Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


11. United

 The five of them pelted down the stair cases. “What the frick do we do now!?” Jared began to cry, “We’re dead, man, dead!”

 “BOY!” Jason shouted aggressively, “I don’t need to remind you what happens if you play up, do I?” Leon and the boys looked to one another suspiciously as Jared choked on his words and decided to stay quiet. “Now, you lot, can we trust you?”

 The boys looked at each other again, expecting the other one to answer, until Leon stepped forward. “What makes you think you have a bloody choice?”

 Jason snorted in Leon’s face and walked to the back of the room. He got out a large key ring with about nine different shaped keys as he approached a plain white door with a large sign saying in bold red letters “SENIOR STAFF ONLY”.

 Jack screwed up his face. “Senior staff?”

 Jason smirked, “Good, isn’t it? The only way to insure a private room. I’m the only member of the staff that’s ‘senior’, so no one bothers to look, which means I can put whatever I like in here.”

 Nate frowned. “Tell me this ain’t a sex dungeon...”

 Jason scoffed, “Don’t worry kid, that’s down town.” He joked.

 However, Nate wasn’t sure if it was sincere or not. “In that case, what is in here?” He asked as Jason unlocked the door.

 He pushed it open slowly as if to give it’s contents a dramatic entrance. The room was a plain blue, but all over the room, there were various different glass cases containing high powered weapons. Everything from automatic shotguns to machine guns, the place was packed. ack stood completely speechless and motionless, while Nate gave a small whimper and walked into the room, running his fingers over the glass cases and recognising and naming each one.

 Leon gave Jason a suspicious look. “How’d you get across these?”

 “Your lot aren’t the only ones with guns, kid.” He replied, “I’ve been collecting this lot for about... 5 years off people who come to me saying they don’t want them anymore, bringing them to me ‘cos I’m the only one who sells things even close to guns in this town, like those flintlocks out front. I knew something like this would happen one day, thought I might as well be prepared.”

 All four of them, including his son, gave him a frightened look. “You knew this was coming?” Jack cried.

 “I didn’t specifically predict that people would start ripping other peoples faces off with their teeth, if that’s what you’re implying.”

 Nate shrugged and grabbed a rifle he had trained with in Air Cadets. “So we gonna light up this street?”

 “Yeah, well, those gunner jockeys are still out there, how do we get past those quietly enough for them not to light us up?” Jack asked, handling one of the guns carefully as if it was going to disintegrate in his hands. “If you ask me, I think our priority is getting to this girl, seriously, she needs our help.”

 “I hate to admit it, but the kid’s got a point.” Jason stated while Jack was left wondering whether it was a compliment or an insult. “We can’t take on all of the zombies out there on our own. Maybe she’s good enough to help us out.

 The others nodded. “Still, how are we going to get out there without them noticing us?”

 Suddenly, there was an outburst of rapid gunfire from down the street. Leon ran to one of the windows. “Looks like the army has started their attack, that’ll take enough attention from us. I think.”

 “That’s good enough.” Jack said. “One other thing though.”

 Jack walked around the counter and came back out with three sabers which  he passed to Nate and Leon. He kept one for himself.

 “You just cleaned me out of those!” Jason protested.

 “Jason, you really think anyone would be coming back down here for anything.

 Jason accepted the premise as he lifted one of the shutters blocking the doorway. The crowd of limping monsters were lumbering down the street towards the gunfire. He gestured to the others for them to get out of the shop. They all slid under the shutters and crouched by the wall. There were only stragglers going psat now. Jack huffed as he sped forward and pierced one of the creatures lower jaw and through it’s head. It gave out a short-lived but ear piercing scream, catching the attention of two others. Leon sped forward with reflexes a marine would be jealous of. He swung his arm around, slicing the creatures neck before it could scream. With a grated grunt, it fell to the floor and lay motionless. Nate moved forward to stab the other one in the eye, which penetrated the skull quicker than the others, giving it no time to respond. He released the blade from it’s head and it fell to it’s knees and rolled onto it’s side. Jason and Jared looked on, completely amazed by the skills of their new companions. They sprinted across the road, Jack tailing at the rear. The pummeled fists at the doors of the town hall.

 “However you are, let us in! We’re one of you, we can help you, let us in!”

 They waited about five seconds before a metallic thud came from the other side of the door and it slowly opened ajar. They all piled in except Jack.

 “Jack!” He heard a call from down the street from one of the guys with an automatic gun. Jack thought taking this risk was too much and he ran inside, shutting the door behind him. A girl appeared beside him with a large, bulky plank that he slid into place blocking the door. The guys sat down, panting, pulses racing, adrenaline rushing into overload. Jack looked up at the girl holding out her hand to help him straighten up. She was wearing a “Nightmare before christmas” t-shirt under her long velvet coat that gave her a slight steampunk look to her, not to mention the goggles resting on her forehead that were probably only used for the look of them, which was admittedly looked awesome.

 From Jack’s point of view anyway.

 “Thanks,” Jack started, “we were about to be zombie nibblets.”

 The girl scoffed. “It’s fine. Like you said, we’re in this together. What’s your name?”

 “I’m Jack, that’s my mate Nate, those two guys own Magpies, Jason and his son Jared, and he’s called Leon, the guy is sort of our guardian now, I guess.”

 Leon looked up suddenly at those words, “Hold the phone, I have responsibility over kids!?”

 Jack shrugged panickingly as the girl laughed again. “You guys seem alright.” She smiled. “I’m Alexia, loads of people call me Lexi.”

 Jack smiled back. “Nice name, kid!”

 Suddenly, something pummeled at the door. The two of them backed away towards the others.

 “Don’t worry,” Alexia said, “those freaks have been trying to get in since this started.”

 “It’s not the zombies I’m worried about.” Jack said as he hurried the others upstairs. “That turkey shoot you tried earlier attracted some attention. Something tells us that it some of Leon’s lot, which means bad news for us.”

 She looked down the stairs at him apologetically. “Hang on, one of them called your name didn’t they?” Nate asked, “How would they know that if they’re with Leon?”

 That hit him hard and fast. Nate had a point, but until he went any further, they heard two shotgun shots from downstairs. “They must be getting in!” Alexia panicked.

 Before they could react footsteps hurried upstairs. Jack shut his eyes tight, being ready to be shot in the head, when there was a hesitation.

 “What’s up, man?” Derren asked.

 Jack span around to see his brother, with Phil, Aiden, Shawn and Rachel, two of them sporting hunting rifles, and the younger kids with crowbars and pipes. Jack ran to his brother and hugged him, which admittedly, was unexpected to the both of them, and they made a swift recovery from the moment. He pulled back and hit him on the arm.

 “What took you so bloody long!?” He shouted.

 “We only found the others a couple of hours ago, we had to see if you would last till the morning, but when you stopped replying to Aiden’s texts, we came to find you.”

 Jack pulled his phone out of his blazer. He’d had 5 text’s all from Aiden, from various times from the time they’d spotted Alexia taking shots at zombies from the roof. However, Nate was still confused.

 “If you’re here, where the hell is the army? We thought you might have been them when we heard your vehicle coming.”

 “Oh, that’s one of Phil’s pick ups. We have two of his and one from Spice, who’s back at Lucy’s . The army fell back to the avon bridge. Turns out they aren’t doing too well with taking care of it all over the country. We’ve got it light, kid.”


 For this to be the best of a bad situation made Jack’s mind wonder to whatever might be happening all over the world.

 Alexia’s voice quickly cut into his trail of thought. “Err, guys, I don’t think these freaks are done with yet.”

 “Why am I not surprised?” Nate said with a smirk, while turning to Jack and Aiden and clocking a shotgun. “So, now that we’re back together, who wants the first shot.”

 Jack loaded a magazine into his M16 and Aiden took Nate’s sabre, handling it easily. With this new army, Jack felt like it was the first time he had the power. He had a way to fight back.

 And with this shit that had happened, he was ready to hit hard, and hit fast.

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