What caused everything to change?

Remember back when you were a little kid and didn't have to worry about any insecurities? What caused everything to change?


4. Getting to know one another

~Vanessa's P.O.V~

"Louis? Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?" I asked shakily.


"I'm going to tie you up to this chair and make you watch a horror movie." He replied evily. I gulped. I'm not exactly a big fan of horror films. "Let's see... We will watch House at the End of the Street." He said. I nodded fearfully. Louis tied me up to the chair. 

About 20 minutes later, the boys were gathered on the couch. I was shaking and sweating. I screamed a couple of times. He started the movie. After about 10 more minutes, Louis spoke out.

"You have 2 choices. You can either continue to sit there alone in that chair for the rest of the movie, or I can untie you and you go cuddle with Liam." He said.

"Louis, please untie me." I whimpered.

"As you wish." Louis said cheekily. He untied me and grinned. "Now don't forget to go cuddle next to Li-Li." He said. Liam opened his arms, I slowly moved towards him. Then, someone in the movie let out a loud scream which startled me. I screamed and leaped into Liam's arms. He held me tight. I felt safe.

"Don't worry love, its not real. It's all fake." Liam cooed. I buried my face into his shirt and he held me in his arms. I felt my eyes go heavy and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up next to Liam in a bed. He was still sleeping. I quietly got out of bed and looked around his room. I stared out of the window, watching the sunrise.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah.... Liam?" I asked.

"Yes Vanessa?" He replied.

"Why me? Out of any other girl on this planet, why me?" I asked quietly.

"You're beautiful Vanessa. You are as radiant as the sun. You have a positive effect on everyone. When you enter a room, it lights up. So why not you?" He replied. I shrugged. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Vanessa, I know this might be a little early, but will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?" He asked. I thought about it for a second.

"Yes Liam, I will be your girlfriend." I replied. He smiled and kissed me softly.

"Let's go get something to eat. I bet you're starving." He said. I nodded and we headed down stairs.

All the boys were already downstairs. Harry was making pancakes. Louis was frying bacon and sausages. Niall was eating an orange and Zayn was fixing his hair. Typical. I went over to the refrigerator and looked inside. I pulled out a strawberry yogurt and grabbed a spoon. I sat myself down at the kitchen counter and began to eat. Liam was looking at me and the spoon strangely. 

"Liam, if you're so terrified of spoons, why don't you look away?" I asked.

"Because I like watching you eat. " He replied. Not wanting my eating habits to become a show, I quickly scarfed down my yogurt and threw it away. Liam chuckled.

"Pancakes are done!" Harry yelled. "Vanessa, how many do you want?" He asked me.

"Oh, I'm fine Harry. I don't usually eat a heavy breakfast." I replied. The boys looked at me, shocked.

"Let's find out more about you Vanessa." Louis said. "Truth or dare time!" he yelled. I sighed and we all sat in a circle. Zayn grabbed a bottle and spun it. It landed on me.

"Vanessa, truth or dare?" Niall asked.

"Hmmm... truth." I replied.

"Alright, do you have any hidden talents?" Niall asked.

"Umm.... Well, I can sing..." I replied shakily.

"Ooh, show us!" Zayn said. I sighed .

" I heard... That you're, settled down. That you've, found a girl, and your, married now... I heard, that your dreams came true. Guess she gave you things, I didn't give to you. Old friend, why are you so shy? Ain't like you to hold back, or hide from the light. I hate to turn up out the blue, uninvited but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't hide it. I'd hope to see your face, and that you'd be reminded that for me. It isn't over... Never mind I'll find, someone like you... I wish nothing but the best, for you too. Don't forget me, I beg. I remember you said, that sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead. Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead." I sang.

"Oh sweet Jesus, that was wonderful!" Louis cried. I blushed and stared at the ground. We continued to play truth or dare until 3 in the afternoon. 





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