Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


7. Falling Apart.


Belle’s P.O.V

I was at the street, just walking around, I decided to do some shopping around Sydney. Noelle didn’t get to tag along because she was working and Ididn’t want to disturb the boys either. So, I decided to go alone, despite all the drama we had.

I went around different kind of shops, pampering myself, making sure I had everything, well, not technically everything because, well, Noelle’s giving me my allowance too. Weird.

So, Ipractically walked in and out of shops, being amazed by all the beautiful and stylish clothes they have in Sydney.

While I was walking on the street, some group of girls approached me. Must be the boys fans, I supposed. I wasn’t getting along with the fans, well, because I’m shy, obviously. Whenever Noelle and I go out, it’s always her talking to the fans. The girls approached me with actual death glares on their faces.

This young girl, with blonde hair said, ‘Where’s Noelle?’

‘She got work.’ I replied simply.

‘Awesome, so that leaves with you’ She smirked.

I kept quiet.

‘Do you even think you can be close to Zayn and Liam?’ they asked.





They left just like that, and I’m here alone standing, replaying whatever they said in my head. I felt like crying. It hurts, getting verbally abused.

I didn’t have to tell Noelle this;I could just keep my mouth shut.

I took out my phone, and called Louis. To pick me up.

‘Hey belle.’He sounded cheerful on the other hand of the phone.

‘Erm… Lou, can you pick me up? Street seventy.’ I stuttered the words.

‘You okay?’ He asked me.

‘Erm, yeah.’ I replied.

‘I’ll come and pick you, stay right there.’He said.

I hang up the phone and caught a bench near the road, so I settled down there, and kept replaying those scenes in my head all over again. I sobbed so hard, feeling so hurt in the inside.

After a few minutes, I saw Lou’s car driving, stopping at right in front of me.

I took all my shopping bags, and put the bags at the back seat while I sat in the front seat.

Louis’s P.O.V

Me: Are you alright Belle? Why are you quiet?

I could see her trying to fight something inside her, she’s trying to get away her feelings, pushing it away, faking a smile, but it hurts me to see a close friend of mine being in this way.

Belle: Yeah, I’m fine. Why?

Me: You don’t look like. Well, from the look of your face and you had never called me before asking me to pick you up.

Belle: Nah, I just got caught with what fans said over me just then. But I’m fine. I am, trust me.

Me: No. You’re hiding something. Tell me what it is.

Belle’s P.O.V

‘Yeah right, I lied over and over again on being fine when I’m not. But I care too much about other people’s feeling than mine. I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me unless it’s me. Since it was me getting the blame, why not I fight it alone? Right? At least it won’t bother anyone.’

End of P.O.V

Me: Belle? Belle? Belle?!

Belle: Huh? What? I’m sorry. What did you say?

Me: You’re hiding something from me. What is it? You can trust me.

Belle started crying, I felt so bad for her while driving because I couldn’t give her a comfort hug. Honestly, I felt like a bad friend, I could only listen and gave her advices since I was driving.

Belle: I do not want because of me, Liam and Zayn’s friendship got ruined. This is so complicated than ever, the fans hated me because of my close relationship with Liam and Zayn. What should I do? I do not want to hurt them neither anyone else. Since it’s me, I need to make up my mind. Or probably run away, just like that. Leave them, you, Harry, Niall and Noelle. My mum doesn’t care about me and I care too much about others. Yeah, I guess I should run away.


She laughed in between her tears. She’s really the strongest girl I’ve ever met. She’s like the opposite of Noelle. But both of them are really strong.

Belle:  Can this conversation stay between us? I do not want anyone else to know, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I thought of staying home for a few days and spend lesser time outside and with the boys. What do you think?

Me: Hmm.. Boobear suggest that it’s a good idea and a bad idea.

Belle: Can you please make up your mind?!

Me: Well, hmm.. Good idea is you are staying away from them. Bad idea is, you’re going to end up hurting yourself more.

Belle: What should I do?

Me: Stay with me. I’ll protect you.

Belle: Remember alright, not to tell Noelle or the other boys. I just want to keep it to myself.

I brought her to my apartment. Harry was there on the couch with his boxer, as always.

Belle: Hi Harry.

Harry: Oh hi Belle.

Me: You could stay here for a while. I’ll send you home later.

Belle: Sure.

Belle’s P.O.V

Just as I was watching movie with Harry, someone barged into the house. Noelle. That was what as I expected. She was close with Louis and Harry, very close indeed. I’ve been with Liam and Zayn but more with Zayn. Liam doesn’t give me the attention that I want. What’s more, he has been spending more time with Noelle instead of me. It hurts. But I guess, I got to keep it to myself, I have the fans hating on me because of Zayn and Liam’s friendship.

Noelle: Hi babe, what are you doing here?

Me: Well, I was out shopping and I decided to ask Lou to pick me up since you’re working and since you’re here, could I ride home with you?

Noelle: Seriously babe? Do you have to ask me for permission?

Me: HAHA. I was just joking.

It’s been a few days since I spent time with Louis. I’ve been to his apartment lately. Harry has been with Noelle, Niall with Vic, Liam and Zayn are on their own lately. Louis would pick me up when I went out to shop or he’ll be shopping with me. He’ll send me home or brought me to his apartment. It’s been crazy. Fans have been seeing me and him now. There have been a lot of people posting on twitter about me and Zayn, me and Liam and now me and Louis. It just hurt.

I was at Louis’s apartment in his room having a heart to heart talk. I was there since morning.

Noelle’s P.O.V

Harry and I went shopping at town when Harry asked me what’s going on with Louis and Belle. I was shocked. I’ve been having a feeling that Louis and Belle is hiding something from me. Louis has always been with me, been there for me but lately he has been with Belle more than me. He has been picking up Belle and sending her home. Belle doesn’t call me to pick her up anywhere. What is going on?

Harry: Before I left the house, Belle was at my apartment.

Me: What is she doing there?

Harry: I don’t know but she’s getting pretty close with Louis. Don’t you know it?

Me: Probably for some issues.

Harry: Wow.

Me: Hey, Belle is my friend. My best friend, she’s like my sister. Don’t hate her or I’ll kill you alright?

Harry: Wow there Elle, I didn’t say I hate her. You’re adorable when you get mad.

He chuckled.

I went to Harry’s apartment to watch a movie with him. The Avengers. I have no idea what that movie is all about but for sure I’m staying. Harry got popcorns with him.

Harry: Hey, I need the washroom. I’ll be right back.

Me: Sure.

The movie was on pause. I got bored while waiting for Harry to come out from the washroom.

‘Shoot! I need the washroom badly right now!’ I said while holding my tummy. Ugh, Harry is still in the washroom. I shall go to the washroom at Harry’s bedroom upstairs then. I was walking up the stairs when I heard someone whispering. I took a slow and quiet pace up the stairs and I heard Belle’s voice. She was sobbing. Just then, I heard Louis’s voice. I turned my head to the right, Louis’s bedroom was not close. There were gaps in between the door and the wall.

I decided to put my ear and listened to their conversation. ‘Why would Belle be sobbing to Louis instead of me? Did she lose her trust in me?’

Belle: I don’t know what to do! The fans hating on me! It was on twitter, trending worldwide. ‘Belle is a slut’ I can never be like Noelle. She got so many fans loving her instead of me! I don’t know what I did to the boys. Maybe because I was close to Liam and Zayn and now you. I don’t know who to look up too. I walked down the streets and the fans were throwing harsh words at me. I went on twitter, such rude things were trending. It’s been almost 2 weeks now that I have been facing the same thing. I kept quiet but it hurts.

Louis: I’ll figure something out. I’ll tell the fans about you. I’ll make it alright.

Belle: It wouldn’t be alright. I will still get hate.

I barged through the door, not thinking of anything. I screamed at Belle.


Belle ran out of the room, slamming the door behind me and Harry ran into Louis’s room.

Louis: BELLE!

Harry: What happened back there?

‘SHOOT! WHAT DID I JUST DO?! HARRY RUN AFTER BELLE PLEASE. DON’T LOSE HER.’ I screamed. I went on the floor in tears.

Belle’s P.O.V

‘Why have everyone been putting the blame on me?! Am I just that bad?!’ I don’t know where I was running to. I heard Harry’s voice behind me, I turned and I saw him running after. I flagged a cab and I told the cab to just drive to anywhere. I turned around and I saw Harry flagging another cab too. ‘Shoot! He’s following me!’

‘GO FASTER!’ I yelled at the taxi driver.

My phone kept on buzzing. Louis and Noelle had been calling me but I simply ignore their phone calls. My taxi gave a sudden jerk and stopped at a bus stop. ‘DAMN!’ I gave a few bucks to the taxi and said thank you then I ran out of the cab. Harry was catching up with my pace as he got out of the cab. Someone grabbed my hand. I spun around. It was Harry.

Harry: Belle! Stop running! Listen to me.

Me: Let me go Harry! Just let me go!

Harry: Belle please!

I calmed myself down before I answered Harry.

Me: What is it?

Harry: I don’t know what’s between you and Harry but I know Noelle was just mad that you have been keeping things from her. I’m pretty sure whatever happened back there was just a misunderstanding.

Me: I don’t know Harry. I’m just mad at everyone for now. The fans hated me. Noelle’s mad at me. Liam and Zayn quarreling. Niall and Vic. You and Noelle. Where do I go to? Nobody.

Harry: To be honest, I don’t really hate you. I like you actually. You’re pretty quiet and keep things to yourself but when you care and love, you really do. I can see it.

Me: Thank you.

Harry: You can talk to me for now. I am here right now.

He hugged me and I cried on his shoulder. He was like a big brother, I was like her little sister.

I laughed.

Harry: Why are you laughing?

‘Nah’ as I wiped my tears away.

Me: You’re like a big brother to me.

Harry: Then let me be. Let’s go back to my apartment. I’m pretty sure Louis is worried about you.

I did not look at Noelle at all. I just can’t. I don’t even want to talk to her. I walked quietly to the couch with Harry’s hand on my left shoulder.

Harry: Here you go Lou, she’s back.

Louis walked up to me and told me to sit beside him. Harry went to talk to Noelle.

Lou: Where did you run to?

Me: I do not know.

Lou: Can you please not do that again? Please?

Me: I’m sorry. I won’t.

One week past and I have not been talking to Noelle. I miss her, I really do. I miss seeing her in front of the mall, picking me up in her green car. I miss having her right by my side, supporting me. It’s no point having to stay at her house when we’re not speaking. What should I do?

Louis has been with me. Liam seems to be closer with Noelle which kind of make me

a little jealous. Ugh, what’s wrong with everyone? Why must it be me going through it? I have been with Zayn and Louis at least there were two guys that still care about me. Liam? What can he do? All he did was to make me jealous, giving me a little attention. Sometimes, for just sometimes, I think Zayn has been the one fighting for me. I love Liam, I still do. I know I wouldn’t want to let him go. I just want to call him, mine. I was at Harry’s house, with Louis, Niall, Zayn and surprisingly Noelle.

Me: Where’s Liam and Harry?

Lou: They went out for awhile. They’ll be back in a minute. Where’s Vic, Niall?

Niall: She said she’ll be here in a minute. She went to grab some foods though for us.

-Liam’s P.O.V-

Me: So what’s the plan Harry?

Harry: We asked Elle’s mum and asked her where did she kept her memories stuff of her and Belle. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in her room.

Me: So I’ll talk to her mum, but do you think this would work? They’re at Harry’s house. I just want Belle to be happy again. I want both of them to be friend again. So here we are at the front step of Elle’s house!

Harry: So after we got something, we got to throw a party which can bond the both of them again. Sounds good?

Me: Yup, it does.

*knock knock*

Me: Good Morning Mrs Elizabeth. I’m Liam this is my friend, Harry. We’re here to ask about Noelle and Belle if you don’t mind.

Elizabeth: Come in, you’re the girls friend right? What is it that you want to ask me about? Oh, and have a sit boys.

Me: Do you know that they’re having a slight misunderstanding between them and they have not been talking? My friend and I are trying to find something maybe like a memory tape, or video recordings or pictures of them that can reunite them together? Any chances for us in finding it?

Elizabeth: If I’m not wrong, Elle’s have a video tape in a brown box. That box have a tape on it written as “memories of Elle and Belle.” It should be in her room. Belle’s have an album where she kept her pictures with Elle. But I’m not sure where she kept it.

Harry: Umm, do you mind if we go to their room and search for it?

Elizabeth: Sure, why not? The girls trusted you and I trust you too.

Me: Great thanks! We will call you if we need anything else, really thank you Mrs. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: The first door on the right is Elle’s room and the second door is Belle’s room.

Harry: Sure, thank you.

Me: You go to Elle’s room and I’ll be in Belle’s room. Try and find the box Elle’s mum told us just now. Alright?

Harry: Got it.

I was ransacking the whole room, well actually ransacking Belle’s room in a neat way with everything in place. It was so hard to find which album it is. There were more than ten albums on her shelf.

I was looking at each of the album when I saw something from the corner of my eye. There was a red album on the table on her right side of her bed and I thought it was that. Somehow my heart felt like that was the album Elle’s mum was talking about. I sat on her bed and looked through, ‘yup’ I thought to myself. I put it in my sling bag and went over to Harry who was so serious and busy searching for the brown box.

Me: Found nothing, Harry?

Harry: Nothing. There’s not even a box here.

He said while flipping over the bed sheets and looking under the bed.

Me: Oh my Harry, this is the box. It was here, under her study table which have a small curtain covering it. I saw a gap and saw a brown stuffs and I decided to check it out. Haha. Well, I’m guessing the curtain is for her to cover her personal stuffs. How cute. Alright, I’ll put this thing in front. Give me a minute Harry.

I carried the box, place it nicely in front of Harry and I was really amazed. She sorted out from the date to the month and year. There were so many memories of her and Belle. We decided to take three video tapes with us the first video tape was ‘Playground with Belle, 5 years old’, ‘Elementary school’ and ‘Senior Year’.

Harry: Oh wow. So um, basically she really has so many memories with Belle. She even had a t-shirt with their faces on it? That’s really sweet of them. So what did you find in Belle’s room?

Me: Ah, basically I just found this and didn’t search for more. I thought this would be enough. Should we take the scrapbook back too? Let’s throw a party tonight and in the middle of the party we play this and let the two of them sit and watch this.

Harry: Yup, sounds good. This should be enough. Let’s go before they found out we’ve been out for too long. Send a text to the boys about the party. 

So I sent out a text to the boys about the party and they prepared themselves.

-Belle’s POV-

Someone knocked on the door when everyone looked at me.

Me: Ahhh, guys, why are you staring at me?

Niall: You’re the nearest to the door.

Zayn: Haha, don’t you guys know how lazy she is?

Me: Yup, that’s right Zayn.

Lou: Come on babe, you’re the nearest. Pretty please?

Me: Don’t show me that sweet puppy face of yours. I’ll get the door alright.

It was Liam and Harry and Harry went past me like I’m totally invisible and he screamed ‘Party tonight!’

Wait, party? Oh my god, I’ve always been awkward at a party especially with the boys. Hah, what am I going to wear? It was almost seven and the party starts at nine so I got two hours to get ready. Why not I try to find some clothes at the stores nearby? I put on my hoodie and denim shorts and headed out the door.

‘Shoot! I forgot to bring my phone and I forgot to inform the boys I went out. Ahh, that’ll be fine, I’ll just find my stuffs and I’ll head back home.’

-Liam’s POV-

‘Hey have you seen Belle?’ Liam was looking all around the room. ‘She was with me but I left to help Harry decorate for the party and she was sitting at the couch. Where could she possibly go?’ Louis answered confused. Zayn couldn’t stop calling Belle and I couldn’t stop worrying about Belle. Where could she go? It’s nearly the party.

‘Hey! I’m back!’ I shouted as I barged into the door. ‘BELLE! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!’ The five lads shouted back at me. ‘I went to buy some chips and a pair of shorts and some clothes for me and I left my phone at my room. Sorry that I didn’t informed you guys about it.’ I said while I put my bags onto the table. ‘Belle, do you know how worried sick I was?’ he said. ‘and why would you be? Hah.’ I said back, sounded a little jealousy as I still remembered how close he was with Noelle.

It was a massive party! Zayn and Niall was drunk, the television almost exploded! It was so loud and bags of chips were on the floor. Some were even without their tops when Harry suddenly interrupted. ‘okay guys, we got somethings to show you and Belle and Noelle, you guys have to join in.’ Noelle gave a death stare at me and I looked away so I sat beside Louis and Noelle sat beside Liam. We were far from each other. The first sentence that was played from the tape was ‘I love Belle, she’s my best friend more of like a sister. We’ve been together since young. How hard her life was, how intense, I always saved her.’ and I tear up.

The boys had collected our old video tapes and pictures and put it together to get back my friendship with Noelle. I was crying my eyes out and Louis put his big arms around me to comfort me. My phone vibrated and I took it out. To my surprised, I got a text from Noelle and I took a glance to see her from the corner of my eyes and she was crying her eyes out too. The boys were looking at both of us.

‘I’m sorry Belle, I shouldn’t have be angry at you. I should have tried to understand you instead not fighting with you. I can’t and I never wanted to lose you. I love you like my own sister. Please forgive me? xxx’

I got up, a little shaky but I ran to Noelle and I hugged her tightly and I whispered ‘I forgave you.’ I wiped my tears away and turned to the boys then I started to hug all of them and I said ‘I’m sorry for troubling all of you and you guys did this just for us. I’m so sorry for causing chaos in our friendship. I’m really really sorry and I love all of you, thank you.’ ‘I want to see you being happy, alright? It hurts to see you sad.’ Liam said. ‘I’m sorry’ was all I could say.

It was such a tired night and the boys fell asleep on the couch except for Niall. I didn’t saw him since then, probably he’s with Vic. I was still awake and I decided to clean the mess and I jumped when someone put her hands on me. ‘Sorry that I startled to you. Do you need any help?’ it was Noelle. I cleaned the living room together with Noelle as she couldn’t fall asleep either and I was actually getting pretty well with her but kinda awkward.

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