Back For You.

So, it's about a girl who fall in love with a guy at first sight. She dropped her bangle and apparently, a guy, Liam got it. She lost the bangle when she was dancing on her prom night. Liam was in a band, she went to their concert as she's a directioner. Turn out that everything change when she couldn't get her bangle back.


6. Beginning Of A Worst Drama.


*at Lou and Harry’s apartment

‘Can somebody just kill me?’ I heard Victoria murmured under her breath as we entered the apartment, seeing Harry, Liam, Belle and Niall in the apartment.

‘Where’s Zayn?’ I asked, looking around.

‘He’s in his apartment,’ Harry replied.

‘You guys go and get to know Victoria. I’ll get Zayn.’ I said, turning back to the door and walking down to the corridor as I stood in front of his door.

‘ZAYN!’I yelled from outside.

I turned the door knob and surprisingly it wasn’t locked.

I heard songs blasting from upstairs, and I’m sure Zayn’s in his room.

I got up the stairs and as I peeked in his room, I could see him, on his bed, admiring the ceiling above, drifting to the beat of the song.

He still hasn’t noticed me yet.

I got to his desk, where his music was blasting from. I turned it off and stood at the side of his desk.

‘Fuck, why didn’tyou knock?’ he said startled.

‘One day, you’ll probably get mobbed Zayn.’ I said with sarcasm.

‘And what are you doing here mopping around, get up, and let’s go. We’re going to Lou and Harry’s’ I jumped onto his bed.

‘UHHH WHYYYYY’ He groaned and pulled me down onto the bed.

‘Because there’s somebody new I want you to meet.’ I said facing his back, and peeping over his face.

‘Who?’ He asked.

‘You’ll get to know once you get up and change. LET’S GO LET’S GO!’I got off the bed and pulled Zayn out of it too and he fell onto the ground.

‘Geez Elle. Calm down.’ He said.

‘I’ll wait for you downstairs. Don’t wanna see you get changed here.’ I said laughing as I got down the stairs.

After what seemed like ages, Zayn finally got down.


He looked down at his clothes and then back to me, in confusion.

‘NOT THAT YOU SILLY! You take too much time!’ I commented.

He just laughed and we both got out of his apartment and walked right into Larry Stylinson’s apartment.

‘YO, WE’RE BACK!’I shouted through the door.

‘What took you guys so long?’ Belle asked curiously.

‘Ask this Bradford Bad Boi here why he was taking such a long time to dress up.’ I pointed to Zayn.

I noticed Zayn looking at Belle and Liam sitting closer than ever, I know that eyes.

I tapped Zayn on the shoulder and smiled at him before he returned back a half smile to me.

‘So, Zayn, this is Victoria.’ I introduced Victoria to Zayn which apparently Vic was sitting next to Niall.

Liam and Zayn didn’t make any eye contact and Zayn joined me at the kitchen table.

‘You okay?’I asked him.

‘Yeah..,’ he dragged.

‘Come on, don’t mop again. ‘I smiled to him. He just nodded and I got my butt of the chair and sat on the floor with Lou and Harry, but I was lying down on Harry’s laps.

‘I’m hungry…’ Niall whine.

‘You always are…’ Zayn said from the kitchen table.

‘Zayn, come over here.’ Belle told him to. Zayn got up and squeezed in between Niall and Belle. Great, Liam on the right side of Belle, and Zayn on the left side of Belle.

I noticed Victoria and Niall becoming chattier together. They actually seemed pretty cute together.

‘Don’t they look cute…?’I whispered to Harry as I pointed to Vic and Nialler.

He smiled to me and played with my hair.

We were all in the living room, watching The Vow and Belle was already starting to sniff. The lights were off and Louis put down the curtains so it made the scene much more relaxed and it seems like we were in a movie theater.

Lou then lay down on my stomach and after a few minutes, he actually dozed off.

‘That was fast,’ Harry said.

I wanted to concentrate on the movie so I moved Lou’s head to Harry’s lap while I sat next to Harry, my head leaning onto his shoulder.

‘I stayed not because of what his mistake was, I stayed because of the right things he had done for me.’That line in the movie broke my heart. I tear up, sniffing quite loudly, and sinking my head into Harry’s shoulder.

Harry put one of his arms above my shoulders and I sunk into his chest.

‘Shhh shhh’ Harry comforted me.

‘Oh shut up styles.’ I laughed in between my tears.

Harry just rubbed his palm against my arm and it felt comforting to have a guy friend who cares for me as much as I care for him.

I looked up to the couch and Victoria was already tearing up badly, sinking her head into Niall’s chest. Belle was hugging her legs and crying much louder than me and Victoria, but Liam and Zayn both comforted her. It looked quite complicated actually.

‘Girls.’ Harry blabbered.

‘Shut up.’ I slapped his arm.

My eyes actually got all tired from crying so eventually I’ve fallen asleep on Harry’s shoulder too.

   Belle’s P.O.V

  The movie was totally depressing me, but what made it more uncomfortable were both Liam and Zayn that was trying to put their arms over me. One minute it’s Liam, and then it’s Zayn. It’s like they’re fighting for the arms that will be hung over my shoulder. I got quite irritated with it and Icouldn’t handle with this any longer.

‘CAN YOU GUYS JUST STOP IT?!’ I shouted abit too loud and even Lou and Noelle woke up. Harry stopped the movie and turned on the lights while everyone’s attentions were at us.

‘What’s going on?’ Noelle said, rubbing her eyes while asking Harry as he raised both his shoulders with confusion.

Victoria and Niall turned to us and I got a little bit mad.

‘JUST STOP, PLEASE.’ I said, starting to tear up. I got up and headed to the bathroom in the hallways of Lou and Harry’s apartment.

Noelle’s P.O.V

‘What have you guys done now?’ Lou asked to Liam and Zayn.

‘IT WAS HIM!’ both of them said in defense.

‘IT WAS YOU!’ Both of them blamed each other again.

I got frustrated.

‘JUST SHUT UP OKAY!’ I screamed making the house fall into silence. I turned to Victoria and gave her an apologetic look; she just nodded and gave me a half smile.

‘I’ll check on her.’ Both Liam and Zayn said the same thing again, both standing up.

‘No, glue your butts down to the couch. I’ll check on her.’ I said firmly. They sat back down and I went to the bathroom.

‘Hey Belle.’ I opened the bathroom door.

She turned to me and her eyes were full of tears. She was sitting on the toilet floor and crying next to the toilet bowl.

I kept quiet, just being here for her comfort.

And then she spoke up. ‘I don’t really know who to choose. I can’t have both of them, and I can’t have one of them either, it’ll hurt the other one.’ She said sobbing.

‘Follow your heart’ was all I could say.

‘I love Liam.’She said.

‘And that’s then, there’s no other choice to go with. Just tell Zayn that you’re in love with Liam and you can still be close to Zayn. I’m sure Liam understands as long Zayn doesn’t go above his limit.’ I said.

IF Zayn agrees though.’ She murmured.

‘I’m sure he will.’ I smiled to her as I wiped off the tears away from her cheeks.

‘You’re the best;Idon’t know what I would do without you.’ She hugged me.

‘And now, we got a new friend. And we need to make her welcome as well.’ I reminded her.

‘Right, because you get along, and Idon’t.’ She said with sarcasm.

‘Let’s go.’ I pulled her up. She smiled and both of us happily walked out of the bathroom.

Niall’s P.O.V

We heard footsteps coming out from the hallway. That must be them.

I turned around and both of them looked happy, even Belle.

‘Sorry guys, about that.’ Belle apologized.

Instead of returning to her old seat, she sat down next to Louis.

‘Do you guys want any food?’ Noelle said checking their empty fridge.

‘ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed.

‘Alright, Victoria, mind following me?’ Noelle invited Vic.

Victoria nodded and smiled as she got up from the couch.

‘You coming Belle?’ Victoria asked Belle.

‘Nah, I’m lazy.’She replied easily.

‘Don’t worry Vic. Belle’s FOREVER a lazy bum.’ Noelle teased her.

Both Noelle and Vic went out the door and it was just left us, the boys and Belle. Things used to be so lively when it was just us messing around with each other. Now that things had gone into a serious matter, with Zayn and Liam arguing each time about Belle, my head are just starting to sore about all this dramas.

Victoria’s P.O.V

‘Sorry about that just now.’ Noelle apologized to me.

‘It’s fine, I totally understand. So, let me guess, Liam and Zayn’s into Belle…?’ I asked.

‘Mhhhm,’ she answered.

‘And Harry’s into you?’

‘WHAT? NO!’ she chuckled.

‘Lou’s into you?’ I asked again.

‘Don’t be silly Vic!’ she laughed.

‘I can see by their actions though…’ I explained.

‘Well, you and Niall can be a thing.’ She winked at me before pulling me into the supermarket as she grabbed a cart.

‘What about me and Niall?’ I asked.

‘You guys looked cute together. Perfect.’ She smiled at me.

I blushed at the thought of it. I liked Niall. I adored Niall. I’m a big fan, but after meeting him today, I swear I loved him more than before.

‘So, you like him eh?’ Noelle nudged me.

‘Mmm, maybe a little?’ I said.

‘Niall’s adorable. How can you not love him?’ She said while grabbing different kind of food in the shelves.

We talked and as both of us got to know each other better, she paid for the items and we headed back to the boys apartment.

‘Hey Elle, what’s your number?’ I asked her.

‘Oh yah.’She dialed her number into my phone.

‘Thanks. We can go work together now and then.’ I said smiling.

‘Yeap, definitely.’ To be honest, I’ve never really met a girl like Noelle. She’s not like the typicals whom are always conquered up with their own cliques. She accepts new people and she is actually a great friend. This is why I suppose Belle counts on her so much.

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