Summer Love ♥

Ally and her family move to London when one night Ally wakes up to a moving truck and sees One Direction coming out of the moving truck. She hangs out with Niall and they start dating. She also starts hanging out with the other guys from 1D and Niall finds out and thinks that Ally is cheating on him. Is Ally in a relationship crisis?


2. The Nextdoor Neighbor

Ally and her family have arrived in their new home where there is a peaceful and happy neighborhood. Until one night when she heard a truck arriving next door. It happened to be a moving truck. She was so confused until Niall walked out of the truck with a box. "They must be moving in next to me", Ally whispered to herself.

The next morning she walks out of her room and talks to her mom. "Hey mom! Last night I woke up to a moving truck that was next door and one of the members of One Direction was in there. They must be moving next door!!!!", Ally said happily. "Well you never know. Maybe it was someone who looks like them", mom said. Then somebody knocks on the door.

Ally looks through the peep hole on the door and Niall was there. "Oh my god are you really Niall Horan?!?", Ally said. "Yes I am", Niall said. "I TOLD YOU MOM 1D MOVED NEXTDOOR!!", Ally yelled to her mom. "Hi Niall. What do you want?" "I saw you looking out your window last night and I think you're hot", Niall says. Ally starts smiling. "Do you want to maybe hook up some time", Niall asks. "Sure. I would be glad to. So is tomorrow night at 8 pm ok?", Ally says. "That is perfect!", Niall says. "I'll see you tomorrow at 8"

The following night...

Ally is in her room getting ready for her date with Niall. She is so excited because she is going out with the one and only Niall Horan. Then her phone rings. "Hello", Ally says. "I heard you're going out tonight with Niall Horan", her best friend Chloe says. "What are you guys going to do?" "I'm not sure yet. I think we should go out for dinner or something. Then we could go to the mall", Ally says. Ally hears her doorbell ring.

"Okay Chloe somebody is at the door I will call you back when I can", Ally says. She hangs up and opens the door. It is Niall. "Are you ready to go out tonight?", Niall asks. "Yes just give me one more second I will be ready in a second", Ally says. She goes into the bathroom and takes her Hot Buns out of her hair so she can have flirtatious curls. Ally and Niall walk to Niall's car and they drive off. "Where are we going?", Ally asks. "I don't know where to go so do you want to go drive around and find a nice place to go?", Niall asks. "Sure Niall", Ally says.

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