Someplace far away...

In the year of 2065, my Uncle took my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, three of my friends and I to someplace I never knew existed, someplace magical, someplace far away..


5. Hello

And they're he was. My uncle. At the door.

I lifted my hand and waved slowly. He looked so different.

I know  I hadn't seen in him in years, but somehow his face had started to paint a picture back into my mind.

" Hello, Rachel," he said.

" You remember me?" I asked.

" Of course, my only niece, how could I forget? It has only been six years, pet."

" Only.." I muttered under my breath.

Dad came up behind me and opened the door wider.

" Ah, Graham, long time no see," he said.

" Hello, brother, how's things?" Uncle Graham said.

" Well, just same old story, and you?"

" Just the travels, that's all I have now."

I left Dad talking with his brother and I went upstairs to tell Mum about our visitor. I passed a mirror on the way up, and I saw how dreadful I looked. Scruffy hair, pyjamas and no make- up. Perfect way to meet my Uncle.

I knocked on Mum's bedroom door.

" Mum?" I whispered. " Mum?"

" What do you want?" she said angirlly.

" Em.. well.. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but err... Uncle Graham is here.."

There was silence for a good five minutes. Then I heard her throwing off the covers and getting into some clothes.

She came out of her bedroom and disapeared down the stairs. I heard her reach the front door and push Dad out of the way.

" Ah, Graham! Long time no see! Why are you here?!" she said.

I watched as Graham's face drooped a little, as if he'd been hurt by the comment.

" Sorry!" Mum snapped. " How rude of me, I mean what brings you round?"

" Just to visit the ol'  family," he smiled.

Mum wrinkled her brow, as if she knew that wasn't the truth, and Graham opened his mouth again.

" Well, Karen, you know why I'm really here. I didn't want to just show up, so I sent an invite, which I'm assuming you  got. I found a wonderful place, a place no one has ever been to before! And I just know you and your family would  love to visit! It is just magical!" he said.

" You think we'd like to go to a place we've never heard of, that could be dangerous? That could have been wiped out from a virus? That could have murderers lurking about every corner? What do you think? No. We are not interested," Mum said and she slammed the door in his face.


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