What caused everything to change?

Remember back when you were a little kid and didn't have to worry about any insecurities? What caused everything to change?


2. Why am I here?!?

A/N: okay guiseeee, just a heads up, this novel may send some hate towards Danielle Peazer, don't get me wrong I totes ship Payzer. I luvies to see them together, however this novel is based on Liam. Sooo.... yeah....

~Liam's P.O.V~

She looked so peaceful. I didn't really want to knock her out but Louis suggested we have some fun. I needed a new girlfriend after Danielle broke up with me. Last night, Zayn suggested that I find a new girl. The boys and I were driving around when I saw this one girl walking alone in the dark. She was so beautiful. She was also mouthing the words "Truly, Madly, Deeply".

"Oooh Li-Li, who are you looking at?" Louis asked cheekily.

"That one girl walking right there." She's so beautiful." I blurted.

"Let's have some fun then. Let's kidnap the girl." Louis said. The boys were on board with the idea. As much as I love these guys, I didn't want to do this. But, I had no choice but to do it. I wanted the girl to be mine.

I checked her pockets for any ID. I found her drivers license. "Vanessa... What a beautiful name." I mumbled. She started stirring. Then she groaned.

"Hey, she's waking up, Hazza, can you go get me a glass of cold water?" I asked Harry. He nodded and got up. She groaned again and opened her eyes.


~Vanessa's P.O.V~

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. I was laying on someone's lap. I looked up and saw a familiar face. I quickly jumped up and started panicking. "What am I doing here? Where am I? Who are y-" I started but then I stopped. I realized who's lap my head rested on. Liam Payne from One Direction. I am a totally big fan of One Direction, but how the hell did I get here?

"Whoa whoa whoa. How did I end up in One Direction's flat?" I asked suspiciously. I saw Harry enter the room with a glass of water.

"Love, why don't you sit down and have a sip of water. Then, we'll explain to you." Liam said kindly. I sighed and sat down on the cold wood floor. Harry handed me the glass of water.

"Thank you Mr. Styles," I said politely.

"Please, call me Harry," he chuckled. I nodded. Then, I took a sip of the water.

"Now will you please tell me how I got here?" I asked Liam quietly.

"Well, you were walking home alone at night. When I saw your face, you looked so beautiful. I think I'm falling for you love." Liam said shyly. I blushed and stared down at the ground.

"But why me? I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other girls who are wayyyy more beautiful than me. Hey! aren't you dating Danielle though?!?" I said

"Yeah.... she broke up with me. " he said I was quiet. I had a soft spot for Liam....

"You could have just came up to me real casual like and started a conversation like normal people do. You didn't have to knock me out." I said.

Liam blushed. "It was Louis's idea."

"Well, nice to meet you. I have to go." I said as I got up.

Liam jumped up and grabbed me. "No, you can't go. You must stay here." Liam said quickly. I got really scared, as an idea flew to my head. Sure, I was at One Direction's flat, but these boys are started to give me the creeps.


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