Summer Paradise.


1. Remember Me?

Faith's P.OV

As I walk through the crowded store, I see my old buddy Zayn. I was obviously gonna wait for him to notice me, haha we were bestfriend one time ago. I wonder if he would recognise me. 

I go in front of him, with my black wavy hair down , Navy blue tanktop, ripped jeans & leather jacket.

I was actually showing off, because I really liked him and I still kind of do. He was the only guy who would back me up if someone was bullying me.. His really sweet, we grew up together in Bradford.

I then fell a tap on my shoulder.

"Remember me?" A deep voice says. 

I turn back , and say "Oh my god.. Of course" I then grab him in for a hug.

I missed his hugs. We haven't seen each other since he applied for X-factor..

"So what bring's you here in London?" Zayn askes me.

"Uh, I lived here for a while.." I laugh. 

We then talked a bit, but my boyfriend came.. 

Josh, he was sweet .. Really, I loved him a lot. But seeing Zayn made me feel like I had feelings for him to.

"Hey babe, Who's this?" Josh asks 

"Just a childhood friend" I reply.

"Zayn. You must be...?" Zayn says confused.

"His my boyfriend Josh" I say.

"Yeah. Aha" Josh says. 

He must be high.. 

"Can we speak for a moment?" Zayn asks me. 

I follow him outside and say "What?" .

"Do you wanna hang out maybe Saturday" He says shyly .

"Yeah I'd love to" I say happily. 

"Great" Zayn says proudly.

When he was about to walk away, I grabbed him by the wrist and say 

"Hey my number!!! Text me Saturday, I pick the plans. You just see what happened's , Promise?" I say pulling out my pinky finger. 



I kiss him on the cheek, than skip to my boyfriend. 

What a day ! 

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