Someplace far away...

In the year of 2065, my Uncle took my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, three of my friends and I to someplace I never knew existed, someplace magical, someplace far away..


2. Convincing.

" Hey, Mum," I said.

" Go away Rachel, I told you, I am NOT going on that mad trip, and you must be stupid if you think it is a good idea! That is why your Father is mad in the head! Just like his Brother! Your Unlce must be stupid if he wants us to go on a trip to an island he found on his travels! Do you know his job!? It is to research over places where there is meant to have been big killing spree's and all that crazy things! For godsake Rachel, you really have crossed over the line this time!"

" Calm down," I said.

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