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8. Imagine for Maja :)

You and Niall have been on plenty of dates, but he still hasn’t kissed you. Is there something wrong with me? You constantly thought. Tonight Niall was coming over to watch movies and just hang out. You had popped some popcorn and set out a bunch of snacks. Knowing Niall, they would all be gone by the end of the night. You were just putting out a few movies that you thought he would like, when he knocked on the door. You stood up and opened the door.

“Hey Niall.” you said hugging him.

“Hello gorgeous.” He said returning a hug. He smelt so good, you could just keep hugging him. You both walked over to the couch and sat down.

“What movie would you like to watch first?” I asked sitting on the floor next to all the DVDs. He smiled and sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulders. 

“What are my options?” He said with a soft laugh. Oh how you loved his laugh. You would do anything to hear it all day.

“Well I have….Just Go With It, Grown Ups, The Notebook, Charlie St. Cloud, The Lucky One or I have all the Paranormal Activity movies as well.” I said and named off more movies.

“Charlie St. Cloud sounds interesting. Let’s watch that.” He smiled widely and put the movie in.

“It’s a chick flick, are you sure? I’ll probably cry through the whole thing,”

“It’s fine Maja. I’ll be here for a shoulder to cry on.” 

You smiled and cuddled close to his side. He wrapped an arm around you and laid his head on top of yours. 

Half way through the movie you heard Niall starting to breathe harder. You turned towards him and saw a few tears running down his cheeks.

“You okay Niall?” You asked kissing his tear stained cheeks. He smiled and laughed to himself.

“I didn’t think this movie was going to be so sad.” He said wiping his face and smiling.

“Who needs a shoulder to cry on now?” You laughed trying to brighten the mood. He smiled and leaned his head on your shoulder. You continued watching the movie and it was time for him to leave. You walked him to the door and hugged him. 

“I had a great time Maja. We should do it again.” He said and leaned in closer to your lips. ‘Was he trying to kiss me? Stop Maja, shut up and kiss him back!!!’ You said in your head. You closed the gap between you two. He rested his hands on your hips and you tangled your hands into his soft blonde-brown hair. He pulled back and smiled.

“Tastes like popcorn.” He said laughing. You smiled and blushed.

“I could say the same about you.” You said laughing as well. He walked down the steps of your porch. When he reached his car he turned around.

“When can I see you again?” He yelled.

“I’ll text you.” You said walking back into your house. You smiled and went to bed with the biggest smile on your face. ‘Best kiss ever!’ was the last thing that went through your head. 

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