What caused everything to change?

Remember back when you were a little kid and didn't have to worry about any insecurities? What caused everything to change?


7. How could you?!?

~Vanessa's P.O.V~

We woke up next morning and just sat around and talked. At about 5 PM, the 4 boys came into our room.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go clubbing tonight?" Louis asked. I hesitantly agreed. I didn't really like clubs but whatever. YOLO, right? I got up to get ready. I took a shower, and applied my makeup. I then chose out a clubbing outfit. (http://www.polyvore.com/perfect_formal_outfit/set?id=66672591#fans) I walked out of the room and downstairs. The boys looked at me in awe. I blushed. Liam escorted me out the door. We arrived at the club. Rita Ora's song How We do was blaring out throughout the club. The boys immediately went to go order some alcoholic beverages, even Liam. I ordered a sprite because I'm not a big fan of alcohol. The boys left me to go dance on the dance floor. I pulled out my phone and started texting and checking up on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

About an hour later, I received a notification on my phone from Twitter. Someone had tweeted me. "@heyyyitsannie: @Nessa_luvies_U Liam looks a little too friendly to this girl, don't you think? I'm so sorry! Stay strong <3" attached to the tweet was a picture of Liam hardcore making out with this one blonde chick.  "@Nessa_luvies_U: @heyyyitsannie: TYSM for informing me about this. I will stay strong. Stay beautiful! <3" I replied. Then, I got up and paid for my drink. Tears were forming in my eyes. I stalked out of the club. Zayn was outside, having a smoke. He saw me. Tears were running down my face. I ran out towards the road. He grabbed my arm.

"Vanessa, what's wrong? What happened?" He asked worriedly.

"Zayn... He was making out with another girl. How could he Zayn? How. Could. He?" I sobbed. Zayn held me close. Then, Louis came out. His smile disappeared when he saw me crying. He came over to me and held me. Zayn told him what happened. Louis went back inside. He came out 5 minutes later with Niall, Harry, and Liam. But, Liam had his arms around a girl's waist. Zayn was still holding me. I sobbed even harder when I saw Liam.

"What's her problem?" The snooty blonde girl asked.

"What's my problem? What is my PROBLEM? LET ME TELL YOU WHAT MY PROBLEM IS YOU SNOOTY LITTLE GIRL. THAT WAS MY BOYFRIEND YOU WERE MAKING OUT WITH. OH WAIT, HE IS NOW MY EX. You can have him. I don't give 2 fucks anymore." I said angrily.

"Now Vanessa, you don't really mean that." Zayn said, trying to calm me. I flung myself from his arms and started sprinting. I ran away from this mess. I ran to the movie theaters. I walked up to the ticket booth.

"May I please have 1 ticket for Monster's inc. please?" I asked kindly to the lady.

"Of course dear. Are you okay? You look upset." The lady said.

"Bad breakup." I mumbled. The lady looked at me with sympathy.

"Such a beautiful young woman. Who would ever think about breaking up with you." she said.  I smiled. I paid her and she handed me a ticket. I thanked her and went to go the concession stand. I ordered a large popcorn and a large diet coke. I paid and went to go take my seat.

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