Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


7. Trigger finger

 They stood at the turning into Victoria Avenue, which had been completely blocked off by commercial lorries, leaving only the axel space under them and the front gardens of the first of the semi-detached houses as a way into the street. It had obviously been intentionally blocked off. Whether by the drivers of the lorries or the army commandeering  the vehicles. The one thing going through Leon’s mind was why someone would go to such extents in such little time, as the road had been shut off all the way through to the Bridge Street in the centre of town. He looked at the expressions that the boys at either sides of him shared, as they realised how much of a mistake they had made.

 “Alright, what’s going on?” He asked the two of them.

 “Well basically we reckoned this would be fairly simple...” Jack started.

 “... And we didn’t realise how much the infestation might have spread...” Nate continued.

 “Wait... what?”

 “Basically,” Jack carried on, “the houses on Victoria Avenue are... fairly close together...”

 Leon’s heart sank. He left the boys to look down the side of the lorries to find about a half a mile of road, with immensely small houses crammed together like sardines in a tin, resulting in at least two-hundred in the stretch of road he could see alone.

 For the creatures, it must have been like shooting rats in a barrel...

 Jack joined him, as concerned as he was, maybe more. “Maybe they all stayed in the school.” Leon suggested, scraping onto any sort of hope that was still there. Jack took Leon’s pistol from the holster and aimed it down the street. Before Leon could protest, he sent three bullets rocketing down the impossibly narrow street, flinching at every single blast noise it resulted in.

 “Why the hell did you do that!?” Leon shouted, grabbing the pistol from the boy.

 “They react to noise.” Jack replied.

 “Hang on-”

 Jack cut him off by pointing at the slowly moving silhouettes in the house, clambering aimlessly around rooms and peering through their windows, leaving smears of blood where they had squashed their faces against the glass. Thankfully none of them had seen the two of them, leaving them to carry on lumbering around the houses. Leon sighed with relief

 “How did you know they’d react like that!?”

 Jack stared at him, disgusted. “Seriously!? Have you never seen The Walking Dead? Zombieland? Jesus christ! If you don’t do the research, you’re going to be shit out here!”

 Leon rolled his eyes and the two of them walked back over to Nate.

 “Right, new plan, we leave for Overbury with some vehicle from Bridge Street, maybe get some weapons from the choppers that landed.”

 “Wait!” Nate cut in, “We haven’t got what we needed yet!”

 “Nate, look at it!” Jack shouted at him, “This is completely insane!”

 “Look, I have training from the Air Cadets, Leon’s almost definitely going to be good at this too, if we hug the wall these sons of bitches won’t even know we’re getting this until we actually have it. When we do, they won’t be able to stop us.”

 “Wait, what the hell are we getting?” Leon asked.

 “You’ll see.”

 No matter how stupid the plan was, if whatever Nate was after was this important, they had no other choice. So, after scavenging through the choppers and apaches that Leon and his battalion had arrived in, he and Nate found themselves shuffling under the axel space under the Argos lorry. Armed with mini uzi’s and M16’s, no matter what would happen now, they were either going to leave with the precious cargo that Nate spoke of, or die. They began to move along, crouching and hugging the wall, is quietly as they could. Leon put his finger to an earpiece and spoke into it.

 “Jack, you got us?”

 Jack’s voice blared through the earpiece. “Yeah, I got you. You sure we can pull this off, Nate?”

 “First rule of desperate circumstances: never question the plan put forward, otherwise, we all lose hope. It’s about halfway up the street, that in your range?”

 “I reckon, yeah, I’ve got a good shot from here.” They had set up Jack on top of the Debenhams lorry with a suppressed Dragunov Sniper Rifle. Jack tried to ignore the feeling of power that holding a 50 millimeter sniper rifle gave him. They carried on along the wall, taking out the odd crawling target with Leon’s hunting knife. While Nate was a Corporal in his battalion, he was glad he had a professional army Private on his side.

 “Hold.” Nate’s sharp voice shooting through the earpiece woke Jack to the situation. “We have movement up ahead, multiple targets. Somewhere near the school.”

 Jack trailed the scope on the rifle across the road in front of his two scouting comrades, finally resting on a wave are dark figures, all sporting weapons similar to Leon’s and Nate’s.

 “It’s the troops, they’re coming out of the school. If they make too much noise, you and them are going to get cornered by about three-hundred angry cannibals.”

 There was a moments silence. No one was really sure what to do. If they were to approach them, they’d be shot on sight. If they did manage to get them to listen to the three of them, there was a chance that they would all be overwhelmed at once.

 Unfortunately, this was answered for them. They heard a scream from the troops. Nate and Leon looked up and saw one of the troops getting the insides of their neck being ripped out. At this, every single one of the troops opened fire with their guns, creating a racket neither Nate, Jack or Leon had heard. All three of them turned to the houses to see the shadows startle and stumble to the front doors, spilling out onto the streets.

 “Goddamn idiots!” Jack screamed.

 “Jack, don’t lose your head!” Nate screamed back through the microphone. “Defend yourself until we get back to you.”

 Jack turned his head towards the suitcase-like container he had dragged up there with him. Opening it, he found an M16, identical to Nate’s and Leon’s.

 “Lets do this.”

 Meanwhile, Nate and Leon had begun to run down the street towards the address that Nate said they were going to. there was no reason to act stealthy anymore. They were sprinting down the street and vaulted over the wall of the house Nate had pointed out. Two zombies staggered out, Leon making quick work of them. Nate grabbed a hatchet he had strapped to his belt from the helicopter and smashed at a padlock on the garage of the house, splintering the lock into pieces and damaging the hatchet in the process.

 “Hey, we could’ve used that!” Leon complained as Nate threw the hatchet to the ground.

 “Nah, the only thing you need now is the uzis and that.” Nate said, pointing at a small, scrambler bike, not capable of doing much at all.

 “Seriously? That is what we’ve risked our lives for? This piece of crap on wheels?”

 “No, of course not, that’s just what you’ll use for now, we can stop off at Jack’s house, see what his dad had. Anyway, we risked our lives for this.” Nate exclaimed smugly, pointing at the orange and black Suzuki Hayabusa that looked like it deserved to be preserved in a showroom. Nate picked up two sets of keys on hooks on the garage door, chucked Leon one of them and climbed on the Suzuki and started it up.

 “You know how to ride these things?” Leon asked.

 “My dad is a motorhead, taught me since I was twelve, I think Jack’s dad did the same. I have done things on motorbikes with Jack at my side that you will not believe. So yeah. I can ride.”

 Leon shrugged at mounted the scrambler, which spluttered into ignition much like the camper van did.

 “Ready?” Called Leon over the roar of the bikes and clocking the UZIs in unison with Nate.

 “Oh yeah.” He said with a smirk, “Let’s rain hell.”

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