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3. Imagine for Shania

“Ok guys!” Beau announced excitedly. “We’re daresundays and we are really excited because we have a guest star today.”
“Well, she’s not really a star.” Skip cut in, smirking at the camera.
“Oi!” You squealed indignantly from where you were strategically positioned behind Luke, waiting to be announced.
“Shania!” Beau huffed. “We’re gonna have to start again now!”
“No Beau! Keep going!” Jai yelled, pulling you out from behind Luke. “Guy’s this is
Shania.” He introduced, to which you waved sheepishly, slightly embarrassed by the attention. “She’s our best friend!”
“Like the sixth Janoskian.” Luke grinned.
“Aw, she’s gone all shy.” James cooed, moving forward and pinching your cheeks between his thumbs and forefingers. “She’s not usually shy.” He told the camera. “She’s normally absolutely mental.”
You ducked away from his invasive hands, suddenly self conscious, moving back into Luke’s comforting embrace. You weren’t used to being on camera and were somewhat nervous of what the fans would think about you. Sensing your neves, he immediately wrapped his strong arms around your front pulling you backwards so that your back was resting against his front. Due to your small stature Luke was able to rest his chin on the top of your head, his cool hands brushing the tanned expanse of your exposed midriff.
“Aren’t they just adorable?” Beau mocked in a gay voice before turning back to the camera. “Todays challenge is the onion challenge!”
“Basically, we have to eat a whole onion and ten first to finish, wins.” Jai filled in.
“We’re going to be in teams.” James added. “So it’s me and Jai, Luke and Shania!” The two of you held up your onions to the camera making scared faces.
“And me and Skip.” Beau cut out. “Ready?”
You nodded your head along with the rest of the boys.
“Not going to bitch out on Luke are you, Shania?”
“Nope!! You’ll be the one bitching out, Beau!” You teased back.
“We have to start on three.” Skip instructed. “First team to finish both onions wins.”
“3…2…1” James began dramatically.
“Go!!!” Beau yelled and the six of you began to eat the whole, pealed, raw onion.
Upon biting into the vegetable a strong pungent taste filled your mouth, it burned and stung at your eyes and caused you to wretch and choke on the disgusting vegetable.
Beau was, of course, the first to vomit, having barely eaten half of the onion. You groaned, moving away from where he was dramatically flailing around on the floor and focused, instead, on demolishing your own onion before the others. You snuck a glance at Luke who was beside you and found that the other half of your team was doing substantially better than you. You gave your best friend a warm smile, moving your hand to intertwine with his. This was typical behavior from the pair of you as you two had been friends for years. He squeezed your hand, giving you a lopsided smirk and popping the last piece of onion into his mouth.
“I’m done!” he gloated to the others just as Jai threw up.
“Ew!” You squealed, jumping away from him and into Luke’s arms.
You looked up into his twinkling eyes and suddenly got an idea. You pursed your lips and let a huge blast of air from your lungs wash over Luke’s face. His eyes widened, realizing what you were doing but it was too late, the aroma of onions wafted toward him and he groaned.
“You’re gross, Shania!” He complained and you darted away from him, giggling, before he could retaliate. You ended up hiding behind Skip, still trying to consume the last piece of onion.
“I’m done too!” You laughed, swallowing the last chunk of onion and watching as the rest of the boys continued to struggle.
“We won!” Luke yelled picking you up and spinning you round until you were dizzy.
“You cheated!” Beau whined, ever the sore loser, tossing his half eaten onion at you.
The attention was drawn away from you two when a very green looking Daniel spewed up on the side walk.
You giggled at the boy’s behaviour, they really are crazy!
You realized your proximity to Luke when he leaned down to jokingly fan you with his own onion scented breath but you barely noticed the smell as your eyes darted down to take in his pink, parted lips. Your breathing hitched as Luke leaned into you even further, placing his lips against your own in a soft, sweet kiss. A chorus of ‘Aw’s’ surrounded the pair of you and you both pulled away, blushing, as you noticed the other boys staring at you.
“Luke and Shania sitting in a tree K I S S I N G! First comes Love.. Then comes marriage then comes Lukey pushing the baby carriage!" Beau chanted.
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