You know i love you right?

Ella was just an ordinary girl that was going to the The New York styling school.
Wen she gets a chance to be one direction's stylist it was a dream come true.But will one of the boys fall for her? will all the boys fall for her? will the band stay together? will it all work out? will there be happy ever after?or not.
read on to find out wat happens.
Warning:drama lots of drama


3. london

I sat down on my seet next to lilly lou got me new tickets and she also got me one for lilly the flight to london was not to bad.

We finally got to london after a long plane ride we followed the map lou gave us to findout were the boys live.We got there after a 10 minute ride.

''Hey lou a girls here for you" harry said while opening the door.

"OOO that's our new stylist " lou said while standing next to harry.

"OO hey i'm harry" he said.

''Well the other boys are noy here but they will be here'' he said.

''Hey i'm ella your stylist'' i said quick .''And this is my friend lilly''

''Oh hey you wanna watch a movie while you wait'' he asked.

i nodded in reply. Wewatched lovesctually. he leand in and he kept leaning in WAIT!!! is he trying to kiis me.

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