Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


16. Welcome Wagon

 Lucy and Janie had stayed behind with Derren’s friends, Charlotte and Spice, keeping watch and looking after Jade. Derren’s exact words were “I can’t be bothered to look after little kids right now.”, and while Lucy missed Jack, her sister would always come first. While Jade was only a couple of years under the others in school, which wasn’t actually that young, they decided not to argue with him.

 At least his friends hadn’t left the three of them behind completely. James Spice, or Spice as everyone called him, Lucy didn’t recognise, but Lucy knew Charlotte as Derren’s girlfriend for two months now. She was about the same height as Lucy (as Lucy was just a little over the average height for a sixteen year-old ) and was a petite, pretty woman with short, blonde hair. She was wearing a striped t-shirt, a leather jacket, not too much different to Derren’s and faded blue jeans. Lucy loved speaking to Charlotte as she carried this sense of happiness around with her, being an extremely optimistic person. Spice was about the same height with a round face covered in acne and sandy-brown hair grown down to his neck. He wore a beige mac and a ripped thin scarf wrapped around his neck. They were accompanied with a plain white t shirt and black ripped jeans. He carried around his beloved acoustic guitar on his back in a case and was apparently very good at playing, but had refused to give a performance so far.


 Charlotte smashed her trail of thought. “Hey Char.”

 “Do you know if they’re coming back yet?”

 “No. Last thing I heard from Shawn was that they were hearing someone firing shots from the center of town and that he needed to hang up. That was... an hours ago, maybe?”

 “For gods sake.” Charlotte chuckled, “He always did keep me waiting.” She looked at Lucy’s concerned face. “How you holding up?”

 Lucy sighed. “My emotionally damaged boyfriend is in the middle of a battle between something fresh out of a Romero film, worried about where his poor mother is, or is dead. Then again, now I think about it I have no idea where my parents are. I have my little sister ti kiij after and I’ve been left out of the action just because of that by Jack’s own brother. I’m far from okay.”

 Charlotte frowned sympathetically. “Sorry.” Lucy said quickly. “Just a bit of a lot to take in.”

 “Don’t worry about it.” Charlotte replied, “I’m sorry that you’re having to have this much responsibility at your age.”

 Lucy smiled. “I can actually handle quite a lot. I can handle Jack in one of his... moments. I reckon if I can take that, I can take a lot more than this can throw at me.”

 Charlotte laughed again. “I sure as hell hope so, hun. Otherwise, Jack might just overpower us all.”

 They both laughed this time, then realised how much this theory may become a reality if they weren't careful.

 “Guys, they’re here.” Spice rushed into the room. The five of them ran outside, looking for the truck.

 “You sure James?” Charlotte asked, “Can’t see them.”

 “They’re just coming, I swear, spotted them on the scope.”

 There was nothing. No lights, no engine, nothing. The night was dead. Spice began to question even himself, until there was a sudden gunshot, ripping through the silence. Lucy’s eyes widened instantly and she spun to look at Charlotte. They knew if something was going on, either Jack or Derren would be in the middle of it. God forbid, both of them. Charlotte indicated up the road as they two of them started sprinting.

 “Jade, make sure they stay here.”

 Jade wondered why on earth they wanted to run towards a gunshot anyway.

 They weren’t far past a bend in the road when the two girls were faced with the unfolding scene. Derren was lying on the ground, cursing at Leon who was grasping his fist. Derren jumped to his feet, getting ready to strike Leon. He punched him in the back of the head, making the private stumble forward. He turned around, ready for Derren who was ready for striking a second time. Leon caught Derren’s fist in mid swing, pushed it aside and impacted the side of his force with surprising force. Jack, who had been trying to keep the two of them apart, along with the rest of their party, now abandoned that and kicked Leon in the stomach, making him bend forward. Jack then smashed his knee into his nose, making him recoil backwards onto the ground.

 “What the hell is going on here!?” Charlotte shouted as she tried to tend to Derren’s face.

 “I don’t know what you mean.” He said with a smirk, as Leon pulled himself up, turned Jack to face him and struck him in the nose, making him spin to the ground.Shawn and Nate then held back Leon from another attack, but it was obvious he wasn’t planning another.

 Lucy pulled Jack to her level. “You really think that’s going to help!?” She shouted, “And I suppose there was some sort of reason behind this, as well.”

 “Phils dead!” Derren shouted, creating silence in all of them, “And this idiot left him behind to die!”

 Everyone turned to look at the private, who had been forced to kneel on the ground. Charlotte approached him as he looked up to meet her eyes. She began to tear up and slapped him round the face. He spat blood onto the ground.

 “That hurt.” He growled.

 “It’s no less than what you deserve.” Derren sneered.

 She began to storm down the road. Leon shrugged off the hands holding him down and stood up, preparing to walk to the house.

 “Where the hell do you think you’re going, then?” Jack called.

 “So what, you're going to just leave me outside?” Leon scoffed, “Personally, as it;s her house, I think Lucy should decide.”

 Everyone began to stare at Lucy, who suddenly felt several eyes burning her. She took into account what had happened and how she would seem for her decision. SHe then sighed and walked over to him.

 “There’s a tent up at the house. You sleep in the garden with the dog. Got it?”

 Leon nodded, gratefully, and walked down the path, throwing a stern look at the brothers. Lucy then went over to them, slapped Jack on the back of the head for being such an idiot, and the group walked on, Rachel and Nate hanging behind to make sure no one came after them with the guns they’d gotten from Magpies.



 “You don’t think he can be trusted, do you.”

 Nate looked at his feet. “I really wish I could. But... he’s one of them. They shot down civilians, without a second thought. I really can’t see why he should be any different just because he’s going with us. For all we know he’s just covering his own damn arse.”

 “By going with kids? How does that work?” Rachel asked with a bemused expression.

 “I don’t know, safety in numbers? Maybe he’s just a perverted freak, I haven’t got a clue. Anyway, are you saying you trust him?”

 She looked out on the road. “I don’t know, but I’m not ready to throw someone out on the street.”

 Nate scowled. “I can understand that, Rach, but seriously, you need to get rid of your pride. We’re going to be living in a different world now. Work out how to live in it.”

 He walked towards the house as Rachel caught sight of another creature. She lined up the sights and took the shot. It fell to the ground with a thud. She knew he was right. The world was changing, she had to too. The question was getting there.

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