Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


15. Pressure

 Alexia was looking at the tinned tomatoes when she heard the scream. She dropped the tin she was holding instantly and it hit the floor with a clang that echoed surprisingly loudly through the aisles and narrowly missing her feet. She heard Leon shouting something incomprehensible from how far away she was from them. Then, footsteps. Hundreds of footsteps surrounding her, slapping on the tiled floors slowly and clumsily. She quickly picked up whatever supplies she had put into a plastic bag and a metal pole she had come in with.

 She stood back up again to see one of the grotesque creatures staring right at her, it’s black eyes glistening in the depressing artificial light. She stood completely still, as if, by some miracle, it couldn’t see her if she didn’t move. Her heavy breathing gave away this idiotic plan and the zombie lumbered towards her as the rest of his pack carried on, probably to find Aiden and Leon. Alexia tried to pick her time carefully. It was incredibly slow moving, so would be easily struck down with the right blow to the head. She waited until it wasn’t two meters away from her and swung it around her, using all of the weight in her weapon as she could, and it impacted the zombies temple with a thud. It staggered sideways as she pulled her weapon away. It had not been a strong enough blow to kill it, and now it was screaming in pain and spinning it’s head around in blind rage. The disorientated enemy caught sight of Alexia again and wasted time in waiting for her to make the first move. It lunged at her with such a force that it knocked her against the metal scaffolding of the shelves and knocked the pole from her hand. She began to hyperventilate and closed her eyes tight as the creature began to advance again.

 She heard a sudden thud and a squelch. She opened her eyes to find Aiden embedding a pitchfork into the zombie’s skull. It gave out an exhausted sigh and he pushed it from the spike. Aiden put a hand on Alexia’s shoulder, which was shaking like mad.

 “You okay?” He asked.

 “Enough,” she said shakily as she looked at a couple more go past, missing them completely, “Where did all these freaks come from!?”

 “I don’t know.” Aiden replied, raking a hand through his hair. “They must have already been here!”

 “And what, they were... waiting for us? Do they have the brains to do that?”

 “Leon said something earlier about some of them being smarter than others, leaders of the pack.”

 Almost like he was reacting to his call, Leon suddenly came bolting down the aisle.

 “What’s going on!?” Alexia called to him before he’d stopped running.

 “Phil’s gone.” He replied bluntly.

 “What do you mean gone!?” Aiden shouted.

 “I mean dead, deceased, kicked the bucket!” He replied in Aiden’s face, “Why should you care, you hardly knew the guy!”

 Aiden wasn’t sure how to react. No matter how much he seemed hard and strong on the surface, he was massively  intimidated by the large and powerful man in front of him, especially as he had a pistol strapped to his leg. Alexia tried to pry the two of them apart.

 “Guys, if we don’t want to end up like Phil, we need to start running!” She shouted.

 The two of them looked at the girl, making her edge backwards for a moment, as if she thought they were going to turn on her now, and Leon ran off in the direction of the exit. Aiden picked up the pitchfork, patted Lexi on the arm and the two of them ran in the same direction.

 Leon ran through the aisles to the exit. Aiden Alexia quickly decided to take the route straight through to the front and then to the exit as it was quicker.

 Bad decision.

 Aiden froze still at the end of the counters, almost being rammed into by Lexi. With about 150 eyes locked on them, the whole horde of creatures were staring at the two of them, as if making sure they weren’t a figment of whatever imagination that was left.

 Leon was reaching the exit when he saw the ambush. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR!?” He screamed, “FREAKING RUN, NOW!”

 They instantly obeyed as the creatures began to advance in their masses.

 Nate, Shawn and Rachel looked behind them as they heard Leon hollering orders at their friends. “What’s going on?” Nate called.

 “Get to the truck!” Aiden replied.

 They quickly realised why as a huge mass of limbs and blood trailed behind them.

 “Oh shit!” Rachel screamed. As they pegged it to the truck.

 “Where’s Phil?” Shawn asked Alexia as they managed to pile onto the truck, spraying the enemy with lead. Alexia shook her head in despair.

 “God dammit!” Rachel shouted.

 “No point in trying to remember him!” Leon shouted from the wheel. “He’s in pieces now!”. He rolled out of the car park in a cloud of smoke. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief except Aiden and Nate.

 “We ain’t out of shit yet.” Nate exclaimed.

 Aiden nodded in agreement. “Chancers are the follow sound. We need to get right out of range to escape that lot.” He called as he watched the horde move after them.

 “Then lets get out of here as quick as possible!” Leon called back.

 “Jack’s place first.” Shawn shouted in agitation.

 Leon cursed and put his foot to the floor.


 They pulled into the drive at Jack’s home.Aiden and Nate jumped out first, knowing exactly where they were going.

 “Oi, chuckle brothers!” They shouted. Derren poked his head outside the front door carrying two backpacks, one they recognised as Jack’s.

 “You alright guys? Didn’t expect you to get back so quickly!” He laughed as he handed the bags to Shawn that had run out towards them as well.

 “We had to cut the shopping trip short. We’ve been ambushed, best bet I they’re coming our way.”

 “Oh shit...” He replied, “Right... Right okay, I’ll go and get my brother to hurry the bloody hell up.”

 He jogged into the garage at the side of the house as the others went back to the truck. Leon was standing on top of the truck.

 “Lexi,” He called down, “You still got that rifle? I need a scope.”

 Alexia went to her patch of the truck’s bay and passed him the scoped rifle. He snactched it from her hands and looked down the road as he wiped off sweat from his brow.

 He was terrified. Desperately terrified. He was facing something that he had never seen before in his life, and never thought he would see either. If the field, he had  briefing. Someone telling him everything they knew. He could then act on that and save the day with his comrades, maybe get a mention in the news.

 But this time? This was different. He had no briefing. No one telling him what they knew. No one knew anything except for what they saw in the movies, and what bloody good was that now? Not only that, but he felt alone. He’d walked away from his own battalion, and the only backup he had was the people he was trying to protect. They didn’t even trust him. He knew that and couldn’t blame them. But if they didn’t resolve the matter soon...

 Wait, what was that?

 He adjusted the scope. He saw a single figure on the bend in the road around 10 yards down the street. It vomited, hurling it’s whole body forward. He walked into the range of the streetlight to reveal glistening blood running down it’s grey, rotting face, flies circling it.

 Damn it.

 “We’ve got zombies!” He shouted as he watched more and more of them reveal themselves from behind the bend in the road.

 “He’s just coming now!” Derren said, slinging on a superdry leather jacket as he ran towards them, “He’s just getting something.”

 About three seconds later, Jack appeared from behind the marked, white double doors. He stood before them in a long leather coat, much more gothic than his brothers, that flowed down him and stopped at his ankles. He had changed his blood stained white shirt, which was more red than white now, for a plain white t shirt and a black and white checkered hoodie. He was also wearing black stretch jeans and black Lee Cooper baseball shoes. And at his side, he was holding up a sky blue Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster as if it was the apple of his eye. He walked towards them and handed the bike to Nate, who had stepped forward to revel in the beauty of the bike.

 “You can look after this until we get to Overbury, right?” Jack asked with a smirk. Nate, still standing there speechless, simply nodded.

 “You guys better hurry the hell up!” Aiden shouted from the truck, already smashing the first zombies heads in that had sprinted ahead of the group that was now about 200 meters down the street.

 Nate mounted the bike and stepped down hard on the ignition lever. It exploded into life as Jack and Derren joined the others on the pick-up. Nate pulled out of the drive, still amazed by the powerful vehicle that he was sitting on top of, and sped down the road. The pickup pulled out a couple of seconds later, just as Alexia and Leon had picked up guns and started to pick off individuals in the horde.

 “Does that biker nut know where he is even going?” Derren asked from the drivers seat.

 “Don’t think so.” Jack laughed, sitting in the seat next to him, “We should probably keep up with him just to make sure he doesn’t run into another group.”

 There was a moments laughter until Derren looked around the surviving group. “Where’s Phil?” He asked, still smiling.

 Oh god... His best friend had just died under the supervision of Leon. He was absolutely certain this wouldn’t end well.

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