Like A Raindrop

A young girl finds out we best friend (Demi) is related you Louis Tomlinson a bandit band member, and then the your girl (ericka) gets together with him.


1. Like A RainDrop

A Young 22-year-old girl named Ericka, finds out her best friend Demi is related to onedirection boy band member, Louis Tomlinson. Ericka:*screams*, you are joking!!! Demi: I'm serious. I felt like I had just died, a mini/big heart attack, it was hard to explain. The boy band was actually touring at the time in Australia, and my friend Demi had a double backstage pass to there "up all night tour" Ericka:*SCREAMS LOUDER*. When she said that I could go with her, I cried. I didn't know what to think, die on the ground when I meet him * sarcastically *.....

When Demi and I were back stage, louis came up to me and asked my name and stuff about me, I answered him "My name is Ericka-Rose Hall I like skateboarding and singing".
He asked "would you mind going out for lunch sometime?" I said "sure!" I had a mother mini heart attack with giant butterflies of love in my tummy, it was unexplainable feeling.

3 Days later....
We met at a nice australian coffee shop, we asked stuff about each other. We got to know each other properly, when suddenly, he leanns over and presses his soft lips against mine, I kissed him back.. I.. Didn't know what to day so I gave him my number and address. A few hours later, my doorbell had rang, I opened my my door and saw Louis standing there with a bunch of pink roses, a box of chocolates and a card, it was true love, well that's what I think.

I invited him inside, he placed the gifts on the bench and had kissed me, it was a raindrop of romance, love, passion.

2 months after dating....

We were at a restaurant having dinner and he slips a beautiful rainbow diamond sterling silver ring out of his pocket gets down on one knee at proposes, he asked " Ericka-rose, Will you marry me?" I said " yes yes yes!!! Ofcoarse * crying of happiness *.

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