me.

Noelle: Come on, blow the candles and make a wish.

I closed my eyes and made a wish.

Noelle: So…. What did you wished for?

Me: How could I tell you? It’s a wish. Haha! Thank you. Really massive thanks from me to everyone. I thought you had forgotten about my birthday. You know, I asked you yesterday but you were so blurred and overwhelmed about the boys’ concert instead.

Noelle: Did you really think that I would have forgotten my best friend’s birthday?! You silly little girl! Anyway you should wipe your tears away. You shouldn’t cry today. I know you wanted to celebrate your birthday this year with your mum and dad but yeah, let’s not talk about it, alright?

Me: Yeah.

She handed me a red big box with roses patterns decorated on it and a ribbon tied as a bow shape.

Me: What’s this?

Noelle: Take a look. Come on, open it.

Me: Alright.

I was astonished. The leopard prints of the denim jacket folded neatly, a pair of blue short denim jeans, a galaxy tiger tank top, a black and blue ‘obey’ cap and a pair of blue Doc. Martens boots was packed neatly. ‘Full set presents huh?’ I said cheekily. My life was complete. I got a ticket to the boy’s concert. I ran away from home. I got my dream tops. I couldn’t ask for anything better and so I gave her a smile.

After having my birthday cake as my breakfast, I was on twitter while waiting for the time to pass by via my phone. I tweeted, “Is anyone up for tonight’s concert in Sydney?! Who’s attending? Tweet me what you guys are wearing!” and less than a minute, my mentions were flooded with directioners tweeting me. It’s a great feeling to be a directioner since the start and to know that you’re going to stay till the end.

We were lining up outside the hall, waiting for the line to get shorter. My heart beat faster as the line gets shorter and shorter. I knew I was anxious, very anxious to be precise. I heard them other girls were giggling and talking about the boys. It gave me a heart ache when I heard someone talking about Liam. I wished he was mine. I never had this feeling before but, ever since high school I had been crushing on him for three years for now. But, it will never be possible.

He’s so famous and so many girls are after him. He will never notice me. We got into our seats and the moment the boys ran out from behind the stage, the crowds went wild. The fans were screaming, some were dancing and jumping around. The boys introduced themselves and they said “Hi. We’re One Direction.” I swore for that moment of time, I was literally dying. Their first song for that night was ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’. Noelle and me was dancing and singing along to it when Louis caught Noelle and me in the front row and he gave us a wave. The crowd went completely silent when Harry solo was up.

I was having the time of my life except when ‘Moments’ was on the next hit list. ‘Moments’ the only song that can make any directioners cry for the first twenty-five seconds of the song. Liam was the one who sang the first verse. He raised his right hands with the microphone and his left hands holding his tummy, that’s when I saw something. My charm bracelet was on his wrist.

 I gave a quick nudged to Noelle and told her to look up. She looked down back onto my wrist and then looked up again. Both of us were speechless. ‘How could it be him? How could I dance with him on that night? How could my charm bracelet possibly be with him? Was it because when he grabbed my hands and I pulled back that it slipped off and he caught it? Oh God, this is insane.’ The voices in my head said.

Just as I was mesmerized by my charm bracelet and how it could possibly be with Liam, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw one tall, broad and muscular security guard standing next to me. He told us to follow him so we did. We were out from the crowd when Noelle asked him where we were heading to.

He: You two out of thousands of girls in the hall are randomly chosen for the meet and greet session with the boys behind the stage.

Noelle: Are you seriously being serious?! Or are you lying?!

He: I am not even lying. It’s true.

I almost fainted. Is this for real? For true? Am I really going to get a meet-and-greet session with the boys behind the stage?! Out of many girls in the hall? Noelle grabbed my hands to support me.

Noelle: Woah. Hang on buddy. Don’t faint now, you’ll miss this opportunity.

My palm was wet. I was certain that I was nervous. I would get to meet Liam again! Not only that, I would be able to take a group picture with One Direction. Should I tell Liam that he has my charm bracelet? Or should I not? Should I stay quiet or should I ask Noelle to talk to Liam? Could Liam accept the fact that he was actually dancing with me? I’m, well, just that unattractive girl.

-Noelle’s P.O.V-

Should I tell Liam that it was Belle that he was dancing with? Or should I let Belle told him herself? Gosh, this is more confusing than mathematics. Or should I let it be a more romantic kind of type? Let the prince charming puts in effort to find Belle? Yeah I guess I should.

-End of P.O.V-

Boys: Hey! It’s you guys from geography class!

Me: Hi guys!

Noelle: Lou! Harry! Zayn! Niall! Liam!

Zayn: I didn’t know you were a fan of us.

Me: Massive fans of you guys!

Harry: Are you British too? You got a British accent too and we rarely hear your voice. You’re just the shy and quiet type of girls.

Me: Haha, yeah. I have family history, I’m half British though. I was from America but I moved to London with my dad and he got remarried and now I moved to Australia with my best friend, Noelle. Yeah….

Liam: Are you alright, Belle?

Me: Yeah I am.

Noelle: *cough* sorry for the interruption but can we get a group picture and a group hug plus autograph?

Me: Wow Noelle! That’s too much to ask from the boys.

Boys: Hahaha.

Niall: It’s alright, we love our fans.

Noelle: I bet Belle’s feeling like she’s in heaven. Oh by the way guys, it’s her birthday today and she celebrated her birthday at your concert. She said your concert is way more important than having to celebrate her birthday at home. Haha. Isn’t she adorable?

Louis: We shall sing you a special edition birthday song then. Ready guys?

Noelle: Hold up! I need to get a video record of this.

I blushed hard. I kept on thinking that this was just a dream but it wasn’t. I really thank God for sending me happiness on my birthday.

Boys: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to Eera Belle… Happy birthday to you-u-u-u-u-u….

Me: Aww, you guys are really the best idol. Massive thanks from me!

Mrs. Melissa: Boys and girls, I would like to take a picture of you guys for the boys’ album though. Is that alright?

Noelle: Sure it is!

*1, 2, 3* Snap!  It was the sound of the camera as she clicked the button.

Noelle: Liam, can I asked you a question?

Liam: Sure you can. What is it?

Noelle: What’s that on your wrist?

Liam: Oh that.

As he lift up his hands.

Liam: On prom night, I was dancing with this amazing girl. She really caught my heart, with her dance move. That one feeling that I will never want to let go off. When she rushed back and said she had to go. I tear a bit on the inside, when I grabbed her to ask her what her name was, she pulled back and ran out. I didn’t get a chance to ask her name. But her charm bracelet slipped off her wrist. I do not know how to find her until now. You can ask the boys, they know how much effort I am putting in just to find my princess. Sigh. I wish she was here somewhere. Yeah, even though I have this strong feeling that she’s here.

Noelle: Well, I know her. Hahaha. I really do know her. In fact, I know her very well. Good luck Mr Liam in search of your mystery young princess.

Liam: You do? Please tell me who she is.

Me: You got to go for a treasure hunt my boy. Haha and I guess we should get going. It’s getting late.

Noelle: Yeah it is.

Noelle grabbed my hands as I turned quickly and said goodbye to the boys.

-Zayn’s P.O.V-

Me: Liam did you saw that?!

Liam: Saw what?

Me: On Belle’s wrist?

Liam: What was it?

Me: She has the same bracelet as you did!

Liam: What? How could that be possible?

Me: How the hell would I know man? She was right there. I do not know if it’s really her but when she turned around and exit the door, I saw the bracelet, same as yours on her wrist!

Liam: Zayn, are you for sure that it’s her?

Me: You could try and check the camera roll to see if that’s her?

Liam: Hold up a minute. Mrs Melissa, could I take a look at the picture earlier on?

Mrs Melissa: Sure you can.

Liam: Boys. Look at this.

Liam continued to click the next picture to make sure of it.

Me: So it is true that it was her you were dancing with on prom night. Why didn’t she tell you?

Liam: How would I know the reason? She was right in front of me. Just right in front of me and I lost the opportunity to tell her how much she meant to me.

Niall: Oh hoho. Someone is head over heel for Belle.

Liam: Guys tell me what I should do? Does anyone of you have Belle’s contact number? Or facebook account?

Me: Oh how could you be so stupid Liam?! She’s a big fan of us. I’m pretty sure she would have tweet us or something?

Liam: Let’s go on Plan A, find her twitter on each of our mentions. If Plan A failed, we go on Plan B, get Lou to find Noelle and her number and then ask Noelle for Belle’s number.

Louis: Woah. Hold up. Why am I involved?

Harry: Oh come on Lou, I saw you and Noelle at prom night, you were drunk and you were dancing with her and having some conversations. I’m pretty sure you get some information about her. Like her phone number, or email, or twitter account?

Niall: We got to help our helpless soul prince here.

-End of Zayn’s P.O.V-

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