Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


9. Unexpected visitors

 Aiden walked out onto the B-road Lucy and Jade’s house was built on. He had been on watch for about an hour now, and there was absolutely nothing. No zombies, no Nate and Jack. If there was ever a more suitable situation for the term ‘deafening silence’, he was prepared to give the person who found it a medal.

 They’d managed to get through the military boundaries and the camper had arrived at the house about two hours ago. While they were still in touch with their friends, Aiden couldn’t help but feel worried about them. They’d planned countless times for the three of them to be a team against oncoming hordes of lumbering bodies, armed with shotguns, swords and all the confidence they could afford in a crisis. However, Aiden felt almost weak without his two friends.

 “Oi, dreamer!” Shaun called out of the drive, “Give me that rifle and go and get a rest, you’ve been on watch since we got here!”

 Aiden sighed, looking out at the road again, for some reason thinking that the two of them would turn up with more supplies that they could imagine. He looked down at his tired feet and handed over the rifle, neglectedly.

 “Aiden,” Shaun started, patting him on the shoulder, “stop worrying about them. Jack is able to look after himself and Nate is capable of looking after the both of them if Jackie breaks down.”

 “It’s not that, man.” Aiden replied, “It’s that Private. He’s one of the guys who ran into a high school with armed weapons! AWOL or not, I seriously doubt this guy can be trusted.”

 Shaun laughed. “Don’t be so paranoid, mate. Think about it like this, in the extremely likely possibility that he CAN be trusted, he’s their best shot. All we can do now is keep in touch and that is your job. No go inside and get to work! I’ll keep an eye on the road for a while.”

 Aiden looked up. No matter how much he hated being proven wrong, Shaun had a point. He walked through the gate and through to the back garden. Lucy was sitting on the grass, cuddling her dog and staring at the phone, no doubt hoping for any communication from Jack.

 Lucy was an average heighted girl who had close to perfect features, though she would never accept it herself. Freshly-dyed bright red her spread across the top of her face, covering her eyebrows and just missing her eyes. She had bold green eyes with a strong enough colour to catch the attention of anyone else’s. Her usual clothes was comfortably somewhere between normal fashion of the time and steampunk, which Lucy, Jack and Jade were obsessed with.

 She looked up sadly as Aiden walked over to her.

 “He’ll turn up.” He told her reassuringly, “You know more than most how tough that bugger can be in the right conditions.”

 “Yeah, I suppose so.” She replied with an unconvincing tone. While he did want to help, the only person in Lucy’s group Aiden was remotely close to was Shaun, making him one of the worst people to try to console her. Sure, he’d spoken to Lucy, but had never had a proper conversation.

 “I’ll take over here if you like.” Janie came over, standing above Lucy. She was the one who was welcomed Aiden to the group the most. Secretly, he knew she thought he was a twat, like the rest of them, but at least she was being nice person. And she also knew that he was their only hope right now, so was trying to get the others to be as optimistic as she was.

 Janie was a tall girl who had long, curly hair, that she constantly put up in a ponytail. She was the only one in Lucy’s group that didn’t subscribe to the fashion of steampunk, but never objected to it. She was always obsessed with the same fantasy shows Jack loved, Merlin, Doctor Who and the type, which was mostly the foundations behind most of their conversations.

 Aiden walked into the large house to find Rachel searching through the fridge.

 “Hey there, Boy Wonder” She said with a smirk. Aiden had never really understood Rachel. She was the maddest, bluntest, strangest person he had ever met, but for some reason, there was a part of her that people absolutely loved. She had shoulder-length, fading red hair since she hadn’t been allowed to die it due to school rules. She was the smallest of all of them, but was without a doubt the feistiest.

 “How the hell do you do it, Rach?” Aiden asked with a sigh.

 “Do what?” She replied, laying out Nutella and bread on the counter as she did.

 “The world’s gone to shit, and you’re making a sandwich. How do you stay so bloody happy?”

 “Aiden, I can’t explain what goes on in my noggin.” She said through a mouth full of crumbs, “I just don’t really get fazed by much. I just suppose I’ve seen too much to be sad about things anymore.” She sighed as she looked out the window. “However, I getting worried about Jackie. You think he’ll be okay?”

 “I hope so Rach.” Aiden replied.

 Suddenly there was a call from the front garden. “I just saw two pick-up’s coming our way!” Shawn shouted.

 “What!? Are you sure?” Aiden called back, running out of the house as the six accumulated.

 “Definitely. The people on it seem pretty heavily armed too.”

 “How many?” Janie asked.

 “Four people, maybe five.” He replied as they ran into the house and headed upstairs.

 Aiden herded them into Lucy’s room and the girls crouched behind the large bed, apart from Lucy who hugged the wall with Shawn and Aiden, Shaun at the ready with the rifle. They heard the door open and heavy footsteps on the tiled floors downstairs, a couple of them with heels.

 Lucy whispered as softly as possible “Shawn, did they see you?”

 “I don’t think so.” He replied, “I don’t know how they knew to come in here.”

 “Never mind that, we need to get these sons of bitches out of here.” Aiden stated.

 “Agreed.” Shawn replied as he readied his gun. Aiden gestured to Lucy to stay here and they crept out of the room.

 They heard a low voice downstairs. “Phil, check it out.” Aiden couldn’t help but think he recognised it, but he ignored it.

 They heard a low creaking and large footsteps coming up the stairs. Before Aiden could think of something to do, Shawn smashed the intruders face with the butt of the gun. He rolled down the stairs, but as Shawn got ready to train his gun on him, three more were clocked and aimed at his head.

 “Okay kiddo, put it down. Now.” said the leader of the group as he helped Phil up. The leader was extremely tall and in his early thirties. With sandy-brown hair cut short, he wore designer glasses and jeans and a leather jacket that most of his friends would die for and all-star converse that were torn and decorated by the american flag. “Where are you friends kid, and where the hell is Lucy? This is her house, right?”

 Aiden appeared from the top of the stairs and Lucy from the other side. They both realised who he was quickly.

 “Derren?!” They exclaimed as they recognised Jack’s older brother. He noticed them and ordered the others to put down the guns.

 “Aiden, Lucy, good to see you two are still alive. Now where is my brother?”

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