Summer Love ♥

Ally and her family move to London when one night Ally wakes up to a moving truck and sees One Direction coming out of the moving truck. She hangs out with Niall and they start dating. She also starts hanging out with the other guys from 1D and Niall finds out and thinks that Ally is cheating on him. Is Ally in a relationship crisis?


1. Moving to London!

On a normal day, Ally came home from school and went into her room. Her mother came home and she calls out, "ALLY??" "Yes", Ally says, "Honey, I have to tell you something", her mom says. "We are moving". "WHAT?!?", Ally yells. "Yes it is true", her mom says in a quiet voice. "Where are we moving?", Ally asks. "We are moving to London. Your father got a new job and they only have it in London so we have to move there", her mother says. "I know its going to be super hard to leave all your friends but we have to do this". "When are we moving?", Ally asks. "We are moving in two weeks so I want you to start packing some of your things after dinner", Ally's mom says. "Okay mom!", Ally says.

One week later....

"Ally come here!", Ally's mom says. "Yes mom", Ally says. "I wanted to show you our new house that your father and I picked out. It's really nice! It has an in-ground pool and it's a gorgeous home", her mom says. Mom puts picture up on the Internet. "Wow! That is such a pretty house!!! It's so much better than this house!!", Ally says. "Our house right now is so ugly and the basement is an embarrassment!! The basement walls are made of cement and it looks like a haunted house!" "Well our new house is way better! It even has a secret floor in it and it's not so ugly! The new house is in a great neighborhood and you will enjoy it!", Ally's mom says. "It also has a hot tub in the backyard and a really nice kitchen". "Well I probably will enjoy the house and I can't wait until next week!!", Ally says.

The next week...

"Ally wake up!!", mom says. "The moving truck is going to be here in an hour! Make sure you have all of your stuff packed up and ready for the moving truck. Don't forget anything!" Ally wakes up and gets her stuff together. "HURRY UP ALLY THE MOVING TRUCK IS HERE!!!!", mom says. "Okay mom!", Ally says. The family starts putting their stuff in the moving truck when Ally notices that she forgot something, her One Direction dolls and pillow that she cherishes forever! "Oh my god mom I just remembered. I forgot my 1D dolls and my pillow in my room!!", Ally says. "Well go get it!", Ally's mom says, Ally goes and gets her stuff and puts them in the moving truck. The family gets into the truck and they drive off to London.

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