Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


4. Jealousy.


Sorry it’s been so long. This chapter is a long one though. Enjoy. 

Belle’s P.O.V

Noelle: Did you hear that Belle?!

Me: Yeah I did!

I answered her back eagerly as I fastened up my seatbelt.

Noelle: He has been searching for you! He must have been in love or something.

Me: You’re being ridiculous. How can he fall for a girl like me? I believed that he just wanted to return the charm bracelet to me.

Noelle: Then would you please explain to me why would he call ‘that girl’ his princess?

Me: How would I know? Anyway, let’s grab some junk foods at the shop nearby.

Noelle: I was thinking of stopping there too. Haha! Weird.

Noelle’s mum was asleep by the time we reached home. It was nearly two in the morning. Who would have been awake by then well except for me? I’ll be on my twitter, fangirl over the boys. I woke up early the next morning and went for a swim, leaving that girl snoring loudly on her bed. It was a good start of the day. I had a swim and a deluxe breakfast specially prepared by her mum. I got washed up after the swim, while waiting for Noelle to wake up from her sleeping beauty world.

I was still wrapped up in my towel with another towel wrapping up my hairs to dry it and I gave out a scream. ‘I must be dreaming! The boys did not just followed me on twitter did they?!’ My twitter was protected because I do not want any outsiders to see my twitter and whatever that I posted on the net. I was fidgeting with my phone, scrolling down my timeline before checking my follower request… and to find out that the boys followed me was the best thing ever!

‘@Real_Liam_Payne, @ZaynMalik,@Louis_Tomlinson, @NiallOfficial, @Harry_Styles.’ I took a screenshot of it and then clicked the ‘accept’ button like lightning bolts. Who would have wanted to miss such an opportunity like that? Not me, certainly. I started tweeting ‘OMG! All of the 5 boys followed me on twitter! OMG! Fangirling hard right now! I just can’t breathe!’ and zap, my mentions was flooded. Some of the directioners asked me to direct message to the boys to follow their twitter accounts and for some good reasons I would like to help if I could because I believe in the 1D Family. So I was really giving my hundred percent of attention to my phone that I did not realized Noelle had already taken her bath.

Noelle: What are you smiling at babe?


Noelle: What?! Are you serious?!


Noelle: Alright! Hang on a second!


Me: Are you going to put up all the pictures on the net today and the video too?

Noelle: Yeah, I am right after this.

Me: Do you really think we have to put up the pictures? Because you know, I’m afraid of getting hates by some directioners.

Noelle: What nonsense is that? If they’re a true directioner, they will understand you and it was meet-and-greet session, hello? We’re just two young ladies who love the boys as much as we love our life. Clear your mind and don’t imagine things that will kill you.

Me: Hey Elle! Look at this!

As I hand out my phone to her.

Noelle: Did Zayn just direct message you?

Me: From my phone, i’m guessing, yup.

From Zayn;

Hey. Can I meet you? Tomorrow for lunch at Mac Donald, 2 blocks from the concert theatre last night? Kind of urgent, I need to speak to you about Liam. Here’s my number +2456470381. Do reply me if you’re coming tomorrow, you can bring Noelle along. It’s fine with me.

Neither told Liam about this nor any of the fans. It’s between us.

From Belle;

Yup. Sure I’ll meet you at 1pm, here’s my number +7654890312. Noelle’s not coming. She’s meeting Louis.

Noelle: So what do you think it’s about?

Me: Isn’t it obvious, I’m guessing it’s about my charm bracelet. I hope I get it back.


-Next day –

Belle’s P.O.V

I was on the way to MacDonald’s, meeting up with Zayn. I was kind of nervous that he was going to talk about Liam. I have absolutely no idea what the hell he was going to talk about.

When I entered the Macdonald, hell yeah there were a lot of girls. Means there could only be one thing that is going on. Zayn’s arrived. As I squeezed through the crowd, I finally found Zayn sitting at the table talking to some fans.

Zayn looked up and noticed me.

‘Oh. Belle.’ Once Zayn said my name, all the girls turned to me like Ihad just robbed the restaurant. ‘Girls, I gotta go. See you later?’ Zayn said.

The girls that were sitting next to Zayn stood up and move out of the seat while I joined him on the table. But there were still heaps of girls around us.

‘Erm, Zayn…’ I felt abit awkward.

Zayn stood up, ‘Hi girls, I respect you coming here to see me, but I’ve got something to talk about with my friend, so, please understand?’ He raised his voice so that the girls’ right at the back could hear him.

‘Is that your girlfriend?’ One girl asked.

‘Nope, she’s not. We’re just friends. So kindly give us some space and I will talk to you once we’re done.’ Zayn explained.

The girls nodded, some smiling while leaving and some even gave me death glares. As I watched the girls leave, there were still some staying but sitting at different tables.

‘Okay, so what do you want to talk about?’ I turned to Zayn.  We both were sitting opposite each other, so yeah, if I were to sit beside him I think I’ll get shove with carrots and spoons.

‘Oh yea. That day during the meet and greet, when you left I saw it… on your wrist…’ He talked.

My heart was beating faster than usual.

‘erm, Is it you?’ He asked.

I didn’t know how to find the answer. Should I tell him? Or should I not?

‘Erm, ahhh…‘ I got lost with my words.

‘You gotta give me an answer soon.’ Zayn said.

I raised my right hand, the one that my other charm bracelet was which I was hiding my hand under the table.

‘So it’s you.’ Zayn said.

‘Erm, yeah.’

‘Why didn’t you tell him on that day?’ Zayn asked me.

‘I didn’t know. And I was not sure if it was mine or not. But since it already is, can you help me get it back?’ I pleaded him too.

‘I don’t think Liam will even let me touch it.’ Zayn said.

‘Please Zayn. I really need it back.’ I begged and begged.

‘I’ll try, but no promises.’ He said.

‘Yay! Thankyou thankyou!’I said.

‘Yeah sure.’ He replied calm and cool.

‘You’ve been crushing on Liam for so long, why wouldn’t you let him keep it?’ Zayn asked while he drank his coke.

‘I think you might laugh if I was to say the reason why.’ I blushed.

‘Come on. We’re friends.’ He said.

‘I actually got this and that bracelet because I actually believe that I would find the right guy one day.’ I explained slowly.

‘So the other half is for your prince charming?’ He tried not to laugh.

‘Hey! You promised you wouldn’t laugh!’I groaned.

‘I didn’t promise! But I think it’s cute.But what if Liam’s YOUR prince charming?’ He said.

‘What? Look at him. Look at YOU GUYS. You’re so big, so famous, Idon’t stand a chance.’ I said, lowering down my volume.

‘Stop saying that.’ I looked at him frustrating.

‘Sorry sorry.’

—skipping to 5 days later.-

Zayn and I have been hanging out for almost a week. We were less talking about Liam and we were talking mostly about our own lives.

Noelle’s P.O.V

We were all at Lou and Harry’s again because we were all gathering. We had planned to watch a movie with the whole group together since it has just been small cliques. Note: We always gather at Lou and Harry’s because we think it’s much convenient since I always bring back food to their apartment lately and spending time with both of them while Belle was always hanging out with Zayn when she was in love with Liam. Liam never really found out so I supposed she’s going behind his back. Well, I know they’re not in a relationship but, I thought, both of them liked each other? Niall was mostly going to the pub and sometimes would come over to Lou and Harry’s. Liam usually came through Lou’s and Harry’s door just to talk to me about Belle. Probably because I was belle’s bestfriend and so on. He shared quite a lot of things, so I was just there to listen to him everytime.

‘Let’s go.’ Liam ordered us.

We got into Lou’s car and as we reached the movie theater, the boys have booked us for a movie love story or something. These boys are something I tell you.

When we entered the theatre, there was like no one. At all.

‘Why isn’t there anyone here?’ I asked curiously.

‘Apparently, Harry booked the whole theater.’Niall said.

‘Are you kidding me?!’ I screamed excitedly.

‘Yeah, we don’t want any fans to disturb us during the movie…’ Liam said.

‘Okay shush guys, let’s get to our seat.’ Niall rushed to the seats.

So apparently, the seating arrangement was Niall and then Harry, then me, Lou, Liam, Belle and Zayn.

Niall was munching loudly on some popcorn and it was annoying as ever.

‘Niall! I want some!’ I leaned over Harry and grabbed the popcorn off Niall.

‘Hey! That’s mine!’ He protested.

‘Get your own!’I said.

Harry laughed and Niall just slummed himself back to his seat.

‘You’re vicious…’ Harry whispered to me.

‘Shut up, movie’s started.’ I whispered back.

Liam’s P.O.V

Everyone was all concentrating on the movie right now. Even Niall, whom always got bored with love stories. Belle was definitely too distracted to see that I was watching her when she was so focused on the screen. She looked so beautiful, even under the dark lights. Her tears streaming down her face as she sobbed quietly under her breath. Suddenly, she turned to me. I turned back quickly.

‘I saw that Liam…’ She chuckled and whispered to me.

‘Um, yeah…’ I replied nervously.

‘You’re nervous!’ She whispered softly back to me.

‘Shhh.’I hissed.

She leant to her right, which means towards Zayn. They chatted about something, but Iwasn’t that jealous. But after a few minutes, Iturned towards her and she was still looking at the screen, but leaning on Zayn’s shoulder. I could feel my jealousy blowing up. Zayn knew that I’m in love with Belle. But why? Different questions started running through my mind. I needed someone to let it all to. But who? The boys aren’t great advisers. Usually I share my thoughts with Zayn, but HE was the one involve in this triangle relationship or friendship.

I took out my phone, and texted.

Noelle’s P.O.V

While concentrating on the movie, my phone beeped.

‘SHHH!’ Louis hissed at me.

‘Sorry…’ I apologized.

I opened the phone, and I got a text, from Liam.

From: Daddy Direction.

-          I don’t know how to say this. But, just look at Belle and Zayn. ): Help me.

I look over Liam’s side and he was looking at me, and directing to where Belle and Zayn was. I leant a little forward to get a closer look and I saw Belle leaning on Zayn, Zayn leaning back his head against Belle’s head. Suddenly, I was thundered with shock. Lou appeared right in front of my face making me fall forward and on the ground.


Lou, Niall and Harry laughed at me.

‘Fuck you Louis, fuck you.’ I stood up, rubbing my palm against my hurting bum.

‘Awww, don’t be mad at me, babe.’ He teased me as he tapped my nose. I bit his finger and he screamed in pain.

‘Louis, exchange places with me for a while?’ I asked him.

‘Whoa, you’re leaving me?’ Harry shot me.

‘Excuse me styles, but yes, I’ll be leaving you, I’ll leave you to your sweetcheeks.’ I rolled my eyes as Louis and I exchanged places and I landed beside Liam.

‘Just don’t look at them, it’ll distract you.’ I reminded him.

‘I can’t. I can’t let him have her.’He whispered softly.

‘I’ll talk to her later on, don’t worry. Just enjoy the movie.’ I said.

Liam shrugged and faced the screen. I could tell Liam was getting bored of the movie so he ended up on my shoulder, sleeping peacefully.

Belle’s P.O.V

I turned to my left, and surprisingly, Noelle changed her seat right next to Liam, and what made it worse was Liam was sleeping on her shoulder. Noelle didn’t notice I was watching of course, and Idon’t know why, but I felt jealous. So, I tried getting a little revenge.

‘Ughh, I’m so cold!’ I whispered loudly, making sure both Liam and Noelle hear it. Fortunately, Liam woke up.

‘Come here,’ Zayn said as he wrapped his arms around me.

‘Thanks,’ I smiled at him, and digging my head into his chest.

Liam’s P.O.V

I then turned to Noelle and give her the did-you-see-that look. She nodded and told me to brush it off from my mind. I could actually see her getting more pissed off with Belle, I guess.

Noelle’s P.O.V

As the movie ended, all of us, feeling tired, stepped out of the movie theatre.

‘Do you guys want to have dinner?’ Harry asked.

‘I’m a little hungry…’ Belle whined.

‘No, you guys go and have your dinner okay. Belle, we’re going home.’ I said firmly.

The boys raised their eyebrow, well except for Liam of course.

‘Why are we going home? Can’t we stay for the night with them?’ She asked.

‘We’re going home, and now.’ I pulled her away from the boys as we walked off, flagging a cab going back home.

Belle’s P.O.V

I don’t understand why Noelle’s so mad at me right now. It was just silence all the way through in the cab. Once we reached outside her house. Her house, probably, got no one, since it was so quiet. ‘What’s wrong with you?!’ I asked firmly. ‘No, what’s wrong with YOU?!’ She asked me back. ‘What?’ I asked confused. ‘Don’t play games with me Belle.’ She said with anger.  ‘I have no absolute idea what the hell you are talking about.’ I said.‘Why are you hurting Liam?’ She asked.  ‘Since when did I even hurt him?’ I replied.


 Anger flow inside of me.





‘I can’t believe you just said that… you defend Liam more than you defend me.’ I said softly as I moved away, she grabbed my hand. ‘No, Ididn’t mean it that way,I just want you to make up your mind which one you really want, Belle. I don’t want to see anyone hurting.’ She explained.‘Let go of me.’ I felt annoyed. She let go and sighed as she got to her room. I ran back to my room, crying, repeating those words in my head, as I took out my backpack, throwing in clothes, my valuable stuffs and quickly left the house.

Noelle’s P.O.V

*PAKK!I heard the door slammed. ‘She needs to go through her mind for tonight, just let her sleep, and rest, and we’ll be fine tomorrow morning.’ I reassured myself.

Belle’s P.O.V

I didn’t know where I was running to. I flagged a cab and actually headed to the airport. The next thing I knew, I was going to Perth, all alone. I didn’t even know if Noelle were to notice me gone. Well, whatever. Things are done between us anyway.

-The next morning-

Noelle’s P.O.V

I knocked on Belle’s door but no one answered, so I just pushed the door anyway. She was gone. Her items weren’t here, and her charm braceletwasn’t here either. I called Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis and Niall but none of them was with her.  I went to check her wardrobe and half her clothes weren’t there. I called her and called her but it just beeps per second, which means, she’s out of country.

‘Shit’ I muttered under my breath.

I grabbed my phone and wallet, and flagged a cab. ‘This couldn’t be exactly happening’ I said to myself. Rather than heading to the airport, I told the boys to gather at Lou and Harry’s since I lied saying that we should go out.

*Lou and Harry’s apartment.

I slummed myself into the couch and sighed loudly. Louis put his palm on my shoulders, ‘You okay babe?’ I smiled and reassured him I was fine, which I was not. While waiting for Zayn, I was texting loads of messages to Belle and calling her so many times that Icouldn’t count.

Zayn came through the door, and I let out a sigh of relief. ‘FINALLY!’I groaned.

Harry and Lou exchange glances and Liam raised an eyebrow to me.

‘So, where are we eating?’ Liam asked.

‘Nandos.’ I said quickly.

‘Which one?’ Lou asked.

‘Um, airport’s one?’

‘Why there?’

‘Just because. Much more peaceful down there.’ I bit my lips. I noticed Liam looking at me in a strange way.

We all headed out to Lou’s car and I was fiddling with my phone, shaking my legs, eagerly scared in the inside. Niall tapped me.

‘Why are you so… impatient?’ He asked.

‘um, I’m just hungry…’ I lied.

‘Oh yah Elle! This morning you called all of us about Belle, where’s she anyway?’ Harry asked.

Shit. ‘Oh, she’s going for these classes lately, and Ididn’t see her this morning… So, I went to ask you guys…’ I said.

‘Fair enough.’ Lou said.

Once we reached the airport, we settled down at Nandos, and it wasn’t peaceful like I said it was. A lot of girls were starting to turn up at Nandos, but it was great to me, so, I could be away from them for a just a minute. As more and more girls crowded around us, I tried to slip away from the table;I quietly squeezed out of the crowd and ran through the custom service.

Liam’s P.O.V

Once the crowd in Nandos grew big, I noticed Noelle was missing.

‘Where’s Noelle?’ I asked Louis.

‘Maybe she’s gone to talk with some of the fans…’ He replied.

As I was always a worried guy over the boys, what more if Noelle was lose to the crowd. I squeezed through the crowd, not finding a single Noelle and I ended up outside Nandos, outside the whole crowd. And then I saw someone running. I noticed her outfit, it was her.

I ran, making sure I was watching every pace she went. I noticed her going to the custom service, so I followed her and apparently landed right behind her. And then I heard her say.

‘Hi, can you check for me, by this name, did she ever go out of Sydney?’ She said as she handed a paper.

‘Alright, give us a minute.’ The lady said.

She was eagerly waiting, and I was too curious about. Too curious.

And then the lady continued, ‘this is her short name right? What’s her full name?’

‘mm, Eera Cher Belle.’She blurted out. My heart was about to blow up.

‘Yes, apparently I have her name here.’ The lady continued.

‘Omg, can I know where did she went to and when did she left from here?’  Noelle asked nervously.

‘She’s gone to Perth. And she left last night.’ The lady said.

‘Shit, can you get me a ticket to Perth? When’s the next flight?’ Noelle asked again.

‘The next flight will be in 3 hours.’

‘Yeah, get me one.’

I went up to the counter and said, ‘Get me 4 of the same flight.’

Noelle turned to me, and she looked mortified. ‘L…Li…liam.’

‘Alright. So 5 tickets to Perth. But we need your passports to verify your identification.’ The lady said.

‘I’ll get it later. We’ll book the tickets.’  I said.

‘Alright, we’ll see you later.’ The lady smiled at us.

Noelle’s P.O.V  

‘Oh my god. What am I supposed to say to Liam?! How could I not notice he was behind me?! How can I be so careless?! Oh god, help me!’ My heart was beating fast. I was so afraid as I just lied to the five of them. ‘Someone save me, please’ I said in my heart.

Liam’s P.O.V

Me: Why didn’t you tell me Elle?!

Elle: I’m sorry. I was afraid.

Me: You know how much I love Belle and now I’m worried sick about her! How could she fly to Perth without you knowing?! What happened between the both of you?

Just as I was waiting for her answers, a group of fans came up to me and asked me for a group picture with them.

Me: Meet me back at Nandos. The boys are there, I’ll talk to you soon. Real soon.

Noelle’s P.O.V

I’ve reached Nandos.

Louis: Where did you go to?

Me: Washroom. I bumped into Liam though but he’s with a group of fans now, they asked him for a group photo.

Harry: That flashing toothbrush master who has a very big heart and took care of his fans closely.

The boys laughed and I laughed too. But I was nervous, really nervous and I was playing with my fingers.

Louis: Are you nervous? You’re playing with your fingers and it seems adorable. Haha.

Me: hahaha. Nah, I’m not.

Liam interrupted half way through my conversation with Louis.

Zayn: Hey! You’re back. What took you so long?

Liam: Elle, tell me what happened between you and Belle. Guys, let’s go back and Elle can tell us everything on our way back. I need all of you to get your passport and pack your bag. We’re leaving to Perth to find Belle.


Liam: Elle knows the answer.

Louis: Liam, calm down. Give Elle a chance to explain.

I was in the boys’ car. I explained between the fight about Belle and me but I did not say everything that happened. I did not told the boys that Belle is really in love with Liam. I know it will hurt Belle even more. I just need to find Belle back. I am really worried. I’m worried if she did something to hurt herself. She doesn’t have anyone else to care for her. Her mum is all messed up, leaving Belle in a messed up world. Belle only has me whom she said I’m like her sister if she ever had one.

Belle only has my care and the boys. Where could she be in Perth? It’s not like she has that much money with her right now? And why did she run to Perth? What could be on her mind? I was having so many questions in my mind when I remembered something. Belle has always wanted to visit Perth because of Kings Park. How did she find out about it? Well, basically, she loves to be on the net and she tended to google a lot. After I explained everything to the boys, Liam and Zayn looked calm a little.


Zayn: Where?!

Me: Kings Park! I do not know where that is but do you guys know it?!

Harry: Yeah we do. We once stayed in Perth for a week and I’ve visited that place with Niall before.

Me: Alright we should go there once we reached.

None of the boys slept in the plane, neither me. Niall was busy buying foods from the stewardess. Niall, can he go on a day without eating, never. Harry and Lou was busy talking, Liam, Zayn and me were busy thinking about Belle who’s out there, alone, somewhere.

Harry then put his hands on my knees, ‘Don’t worry so much, we’ll find her, I promise.’ He said and I managed a smile and sighed as I leant my head on his shoulder.

‘Get some rest’ Harry said softly to me.

‘Why are you being so nice?’ I said teasing him.

‘You’re upset, I don’t want to disturb you.’ He made a puppy face which I know I couldn’t resist.

‘What Harry! Don’t be nice to me just because I’m upset, I hate you, remember?’ I joked.

‘You hate me?’ He sounded like he thought I was being serious

‘No you dumbass. I love you.’ I laughed

‘I know, everyone loves me.’ He proudly said.

‘Please don’t flatter yourself.’ I said as I sighed again

‘She’ll be fine, we’ll look for her. ‘He reminded me again

‘Yeah, of course we will.’ I said sarcastically

After 2 hours of the flight, we finally reached Perth.

We flagged a cab and headed to Kings Park which I predicted she would be there, somehow.

‘This park is damn big, we’ll have to go on our own ways.’ Louis said.

‘I’ll go with Noelle!’ Both Liam and Zayn said at the same time.

They exchange weird glances and waited for me to say something, but I didn’t.

‘I might be with Noelle!’ Harry and Lou said the same thing too .

‘This is confusing!’ Niall said in confusion.

‘Liam and Zayn, you guys go together, I don’t care how hard is it going to work out for you guys, but do this for Belle. And as for Harry and Lou, you guys go together. I’ll go with Niall.’ I sort out.

‘Yay!’ Niall cheered. The rest of the boys shrugged.

‘Alright, we’ll meet here in an hour.’ I assured

‘Let’s go Niall,’ I pulled Niall away from the boys.

Harry’s P.O.V

‘Geez, why were all of us brought to Perth? Why couldn’t it just be Liam or Zayn?’ I said and shrugged

‘Shut up. That’s mean, she’s Noelle’s friend and you have to help Noelle too.’ I smacked the back of his head.

‘Ouch. Fine, but this is their problem anyway, I don’t want to get involved…’ I said.

‘Well, you have a point right there, but we’re a band, we have to be there for each other, Harry.’ Louis explained.

‘Yeah, you’re right.’ I sighed. ‘Guess we can’t leave with all this drama.’

Liam’s P.O.V

Where could she be, I said in my heart. Walking with Zayn wasn’t a great idea, but well, we have to do it for Belle, like Noelle said. Both of us weren’t talking that much, actually none of us were. I was better off alone to find Belle, if I could.

Niall’s P.O.V

Noelle and I were walking around the park, passing little kids who were playing and people  jogging by the park. Noelle was focused in trying to find Noelle, and she walked too quickly, leaving me behind.

‘NOELLE! WAIT UP!’ I caught up with her at the front.

‘Geez, could you walk slowly.’ I said to her.

‘Niall, you don’t understand. It’s my fault.’ Her voice shattered as she walked faster and faster.

I ran again towards her, pulling her back to me.

‘Hey hey. Listen here, we’ll get her back. I promise.’ I said to her.

‘That’s what Harry says. But she’s not here, and it’s my entire fault.’ She tears up

‘Hey, don’t cry.’ I wiped her tears and hugged her.

She sniffed, ‘Thanks.’ She whispered to me.

‘And Niall?’ She said.

‘Yeah?’ I replied.

‘I’m sorry when we girls came here; the boys were more to us than they were to you. Lou and Harry have been with me and Liam and Zayn has been with Belle. And you, I don’t know, I’m really sorry for taking the boys away from you. I really am.’ She said.

‘Babe, don’t worry about it. I’m still with you guys though and that’s what keeps me happy.’ I smiled to her as we pulled away from the hug.

‘I’ll be your close friend from now onwards, I promise.’ She managed a smile.

‘We already are, now let’s go find your best friend.’ I cheered her on.

Louis P.O.V

‘Hey boobear, there’s a beach down there, can we go there?’ Harry pleaded. Both of us were tired of walking and it has been half an hour walking in the park and I knew Harry wasn’t pleased with this idea of bringing us along to Perth. Harry wanted to go to the beach, right beside the park. It was near, so we could still watch out for Belle, IF she was here anyway.

‘Yeah, let’s go.’ I said.

We were walking and passing through the trees and we noticed Liam and Zayn searching for Belle, but none of them facing each other, they were just facing opposite sides anyway.

‘Even THEY are fighting.’ Harry complained.

‘Shut up, this is just a rough phase for them.’ I said.

‘AND FOR US TOO!’ Harry sighed.

I looked around and I saw someone familiar.

‘Hey Harry, look at there. Doesn’t she seem familiar?’ I pointed to a girl familiar sitting on a bench at the beach.

‘Might be Belle.’ Harry said.

We walked faster, and then when we finally approached, and as I tapped the girl’s shoulder, she jumped up startled.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, wrong person.’ I apologized and felt embarrassed. Harry face palmed himself and groaned.

‘How long is this gonna get!’ He whined

Both of sighed as we sat on the sand, playing with it. And then suddenly I heard a voice

‘Harry? Louis?’ Both of us looked up, and Belle was standing right above us.

Both of us stood up.

‘What are you guys doing here?’ She asked surprised.

‘No, we’re just here for a holiday.’ Harry said with sarcasm and smirked as I slapped him on his arms.

‘Ignore him. We’re here to look for you.’ I said.

‘All of you?’ She asked.

‘Yes, all of us.’ I said.

‘Even Noelle?’

‘YES BELLE!’ Harry screamed.

‘Geez, what’s with him?’ She said.

‘He’s tired. Come on Belle, let’s go. Everyone’s been searching for you since 45 minutes ago.’ I said.

‘No.’ she firmly said.


‘I said no. I’m not going back. I don’t want to face all these dramas again.’

‘We don’t want to face it either so we’re even. And if you’re back, it’ll be easier for us’ Harry protested.

‘I’m not coming back.’ She repeated again.

‘BELLE!’ I turned around and saw the rest of the boys and Noelle running towards us.

Shit just got real.

Liam’s P.O.V

We finally found Belle. Phew.

‘Belle, I’m really sorry. Please come back.’ Noelle pleaded Belle as she cried.

‘You were right. I am heartless, I didn’t know how to take care of Liam’s and Zayn’s feelings.’ Belle said. All of us were confused.

‘No, I didn’t mean that. I’m really sorry. Please.’ Noelle begged her as Lou tried to support her from the back.

‘Come on Belle, we’re all so tired. Can we just give it a rest and go home.’ Harry sighed.

‘You guys go ahead then!’ Belle screamed.

‘We’re not leaving without you,’ Zayn said but Belle walked away from all of us. I ran after her and pulled her back.

‘What?!’ She screamed to me.

She looked up, ‘I’m sorry, it slipped out.’ She apologized.

‘Forget about that. Can you come back?’

‘Liam, I’ve hurt you so much. Why do you want me to come back?’

‘Because despite whatever you’ve done, I will always love you and you will always be the girl of my dreams. And don’t you dare try to leave me or anyone else here.’

‘But Liam…;

‘No buts, I’m sure you’re tired with all this. All of us are too. Let’s don’t make it hard for anyone. Let’s go.’ I pull her towards the group.

Noelle automatically ran towards Belle and then hugged her tightly.

They both teared up and finally were like before.

‘I’m sorry.’ Noelle apologized.

‘I’m sorry too.’ Belle replied.


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