Someplace far away...

In the year of 2065, my Uncle took my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, three of my friends and I to someplace I never knew existed, someplace magical, someplace far away..


3. Oops

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to tell mum to calm down. She threw a newspaper at me as I ducked behind the door.
I left her after that and I went to sit in the living room, to think all about Uncle Graham sending us that invite. Why did he send it to us? He had about four other brothers he could have invited! We hadn't seen him for AGES!?

" Listen, I've been thinking.." Mum said as she came into the living room.
" You have thought in he space of five minutes? I'm impressed," I said.
" Just listen. About the trip.. your uncle isn't really a smart person, he doesn't have good ideas and sometime his ideas go too far.." she started. " So, I was just thinking that if you were serious about wanting to go on this trip, then I'd take you some other time to somewhere else. There is no way you are going with your mad uncle."

I stood up and I left the living room. What a waste of empty air.

Did she have to ruin every single thing for me!? Yes. Yes she did.

I didn't care. I was going on that trip wether she liked it or not.
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