Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


10. The Landlord

 “It’s had only been six hours!” Leon was shouting at Jason again. They hadn’t really stopped since they got into Magpies. Jason was the owner of the store and had a flat on the top floor with his son, Jared. Somehow, Jack had managed to use whatever speaking skills he had at his disposal to stop Jason from shooting him, Nate and Leon through the eyes and we were aloud to stay for what he stated as “a limited amount of time”. It turned out that time was rapidly running out.

 Jack decided to leave the two of them to it and walked downstairs from the flat to the shop. Jared was staring out of the window, exhausted from the whole ordeal. At nine o’clock, it had gotten dark a long while ago. Jason had tried to tell us that it’ll get better by then. Unfortunately, the swarm outside had gotten worse. Much worse. That’s when Leon and Jason started making the atmosphere hostile, to put it lightly. Me, Jared and Nate saw no point in getting into the fight, and carried on trying to figure a way out.

 Jared was an immensely quiet boy. He had hardly spoken a word and was beyond shy. All he did was look out of the window at a destroyed world.

  “Any word from the others?” Nate asked after Jack received a text message.

 “Aiden has been planning some sort of plan to get us out of this shit,” Jack replied, tapping away at the keypad on his phone, “but to be honest, they’re as clueless as we are. He’s still throwing ideas at me though.”

 “Hey, guys?” Jared suddenly perked up from his comatose state, “Are those your’s?”

 The two of them walked over to the window to see the street littered with lumbering figures in the rising moonlight. This gave them an even more freaky feel to the whole situation. Jack had always been terrified of the dark, and it hadn’t occurred to him until now that if the power would run out, he would have to learn to cope with it. Jared was pointing down at the road where the barrier was originally. On the ground lay the scrambler bike that Leon had ridden in on and next to it, gleaming in the sunlight, lay the immaculate Suzuki. A look of terror spread across Nate’s face.

 “Oh crap! Those weirdo’s are going to eat my damn bike!”

 Jack rolled his eyes. “Nate, for one thing, that bike isn’t actually yours. You just found it. And for another, of course they’re not going to eat it! They’re zombies! When have you ever seen the movie where the zombie eats through metal!?”

 “I dunno!” Nate said, annoyed by Jack’s logic, “Maybe they have a craving for gasoline or something.”

 Jared and Jack looked at Nate for a second, as if to check he was still sane, until Jack sighed in exhaustion and grabbed a coat off one of the hangers as he headed for the roof access.

 Well, it wasn’t like anyone was going to use it now.

 He clambered onto the roof and shut the hatch behind him. While he loved the company of his friend, Nate was not to be reasoned with when he was paranoid about bikes. Jack sighed. It was the first bit of actual peace he had managed to get since that morning when everything went to hell. He sat, cross legged and huddled in the long, velvet coat he had picked up, and looked as his breath condensed and floated up into the nights sky, jewel-encrusted by star constellations. The only sound to be heard was the groaning from the creatures below. He grabbed an angel pendant that he had sneaked into school that day. It was supposed to bring him good luck, and with the situation with his dad, Jack was convinced he needed all the help he could get. He didn’t think for a second that this could have happened. Maybe the angel really did keep him safe. Or maybe it was just that him and Nate were good in disasters. Jack liked to think it was a mixture of the two.

 Either way, there was no way he could get out of Magpies for now. With Leon having an ongoing feud with Jason, Nate panicking over his precious bike and the streets being littered with man-eating crazies, he decided it best to stick where he was for the night and see what happened in the morning.

 Suddenly a shot rang through the street. Jack practically jumped out of his skin as he spun his body around, looking for the source

 “What the hell was that!?” Leon had bounded up the ladder, obviously hearing the shot, along with Jason.

 Jack shrugged, panicked, and the three of them looked across the rooftops of the buildings until they saw a tall girl sporting a large-scoped rifle. She had long, green hair and a look in her eye that made her look like some sort of trained assassin. Judging by her shaky shot, she had completely lost it, which would explain her sudden outburst.

 “We’ve got to stop her! She’s going to wake up every single one of these son’s of bitches for a mile!” Jason blurted, shaking Jack’s shoulder as if he was in control of the situation.

 “I say leave her, let her get killed. Stupid kid!” Leon said.

 Jack looked at him disgusted. “You sound just like you’re colleagues. We need to help her, we’re all in the same situation here and we need to look out for each other. Saying shit like that isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

 Leon scowled. “Alright, have it your way. How are we supposed to help her? The whole street is full of those bloody things, and there’s about to be even more walking up and tracking her down.”

 Leon had a point there. There was no way across the street and above the noise of the rifle, she would never hear the boys shouting at her. As he looked to the dark night’s sky, his mind trailed to his friends and how they were faring in this new world. Surely they wouldn’t be in a worse situation than Jack’s...

 Suddenly he heard a rumbling of engines in the distance. Strong engine.

 “Think that’s some of your boys?” Jason asked Leon, almost mocking him. All three of them knew that they’d shoot down everything here, including them and the girl on the ledge.

 For christ’s sake...

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