Someplace far away...

In the year of 2065, my Uncle took my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, three of my friends and I to someplace I never knew existed, someplace magical, someplace far away..


1. Invite

I hadn't seen my Uncle for over six years. I had forgotten all about him until a few days ago when he sent my family an invitation. The invitation made me think he was off his head. It said he was inviting the four of us (Mum, Dad, Kevin and I) and three of my friends to go and visit this island he had found on his travels. I wanted to go, because we hadn't had much else to do. So I told my parents I wanted to. They told me that Uncle Graham wasn't really that smart and he never really knew the difference between a bad idea and a good idea...

" I don't care! Come on Mum! It sounds so fun! Please!" I begged.

" Yeah, Karen, it does sound quite fun," Dad said.

" You seriously think this is a good idea?" Mum said.

" Well..."

" This house is full of mad people, the lot of you!" with that, she stormed out of the kitchen and slammed the door.

Dad pulled a face and made me laugh. I really wanted to go on the trip. I wonder what it was all about..


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