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5. Imagine for Em!

It’s another typical night at the Brooks house, Daniel and James, the other two members of the Janoskians, are over too and are loitering in front of the tv, wondering what to do. “Let’s play truth or dare!” Beau suggest. You moan but don’t object because your boredom is getting the best of you. Hanging out with a bunch of boys can be really emotionally draining at times, but you’ve always bonded better with guys than girls, resulting in your close friendship with first the Brooks brothers and then also Skip and James. You are practically the sixth member of the Janoskians by now.

You gather to sit in a circle and Beau does the honours of spinning the bottle to decide you gets to ask who. You watch it twirl and slowly come to a halt, the tip pointing to Beau, the bottom to Jai. Glee sparkles in Jai’s eyes, accompanied by an evil grin. “Truth or dare brother?” he asks. Beau looks conflicted but chooses the dare. “I dare you to eat a blended surprise” he says without hesitating. Beau groans. Blended surprises are code for throwing the most awful stuff together in a blender. Each player gets to chose one ingredient and the chosen one has to drink it all, to the very last drop. You haven’t heard that dare in a while, which is probably why Jai is so excited to use it on Beau, who pukes at every single challenge, even if it isn’t food related.

You all move to the kitchen and search through the cupboards and after five minutes present your chosen ingredient to everyone else. Jai reveals vegemite, one of Beau’s most hated foods. Skip has found gurkens, James produces old powdered milk, Luke adds a raw potato and you drop some orange juice into the mixture. It gets blended up and forms a dark greenish colour. Beau pretends to heave already, before Jai has even poured the juice into a glass. He hands it to Beau, who gulps bravely and takes a long sip from the drink. Of course, he immediately gags before even swallowing it and vomits into the kitchen sink, making the boys cheer. “You knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it down” you accuse Jai. “Pay back’s a bitch” he grins, referring to the last time Beau dared Jai to do something quite awful. After Beau has cleaned himself up, you gather back around the circle and spin the bottle again. This time, the tip lands on you and the bottom half on Skip. “Go on, give us a dare” you say, bracing yourself for the worst. “Ok Ems,I dare you to kiss Luke for an entire minute” Skip announces, causing hollering from the boys. You pull a face and look over at Luke, who just looks plain uncomfortable. “KISS KISS KISS!” They start chanting. “I can’t, he’s basically my brother!” you exclaim, not being entirely honest. You’ve never really seen Luke in anything more than a friend way but the thought of kissing him didn’t truly repulse you either. “You have to, or else you’ll get the punishment” Skip informs you. You know the punishment for not doing the dare will be ten times worse than kissing Luke, so you decide to go for it. “Ok, someone time us please” you instruct them. Skip sets the stop watch on his iPhone and shouts go. Your lips make contact with Luke’s. First you are worried it’ll be weird and awkward, but you are pleasantly surprised to find that kissing Luke is actually really nice. His lips are soft and firm against yours, the coolness of his lip ring tingling against your mouth. You feel yourself getting into it and butterflies start forming in your stomach. You have closed your eyes in order to feel the full effect, wanting to soak up every single second of this kiss. “Ok, time’s up.” Skip announces way too soon. You part with regret, trying to sort yourself out. You glance at Luke, trying to figure out if he had felt something too but his face is unreadable. Damn it. “I didn’t think you’d do it” Skip says, sounding disappointed, probably wanting you to get the punishment.

You play on for a while until it gets late and you need to head home. “Well, thanks for everything guys, I’ll see you at school tomorrow” you wave, before making your way outside. It is quite cold outside and your breath forms little clouds as you exhale. You walk down the little garden bit, preparing to march in this freezing weather for the next fifteen minutes, but you feel a tap on your shoulder. You spin around to find Luke standing there, looking nervous. “Did i forget something?” you ask, confused. “Yeah, this” he replies, grabbing your head with his hands you pulling your towards him, making your lips meet once more. This kiss is just as fantastic and magical as the first, if not better. You feel sparks fly between you for every second he continues to kiss you. He slowly steps back and looks at you in wonder. “I just wanted to see if i would feel the same like the first time. I’m sorry if i harassed you or anything” he mumbles, looking adorably insecure. “I felt it too” you breathe, making his head snap up. “Really?” he asks with excitement. You nod in response. “I don’t know why. I always thought of you as my friend but clearly, we’re more than that. I think I’ve probably just been repressing my feelings” you analyse yourself, suddenly understanding why psychology was a useful subject after all. “Me too” he admits with a small smile. You come very close to him and look deep into his eyes. “So, where does that leaves us now?” you whisper. His hands around your waist,“How about we talk about it while i take you home?” his warm yet seductive voice trails down your neck. “I’d like that” you smile as you take his hand and walk down the street with him, knowing this was the beginning of something wonderful.

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