Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


5. New Friend.


1 week later.

Belle’s P.O.V

‘Hey, Belle.’ I tapped her, trying to wake her up.

‘Huh?’ Her eyes fluttered, trying to open.

‘Wake up, I’m leaving.’ I whispered softly into her ears.

‘HUH?!’ she sat up immediately.

‘WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!’ she said with an anxious tone.

‘Geez, calm down. I’m going to work you dumbass.’ I laughed as I smacked a pillow at her.

‘Oh.’ She said and got back in bed.

‘Here’s some money for you.’ I handed her some bulk of money.

‘Wow, this much?’ She looked at the money, and back to me.

‘Shut up. Call me if you need accompany, or call the boys maybe.’ I suggested.

‘If I’m not lazy, I’ll come down to Milkshake city to see you alright.’ She smiled before hugging her bolster.

‘You’re always lazy…’ I teased her as I walked out of the room.

‘SLEEPING IS AN EXERCISE EXCUSE ME!’ she screamed back there.

I just laughed along and headed out of the house.

The breeze outside the house was quite cool and calm. The wind blew my hair and the sun was shining perfectly. It felt like a good day. Being in Australia has been the amazing thing I have ever done. I’m an adult now. No more schooling, just working. But sadly to say, I terribly miss dancing, for school, shows, and performances outside. I didn’trealizeI was daydreaming in my world too much until I accidentally bumped into somebody.

‘Omg! I’m so sorry!’ I apologized profusely and as I looked up…


‘Nice to see you again.’ He greeted me with pleasure.

‘Look at where you are walking next time.’ I said sarcastically. Harry and I had been getting much closer than before. We were like friends, but enemies at the same time. But we have good intentions to it.

‘I think you’re blind.’ He teased me back.

‘Oh shut up. Are you going to walk with me to work or what?’ I said, shamelessly.

‘Well, since you put it that way, then let’s go.’ We both walked slowly, me, taking my time to chat along with Harry.

‘How are Liam and Zayn going?’ I asked about the drama that had been tensing in the group.

‘Well, Liam is well, with Niall mostly. And Zayn has been with Lou recently…’ Harry said.

‘Awww, look who’s alone.’ I teased him.

‘Shut up. I’ve got you, remember?’ He winked at me.

‘Ew, I got Belle, remember?’ I said.

He frowned and he looked a little bit too hurt.

‘I was kidding Harry, of course you have me!’I cheered him on a little bit.

His face lit up and he grinned. I don’t know why, but Harry’s smile just makes me happy. It’s not that I’m in love with him, but I mean, he’s like my best friend, someone whom I can share everything to.

A bunch of girls then rushed to Harry to take pictures and his autograph. He gave me an apologetic look and I just nodded.

‘ELLE! TAKE A PICTURE WITH US!’ one of the girls lovingly invited me along.

I looked at Harry and he smiled as I joined next to him.

‘1, 2, 3!’ the camera clicked. We said our goodbyes and Harry and I continued walking.

I was looking around when I saw this flyer posted on a tree. I quickly got a closer look and I was delighted.

‘Omg, dance classes for a dance show!’ I said excitedly.

‘Yeah, how can I forget… you dance.’ Harry rolled his eyes.

‘Shut up!’ I slapped him in the arm.

‘Should I go for a tryout?’ I asked him, biting my bottom lip.

‘Duh, of course you have to! You’re a dancer for goodness sake.’ Harry said.

‘But… oh. It says here, that it’s on the 23rd June. 23rd June, I’ve got something on…’ I lied.

Deep inside, I was just nervous. It’s been so long since I’ve literally go for classes, and I feel like I might sore at dancing.

‘Babe, I know you’re lying.’ Harry reads my face.

‘Ugh, Harry, you always ruin the moment.’ I surrender myself.

‘You have to try out!’ He pestered me.

‘Nah, Idon’t think so. Let’s go.’ I said walking off, leaving Harry alone at the tree.

We walked off and I finally reached Milkshake city.

‘Thanks Harry.’ I smiled to him.

‘You know, sometimes you can be abit weird to me. One minute you’re mean, and the other, you’re nice.’ Harry said in confusion.

‘Are you complimenting me or insulting me?’ I said, laughing.

‘Both, I guess. I’ll see you later?’

‘Yeah, wait, later?’ I asked.

‘I bet we’ll bump into each other again.’He said cheekily.

‘Whatever Harry. Bye!’ I said as I gave him a quick friendly hug.

He waved to me as I entered milkshake city.

Belle’s P.O.V

I was already up, dressed, and Ididn’t know why, but I had the intention to go to Liam’s apartment.

I flagged a cab, and in a few minutes, I was already outside his doorstep.

I knocked on the door, and someone, definitely not Liam, shouted, ‘COME IN!’

I peeked inside, finding both Liam and Niall on the couch.

‘Hi,’ I greeted both of them.

‘Belle?’ Liam looked at me with surprised as he sat up straight on the couch.

‘Can I talk to you Liam?’ I asked politely. Niall took the signal and he stood up.

‘I’ll leave you guys alone.’ Niall said.

‘Thanks Nialler.’ I smiled to him.

As Niall shut the door behind me, I took a seat next to Liam.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

‘What’s up?’ he said.

‘I heard from Noelle, that you and Zayn’s friendship are going downturn.’ I said slowly.

‘Oh.’He replied shortly.

‘Look, I really don’twant that because of me, both of your friendships are ruin. I really don’t like it. I loved you… but you never seemed to care or give attention to me back then, Liam, which is why Zayn is there for me. I was waiting for you. For 3 years.  I said.

He looked surprised and sighed.

‘You didn’t told me either, Ididn’t know you were the girl I was dancing with. I didn’t know it was you. The girl I’ve been trying to find.’He said softly.

‘I like Zayn. You’ve got to see that. But he’s like a best friend to me.’ I said.

‘I see like he doesn’t treat you like one. He’s in love with you and I know it.’ He said.

‘Nothing can stop a love from growing Liam. It’s exactly like how I loved you.’ I said.

‘I’m jealous. I’m jealous seeing him all over you, and you, actually still connecting to him, more than you are, with me. It hurts, actually.’ He replied, still calmly as ever.

‘I’m really sorry Liam. I love you, I always have. But do understand my friendship with Zayn. Please.’ I said.

‘Of course I understand. But maybe pay a little more attention to me?’He said cheekily.

I smiled and replied,’ Yeah, sure.’

He gave me a peck on the cheek and as I got comfy on the couch, Liam went to make some drinks for us.

Noelle’s P.O.V

*TING! My phone beeped.

1 new text message from: Sexy Louis <3

Louis saved his own name and number to my phone, in my defense.

From: Sexy Lou <3

-          Hey babe. I’ll pick you up after work alright? See you later. Xxx


-          You boys can never stop giving me suspense. Fine then, I’ll see you later too alright. Xxx

I dropped back my phone into my bag and continued with serving the customers.

My manager then approached to me, with a girl, fair skin, long black hair right beside him.

‘Noelle?’ He said.

‘Yeah?’ I replied.

‘This is Victoria. And she’ll be working with us. I need you to assist her with all this work. Can you handle this?’ he said.

‘Boss, I’m Noelle! I can handle anything!’I said excitedly.

‘Plus it’s a new friend anyway!’ I smiled.

My manager just laughed at me and left me with Victoria.

‘Hi, I’m Noelle.’ I greeted politely.

She nodded and smiled back.

‘Okay, so, you know all the rules right?’ I asked.

‘Yeap.’ She replied cutely.

I assisted her in the way we work with customers and she got the hang of it. Time passes by fast, and after I knew it, my work shift was over, and so was Victoria.

‘HEY HEY HEY!’ Louis came into the entrance.

‘OMG, ITS LOUIS TOMLINSON!’I heard Victoria screamed into excitement.

‘Well, somebody’s a fan.’ I thought in my head.

‘Calm down Vic.’ I held her hand. She took a deep breath in and calmed down.

I got out behind the cashier register and hugged Louis.

I could see Victoria just looking at us.

‘There’s somebody I want you to meet.’ I pulled Lou to the front register, infront of Victoria.

I swear I could feel Victoria blushed with excitement.

‘She’s a fan.’ I said.

‘Oh, Hi!’ Louis greeted her.

She looked like she was about to faint.

‘Vic, please don’t faint here.’ I said.

She shook her head and stood straight up.

‘Hey, Lou. Can we bring her along?’ I said to Lou, in front of Victoria herself.

‘Yeah, we were going to mine and Harry’s anyway.’ Lou agreed.

‘You’re definitely joining right?’ I turned to Vic.

She nodded, too excitedly as she grabbed her bag and we got into Lou’s car.

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