Jack Nixon is a high schooler in his exam year with bipolar disease and severe depression. He spends each day fighting his own mind and emotions before he destroys himself. He finds a comfort in his best friends and his girlfriend, who support him daily. He always finds himself a burden, but they make his life better.
But as an unthinkable disease spreads through the world and his make believe plans for a zombie apocalypse become a surreal reality, he must push his unstable emotions aside when he, his brother and his two best friends are put in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors, including his girlfriend and her sister, who he has vowed to protect. He must push past the dead, the living and his own to maintain their safety.


5. Change

 “Hold him down, now!” Helen Nixon screamed at her colleagues. “Dr. Stevens just stay calm and lie down!”

 Dr Stevens was confused. Why were all these people swarming around him? There was nothing wrong, he just felt a bit sick. He wiped the sweat off his brow after wrestling a kid to the ground and everyone went berserk! What had gotten into them?

 “Just back off! I don’t know what’s going on here!”

 Two much larger people tried to hold his hands down. Suddenly he felt faint, his vision all but completely deteriorated. It took him about twenty seconds to be able to grab himself and bring him back to reality. When he opened his eyes, the two larger men were lying on the floor, screaming, bleeding out from wounds that looked fatal. The other paramedics were backing away from them as quickly as they could.

 “What the hell just happened!?” He screamed, “Why aren’t you helping them!?”

 “What the hell are you!” Helen shouted at something behind him. Dr Stevens looked around him and saw a twisting, grotesque face. IT longed for him and he noticed arms moving in for his neck.

 “Get away from that thing, now!” Helen continued shouting orders. Dr Stevens sprung from the bed and the paramedics made a path for him through the door.

 He ran forward and stumbled, almost crashing into the wall. His reflexes flung his hands in front of him to stop him, but his arms were limp and it made no difference to it, and ran into the wall, knocking his head and making his disorientation even worse. He picked himself up and pushed himself along the wall. He felt sick and the fever was getting worse, his vision wasn’t getting any better either and his balance was off. Something was wrong. What was that thing? What did it do to him?

  I’ll report him. Board of education. Government will see him getting what he deserves.

 He stumbled into the lunch hall, overturned chairs and tables everywhere. He looked up, but was faced with more of those things. The constantly twisting faces, like they weren't real. They tried moving closer to him, talking to him. All he could hear was mumbling, like groaning, incomprehensible and manic. Closer and closer. Stevens’s vision began getting more distorted. He started to suffer from tunnel vision. The whole world collapsed around him. He held his head in agony.

 “Leave me alone, you freaks, whatever the hell you bloody are! Leave me bloody alone!”

 They ran away, scared, terrified of what was happening. How were they scared of him? They were the most horrible thing he’d ever seen!

 These things need to be killed. They’re hideous. There is nothing that I’d want better to see them dead.

 There was one still standing there. Just staring at him, shaking.

 “I said leave me alone, you bastard!”

 Dr Stevens took a swipe at the monster and the blur spread across his mind again. He came back to reality again and the monster was nowhere to be seen. But his vision was getting worse. his eyes were so bloodshot, his vision was actually tinted red.

  Need... to find the paramedics...

 I spun round, almost toppling over. And once again, he saw Helen Nixon.

 “Dr Stevens, just calm down. I just want to he-”

 Dr. Stevens suddenly stopped hearing her talking. He could see her mouth moving, but couldn’t hear anything. Suddenly, her face was becoming deformed as her features twisted around her large face. As if he was watching a painting being ruined.

 “What’s wrong with you... What’s wrong with you!? All of you have to die... You are nothing. You don’t exist. You should all die. Decompose... Ripped apart...”

 Oblivious to him, Dr. Stevens was gone. There was hardly anything left of him. What he thought was speaking, was an unearthly screaming. Helen looked on in terror. The fever had taken him and the skin on his face was ripping and tearing around his eyes and mouth. his hands were stained with the blood of the people he had killed. The two paramedics at the bed, the fellow teacher he had just struck down. The man who tried to grab from behind him on the bed had scared Stevens to death, as if it was the humans who were monsters in his eyes. Stevens’ eyes had become completely black and his mouth was dripping by flem-filled saliva. Blood dropped from the sockets of his fingernails, which had been ripped into the skin of his first victims. His ripped shirt and trousers were adding to the dangerous nature of the creature and his tie was tightened so to any real person, he would have been starved of oxygen.

 This man, who has murdered three people in the last five minutes and infected by some sort of disease stood before Helen Nixon. She was unflinching, undefiable, with a hand ready to haul a chair into Stevens’s face if need be. Her husband had recently been lost and she would do anything to get to see him again. But if this would be the only way, is this really the only way? No... No. She wasn’t going to abandon her life. Her family. Her sons.


 Nothing was going to stop her now. And as the evil creature shuffled slowly towards her, one clumsily placed foot after the other, she was even more determined. She had faced worse than this in her job. Scarred faces. Broken bones. Suicides. This had no comparison. But if this was the end of her, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

 “I don’t know what you are. But you’ve killed my friends. And I can tell you right now, I will not let you anywhere near my family.”

 She sling-shotted the chair around her, flying into Stevens, making him stumble backwards. He looked up at her with a look of pure disgust. It was obvious that he still saw a monster instead of Helen and would do anything to put her down. It was at this point she realised that there was no reasoning or negotiations to be made. It was her or this grotesque... thing. She wasted no time in acting on this and picked up a pole that had been used to hold up a rope. She looked back at Stevens to find him charging at her, eyes widened with rage. She thrusted the pole at Stevens’s stomach knocking back onto the floor. He rolled onto his side and vomited. Helen wretched. The smell was unbearable and the look of it was like normal human vomit mixed with blood and guts. It was genuinely evil.

 “My god. There is not anything left of you, is there.”

 He gave her a psychotic smile that sent a shiver down her spine. She slowly stepped away from him, pole still at the ready for any sort of attack. She looked for any sort of advantage she could use. A tray full of cutlery. God knows how many tables. She could do this, she knew she could. At least she thought she could.

 She ran into the corridor, throwing the pole behind her to reduce weight. She realised the speed advantage. Even when Dr. Stevens was running as fast as he could, he didn’t go any faster than any human would do jogging. If she kept up the pace, she would be able to make it to the evac centre in the astroturf.

 She couldn’t stand the ongoing groaning behind her. It was just about the most horrible, terrorising noise she had heard in her life.

 “You damn animal!”

 He picked up the lid off one of the bins and threw it at the doctor. It hit him with a crunch in the chest and he started coughing uncontrollably. He stumbled back in disillusion and she ran towards the stairs leading to the lower yard.

 Before her suddenly appeared an army. A literal army. She had about five of them aim their assault rifles at her. One of the Private’s stood in the way of the guns.

 “Guys she’s obviously clean! Can you seriously see any symptoms on her? We should be dealing with that guy!” He shouted pointing at the advancing Doctor, who was now sporting a hunchback.

 “No exceptions!” came a authority-filled voice through the mass of black SWAT suits, “Anyone we find in this section of the school is to be quarantined.”

 “This is insane!” the private replied as they forced Helen back.

 “Private!” screamed a general from in the crowd.

“There’s nothing you can do for her, worry about the people on the lower yard! The one’s we can actually help.”

 The Private had to leave before any retaliation was dealt. Meanwhile the forces advanced on Helen, forcing her backwards. She got more and more overwhelmed by the men that she had begun to forget about the real danger. The growing groaning behind her reminded her about Dr Stevens, but it was virtually too late.

 “No. No way.”

 She lunged for another bin as Stevens bolted towards her leg. She grabbed it just as she felt a searing pain through her leg. She caught sight of Dr Sevens sinking his broken teeth into her leg, getting ready to tear the meat off the bone. She screamed as she pulled it down on Dr Stevens’s back. He called out in pain and withdrew from her leg. The mark on her leg looked strange, infected.

 Crazy idiot!

 She staggered to her feet. A trickle of discoloured blood made a trail down her leg. Dr Stevens had already made a run for an exit out of the grounds.

 “Why the hell didn’t you get him!?” she shouted as she turned to the team.

 She realised that every single one of the soldiers on the front row had their guns trained on her. She almost instinctively threw her hands up. One of the soldiers lifted the visor on his helmet.

 “I’m sorry...”
 “What do you mean? A load of antibiotics., I’ll be fine. Now, I need to find my son, Jack Nixon?” She replied shakily. She’d never been threatened at gunpoint before.

 “You mean... You mean you don’t know what happens when they bite you?”

 “No... Why?”

 “My god...” the Soldier said, choking up. “Then... Then I know this’ll seem cruel, but the alternative is much worse. There’s nothing left of that guy, you saw it yourself, he was something else. Something not human. If you don’t die now, you’ll be the same.You won’t be you anymore. You’ll be a monster, like him. You’ll be nothing but a host to that thing, whatever infection is coursing through his veins. And now it’s in yours... There’s nothing left for you here now. I’m sorry ma’am, but this is the only way. You would thank us for this. Open fire.”

 She began to protest, to say that she would be fine, anything, but hundreds of bullets were propelled towards her. It was strange, as they were about to pierce through her skin, time seemed to slow down exponentially. She thought about all the people she was leaving behind. Friends. Family. Her sons. She didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to any of them. Then everything stopped and she fell to the ground. Every single impulse ceased to exist. Her love for her family and her courage turned to dust as she lay there, motionless.

 Helen Nixon died protecting her children, and no one would ever know of her passing.

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