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4. Imagine for Lily

“Tag! You’re it!” You ran away from Niall and looked for the nearest tree. You finally found the perfect one, and climbed fast. Soon, you were very up, somewhere Niall would have trouble getting you.
“Wha-c’mon, Lily! You know I’m not good at climbing! Come down here! Pleeeeeease, princess?”
“Hmm… NOPE! Come on, it’s easy!” With hesitation, Niall started to climb up the tree towards you. He almost fell a couple of times, causing you to laugh.
“Shut up! It’s not funny! What if I fall and break my neck!?”
“You won’t! You’re too paranoid! Come on, you’re almost there…” Within a couple of minutes, he was in an arms length away from you. You reach your hand out and he glady takes it. “See, was that so hard?”
“How can I make it up to you?”
“Hmm… Well, I know a couple of ways…” You raised your eyebrows but before you could speak, his lips were already locked with yours. You started to kiss him passionately, getting deeper and deeper. After a while, he pulled away. “You’re so beautiful, Lily.”
“Thank you.” You smiled at him and looked into those beautiful blue eyes. You realized the sun was starting to go down so you and Niall decided to watch the sunset. From there on, that special tree was yours and Niall’s special tree.
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