Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


12. Reconnaissance

 Three of the creatures lumbered up the short staircase. The first one was a massive man, stumpy and fat, but powerful in the arms and covered n breaks in his skin where blood was seeping steadily all over his grotesque body. Truly a sight that had to be seen to be believed. Jack, pressed up against the wall, in the shadows and silent decided to let this one pass. The second was a skinny girl in her twenties. There was hardly any comparison to her and the large monster in front of her at first, but in the moonlight, she revealed her grey skin and boil covered skin, with broken skin again. Jack indicated to Nate on the other side of the stairs to say that she seemed easy enough to take down with his lack of experience.

 He moved quickly and swiftly. He turned to the large man and kicked him in the back propelling him onto his front. Nate moved in to deal with him and smashed his skull with the butt of his gun. Jack turned again and fired at the girl. It hit her in the chest, followed by a small hole where the bullet hit her, but she kept moving.

 “Slow her down, Jackie!” Aiden shouted as he dealt with the third, a more muscly man who looked like a rugby player. Aiden hacked at him in the leg with his crowbar, making him stumble sideways and down the stairs. He fell to the floor with a crack as he snapped his neck and he was motionless.

 Jack kicked her in the knee-cap and it snapped as it bent backwards and she fell to the floor, screaming her lungs out.

 “Shoot her in the head!” Called his brother.

 He angled the sights up and took the shot in the back of her temple. The bullet propelled itself through her head and out the other side, smashing through the floor.

 “What are you trying to do, shooting them in the chest!?” Derren shouted jokily at his brother, “Have I taught you nothing over these years!? From the Romero films, the most efficient way of killing them! Jeez!”

 While this did seem a bit of an exaggeration, all three of Jack’s, Aidens and Nate’s knowledge of the zombie films, comics and TV series couldn’t hold a candle to Derren’s extensive encyclopedia of facts about them. He was probably the coolest nerd to have ever existed, and had never let his little brother forget it, as he knew that Jack looked up to him in this aspect.

 Jack rolled his eyes at his joke as Alexia and Jared wandered around the room, looking at the damage dealt to the creatures lying motionless on the floor. Alexia turned to the boys. “You guys are a riot! That was hardcore!” she said in delight of the video-game like situation that just happened in her presence.

What she didn’t notice was that the large man was still alive. He groaned as he grabbed her ankle. She screamed, alerting the others to what was happening. Jang sprang from where he was standing and stamped his foot down on the man’s wrist, making him retract his claw and release Alexia. He edged her back as he lined up the creature’s head with his gun’s sights and pulled the trigger. It impacted the man and he lay there, dead.

 “Jesus... you okay Lex?”

 She stood there, shaking, but nodded.

 “I’m sorry man, really,” Aiden apologised, “I thought he was down for the count.”

 “No harm done.” Jack replied reassuringly, “But I propose we go by Zombieland’s rules and double-tap to make sure they’re dead.”

 While Jack wasn’t his brother, it didn’t mean he wasn’t a low-key zombie nerd.

 The 11 of them piled out onto the street. There were one or two zombies coming out of the houses at a time, each one being taken out by sabers to avoid attracting the rest of them. Nate ran onto the road and practically hugged the Suzuki that was lying on the road as if it was his soulmate.

 “Did you miss me?” He said to it, joking. Jack helped Nate lift it from the ground and they wheeled it to the Mitsubishi pick-up that their friends had arrived in.

 They started to pack into the truck, with Derren, Phil, Rachel and Aiden in the front, Shawn, Alexia and Nate getting into the back, when suddenly, Jason stepped in front of the truck and pointed the gun a pistol he had put in the inside of his fleece and pointed it at Derren, making all of them jump at once.

 “GET OUT OF THE TRUCK!” He shouted at them.

 Jack climbed up onto the roof of the pick-up and trailed his gun on Jason. Jared took an identical pistol to his father’s and pointed it at Jack, while Nate turned on him with his sabre, pointed at neck.

 The street had just turned into a texas shootout.

 “Hey, hey hey!” shouted Aiden, “No-one has to get killed here!”

 “Sorry kid, but I’m not as optimistic as you.” Jason said with an evil smirk.

 “I think I’m starting to agree with you.” Jack said.

 “Jackie, you’re not helping!” Aiden shouted at him in a low voice.

 “He’s pointing a gun at my brother, Ry, what do you want me to do!?”

 Aiden turned back to Jason. “Why the hell are you doing this!? We have the room and the means of off Derren, who had now moved for his hunting rifle and Phil mirroring his movement. “If we go with you, I’m gonna be taking orders from people. No hang on, worse, children! Sorry mate, but I don’t take orders from anyone, neither does my boy.”

 “So that’s what this is? An idiot with a massive-ass god complex?” Jack called.

 “Just how we work, arse hole, sorry.” Jared said with a matching smirk.

 “So how do you propose this finishes?” Rachel called from inside the car.

 But just as suddenly as it started, a zombie sprinted up from behind Jason and sank his teeth into his neck. The team piled onto the street again. In the commotion, no one had noticed that the argument they had been having was beginning to accumulate a new crowd of them, smaller than the last, about ten of the creatures. However, it was obvious Jason was done. Jared ran over to him and tried to get him to hold on to whatever there was left.

 Jack edged closer to him, trying to reason with him. “Jared, I’m sorry, but we need to leave, now.”

 Jared span around to look at him with maniac like eyes. “‘We’!? You bastards have killed my dad, what makes you think there is a ‘we’!?”

 Before Jack could protest, Jared lifted his pistol and began taking shots at all of them. They all ducked behind the truck, Jack cursing as he had to dive for cover.

  “He doesn’t want to come?” Derren started, “Fine, leave him. There was something wrong with the sons-of-bitches since we turned up.”

 Unfortunately, Jared taking random shots at everybody had attracted even more of the creatures. Jack’s eyes widened massively with the terror of it.

 “Get the Suzuki on the truck and lets get the hell out of here!”

 Alexia, Shawn and Nate began to haul the motorbike up onto the truck while Derren and Phil got the truck running and Rachel, Jack and Aiden fought off the oncoming storm of lumbering bodies. Derren called them back after the bike was pulled on and Shawn and Rachel moved around the front while Jack and Aiden moved up the street towards them. Jared was still fighting off the crowd on his side, shooting and punching zombies like some sort of animalistic barbarian. Aiden got suddenly pulled back by one of the strong ones.

 “Aiden!” Jack screamed, readying the gun, but there was no clear shot that he could see that didn’t hit Aiden as well.

 “Crowbar!” Aiden called, pointing at the weapon he had dropped on the floor when he was pulled to the floor. Jack kicked it over to him and he clasped it in his palm as Jack started taking out the zombies around him. Aiden turned on the attacker and propelled his weapon into it’s face. The zombie recoiled, howling, and Aiden turned over, forcing the zombie onto the floor. He shouted curses at it as he rose his crowbar over his head and threw it down, impaling the creature through the eye. He sped to his feet and wrestled three off his back, stabbing each one individually. He edged back to jack, making sure he didn’t get in his line of fire. Jack pushed him towards the truck and they both climbed on.

 “Jack!” Jared called, covered in blood and puss. “You really think you can do this? Survive against all of this? How far will you go!?”

 “Jared,” Jack started, sounding hoarse and more angry Aiden had ever heard him. “no one will get in the way of me protecting my friends. Dead or living.”

 He then shot Jared in the shoulder through complete rage exploding.

  “Jack! We need to go!” He heard Rachel shouting from the driver’s side window.

 He lifted himself onto the truck and closed the safety barrier.

 As they sped down towards the bridge, Jared saw Jack and his friends hugging and congratulating each other.

 God damn your souls...

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